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About CarePrecise

Since 2008, CarePrecise has been building an impressive customer community ranging from individual practitioners to large organizations as diverse as GE Healthcare, Emdeon, Genentech, Siemens, pharma, health information exchanges, health plans, health systems, federal, state and local governments, law enforcement, the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs, and the Big Four accounting firms.

Our products are in use across the healthcare industry, from claims billing to clinical research to fraud investigation to medical marketing. CarePrecise is firmly established as the first, most affordable, and most trusted value-add processor of provider data products. CarePrecise data products combine the National Plan & Provider Enumeration System, PECOS, excluded vendor databases, US Department of Commerce, USPS, provider information extracted from millions of Medicare claims, and other public and commercial data resources, into a single source of truth for information on individual practitioners and every kind of healthcare organization.

We know healthcare IT. With decades of healthcare information technology, research and marketing experience, CarePrecise develops data products and services, research and analysis related to healthcare services distribution and provider networks for healthcare IT companies, consumer-facing ventures, health systems, and provider practices large and small.

CarePrecise LLC is an employee-owned U.S. collaborative, headquartered in beautiful Tulsa, Oklahoma, intensely dedicated to customer service and the highest standards of expert technical support.


Healthcare Provider Data Services, Research, and Analysis

With decades of experience researching the healthcare information technology business space, CarePrecise personnel are uniquely qualified to provide specialized analysis regarding the availability and distribution of healthcare providers, and provide critical data for academic research. Our personnel have conducted studies for and presented analysis to such diverse clients as the national Blue Cross and Blue Shield Association, Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS), Electronic Health Record (EHR) makers, pharmaceutical companies, major health systems and claims clearinghouses, universities, venture capital firms, and the Workgroup for Electronic Data Interchange (WEDI) as well as other standards development organizations.

CarePrecise has produced highly respected publications and presentations on numerous topics, including EMR ROI, real-time claims adjudication, using NPI enumeration for business optimization, healthcare business development, vendor grant assistance programs, and heath information exchange (HIE/RHIO).

The core of our business is our system for collecting and merging large blocks of complex healthcare provider data, and turning them into our highly affordable flagship products, such as CarePrecise Platinum, that can be used effectively by non-technical personnel. Our automation and processing power makes it possible for CarePrecise to outperform our competitors, for a fraction of their pricing.

We serve the most exacting names in healthcare, research, government, and industry.

GE Healthcare
Ernst & Young
Blueyonder/Virgin Media
Bank of New York Mellon
Blue Cross Blue Shield Association
Federal Bureau of Investigation
Weill Cornell Medicine
PWC PriceWaterhouse
U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs
Bain Capital
Horizon Pharma
Orderly Health
Northwestern University
The George Washington University
RTI International
Urban Institute
Outlift AI
Kaiser Permanente
American University
SAIsystems International
Montefiore Medical Center
West Virginia Health & Human Resources
Rite Aid
DataTrace Publishing
Merck Research Laboratories