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May 17, 2016    
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Healthcare provider data and medical marketing lists

Healthcare Provider Data and Research Tools

Now you can work with all the NPI data... and more.

Get the full U.S. healthcare provider database The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) maintains the data, updating it monthly. All healthcare providers who are HIPAA covered entities must obtain a National Provider Identifier (NPI) by reporting their information to the database, and updating it when it changes. This represents virtually all of U.S. physicians, hospitals, and other providers who accept insurance or are associated with a hospital.

CarePrecise aggregates data from multiple federal database into a single master dataset, the only fully comprehensive, NPI-linked set of US healthcare provider data.
plus deep data on practice groups and physicians, and much more.

Buy CarePrecise Gold...
CarePrecise Platinum gives you the data and the software tools you need to pull highly targeted lists. $799

CarePrecise brings you the complete database of U.S. healthcare providers – more than 4.7 million provider records – in a form that's ready for use on ordinary desktop and laptop computers. CarePrecise powers healthcare industry research, billing and claims, credentialing, clinical trials and marketing to physicians and other healthcare providers.

Physician information and other healthcare provider data is delivered fully open source, in both MDB (Microsoft Access) and CSV formats. CarePrecise Access contains NPI, taxonomySpecialties are reported by providers using Provider Taxonomy Codes. CarePrecise datasets include both the taxonomy code and the specialty in plain English. Click the link to see current specialties. codes, UPINsThe UPIN (Unique Physician Identification Number) was a six-character code assigned and used by Medicare to identify physicians between 1985 and 2007. A directory of UPINs was available through that time (the UPIN Registry), but CMS discontinued the lookup service as of May 23, 2008, when the National Provider Identifier (NPI) superceded the UPIN. However, the UPIN is still frequently used to match legacy physician data., Medicare/Medicaid numbers, state license numbers, phones, faxes, addresses and much more. Includes data from PECOS databaseThe federal database containing information on healthcare providers who are eligible to bill Medicare.LEIE databaseList of Excluded Individuals/Entities (LEIE): The federal database maintained by the HHS Office of Inspector General containing information on providers who have been barred from billing Medicare due to fraud or controlled substance conviction, patient neglect or abuse, and other convictions and delinquencies. and the complete NPI registryThe Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) maintains the National Plan and Provider Enumeration System (NPPES) database. All healthcare providers who are HIPAA covered entities must obtain a National Provider Identifier (NPI) by reporting their information via the NPPES, and updating it within 30 days of changes. This represents virtually all of U.S. physicians, hospitals, and other providers who accept insurance or are associated with a hospital. CarePrecise Access Complete includes every NPI record., creating a single database from multiple data silos. Data is updated monthly, and subscriptions are available. Open the NPPES NPI registry plus much more—over 5 GB of healthcare provider data—formatted to use on your desktop or laptop computer.

With CarePrecise Platinum, you get additional deep data on physicians, practice groups, and a master hospital list linked to affiliated professionals and practice groups.

CarePrecise Platinum packs in more data – including new databases established as part of the Affordable Care Act – combined into a single relational database with the software tools to navigate it all easily, and to create lists for Excel, SalesForce or any other system that accepts CSV files. We use advanced record linkage technology to bring it all together in a single data source.

Order a monthly or quarterly subscription, and have up-to-date provider records, with an average of 25,000 new provider records and 38,000 updated records each month.

Details on CarePrecise Platinum data and software bundle...

Details on the CarePrecise healthcare provider data...

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CarePrecise Platinum: World's Deepest US Provider Data + Software

CarePrecise Platinum: $799
Buy CarePrecise Platinum...

CarePrecise Platinum is the entire U.S. medical provider database CarePrecise Access Complete and Extended Professional, Group and Hospital data, and our powerful CP ListMaker software for pulling targeted lists by location, specialty and more. CPAC plus EPGH data.


CarePrecise Gold: Standard Data + Software

CarePrecise Gold: $599
Buy CarePrecise Gold...

CarePrecise Gold is our basic U.S.. medical provider database plus CP ListMaker software for pulling targeted lists by location, specialty and more. CPAC data only.


Standard US Healthcare Provider Database

Basic Database Only: $369
Buy a single download or a subscription to mobthly or quarterly updates...

Download CarePrecise Access Complete, a 4.7 million -record U.S. medical provider database, in all states, territories and military installations worldwide. CPAC data only.


State Databases

Call to order states
(877) 782-2294

Download complete data on medical providers. Each state and non-U.S. country where U.S. registered physicians practice are available separately. Does not include extended data.



Custom Databases

Call to discuss your needs
(877) 782-2294

We can build a database based on specialty, facility type, geographic location, and much more.



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Authoritative and Comprehensive

CarePrecise provider information is based on data from the U.S. federal healthcare provider registry, the Medicare system, and the HHS Office of Inspector General, and is delivered as a relational database, with hundreds of source fields of data per provider record. CarePrecise Access Complete provider lists are the most affordable available anywhere (view the complete data description). You get:

Healthcare Provider Statistics

Release: 5/17/2016
Total NPI Records: 4,796,087
Provider Records Added Since Last Month: 27,800
Records Retired Since Last Month: 1,022
Excluded Providers (barred from Medicare): 4,273
Providers in PECOS (enrolled to bill Medicare): 1,248,046
Single/Multi-specialty Practice Groups: 562,320
Providers Who Changed Records Last 60 Days: 112,184

Specialty and Facility Counts, U.S. & States

Visit our provider record counts page to view the count of providers for each specialty and facility type in the U.S., and broken down by state.
  • Complete CSV files and MDB files with up to 400 data points per provider
  • National Provider Identifier (NPI) numbers for every HIPAA-covered healthcare provider
  • State license numbers, UPIN codes, Medicaid ID and other identifiers
  • Names, including alternative names and legal business names
  • Both practice and mailing addresses - every record
  • Phone numbers - every record
  • Fax numbers
  • Provider type (individual/organization)
  • Gender
  • Specialties and subspecialties
  • PECOS status (providers who can bill Medicare)
  • Excluded providers (providers who have been excluded from billing Medicare, and the reasons)
  • Plus with CarePrecise Gold: Wealth codes, geo locator codes, counties, urban/rural status, and tools for precise market segmentation, proper casing, import/export.

Call (877) 782-2294 and let us answer your questions, or to arrange a live demo.

Questions? Call now:
(877) 782-2294

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View a 5-minute video of CarePrecise Gold in action...In 5 minutes, learn how to pull lists of physicians, hospitals and more with a few clicks...

State Physician, Hospital Counts

Physician counts shown here incluide the mandatory Type 1 record (the individual's record), organization records for a physician's corporation which would duplicate in some cases. Hospitals may have several records, representing business units or other division, all of which are counted here, so you will see more hospital records than there are hospitals. Counts here are only for the 50 states plus DC and Puerto Rico; however, CarePrecise Access Complete datasets include all territories, military installations, etc. in which HIPAA covered entities practice.

US 1,254,258 38,627
AK 2,944 175
AL 14,428 630
AR 10,418 570
AZ 24,565 811
CA 130,471 3,657
CO 22,184 597
CT 16,482 278
DC 6,167 175
DE 4,055 74
FL 75,655 1,314
GA 33,419 947
HI 5,254 126
IA 11,920 638
ID 5,147 264
IL 54,824 1,627
IN 21,748 705
KS 10,893 742
KY 16,238 719
LA 15,687 1,027
MA 40,711 700
MD 25,345 499
ME 6,548 221
MI 42,890 1,175
MN 24,517 627
MO 27,051 1,202
MS 8,613 768
MT 3,755 289
NC 36,512 1,719
ND 3,654 226
NE 7,987 444
NH 6,061 145
NJ 34,164 753
NM 8,468 228
NV 7,662 269
NY 99,569 2,388
OH 47,236 1,107
OK 12,893 660
OR 16,334 454
PA 62,984 1,626
PR 11,665 298
RI 5,751 133
SC 17,856 674
SD 3,614 313
TN 23,707 704
TX 84,097 2,933
UT 8,503 377
VA 28,675 751
VT 2,894 118
WA 29,796 688
WI 23,143 573
WV 7,299 348
WY 1,805 141
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Physician Quality Grading for Consumers

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April 12, 2016

Medicare Fraud Steals $60 Billion a Year

Six months after a provider performs a particular medical procedure, they can bill it again. And, exactly six months to the day, the provider photocopies the original claim, changes the date, and sends the scammed claim it off to Medicare.$60 billion worth of fraud is roughly 10% of the total amount Medicare pays out every year... read on >

March 7, 2016

COMING: Standard Quality Measures

The Obama administration, acting in concert with the health insurance trade group America's Health Insurance Plans (AHIP), announced today an agreement to develop a standardized set of healthcare quality measures for physicians. In particular, the new quality measurement system will track care given by accountable care organizat... read on >

February 16, 2016

Out of the Silos: Combined Healthcare Provider Data

You always knew it was possible to get all of the rich federal data on healthcare providers together in one place, and in a form you could use on your PC. And you were simply ecstatic when CMS released the NPPES database! But then you downloaded it and learned that there is simply no normal desktop software that can make that da... read on >

October 24, 2013

Healthcare Reform Brews Startup Gold

As state and federal insurance exchanges struggle to open their portals to millions of new insureds, the Affordable Care Act is spawning myriad opportunities for startup entrepreneurs in the healthcare IT space.The 2009 Health Information Technology for Economic and Clinical Health (HITECH) Act in 2009 handed physicians generous... read on >

October 11, 2013

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