Pandemic Support from CarePrecise
Healthcare provider data and medical marketing lists

Pandemic Support Program

Effective January 1, 2020 through February 28, 2020.



CarePrecise offers the ability to contact healthcare providers via multiple channels, including postal mail, telephone, fax, and email, and to perform research into medical service availability and geographic distribution of medical facilities and specialized care. The CarePrecise Pandemic Support program provides cost reductions to healthcare organizations for the use of these datasets.

Eligible healthcare organizations - hospitals, health systems, primary care clinics, medical group practices, medical laboratories - who are serving COVID-19 patients, and organizations who provide pandemic-related services to these organizations, may apply for cost reduction. Read the media release...

At the present time, reductions of 5% to 50% may be granted to eligible organizations for qualifying uses.

All CarePrecise products and services are included in the program at this time.


The following are eligible for 50% reduction:


The following are eligible for 35% reduction:


The following are eligible for 20% reduction:


The following are eligible for 15% reduction, for non-profit organizations only:

  • CarePrecise Select basic data (not email addresses) to non-profit organizations only (requires submission of a current IRS Nonprofit Determination Letter)
  • CarePrecise Select Email orders of 3,500 email addresses or more to non-profit organizations only (requires submission of a current IRS Nonprofit Determination Letter)


The following are eligible for 10% reduction:


The following are eligible for 5% price reduction:

  • All other products and services, including subscriptions and full price subscription renewals.


ELIGIBILITY: Consumer-facing products and services marketing, and business-to-business marketing of consumer-facing products and services, are not eligible uses at this time. Vendors of medical supplies and services are not eligible except for U.S. based 501c3 non-profit organizations, with limited exceptions. Educational institutions are not eligible unless the use of CarePrecise data is directly in service of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Your organization must be based and operating in the United States and be one or more of the following:

  • Health System
  • Hospital
  • Medical Practice Group
  • Primary Care Clinic
  • Community Health Clinic
  • Federal, State or Local Public Health Entity
  • Urgent Care or Emergency Care Clinic
  • Critical Access Clinic
  • Tribal Clinic
  • Federally Qualifies Health Center (FQHC)
  • Mental Health Clinic
  • Military Outpatient Clinic
  • Rural Health Clinic
  • Clinical or Diagnostic Medical Laboratory
  • Non-profit organization in service to one of the organizations above (requires submission of current IRS Nonprofit Determination Letter)

If your organization is not itself one of these entities, you may qualify for a lesser discount if your use of the product will be strictly on behalf of one of these organizations. If you are unsure of your eligibility, please contact us here before applying.

CarePrecise products, including custom data orders, may be available through this program, based on eligibility and intended use of the product.

Products may not be shared with other entities or in a publication, web site, or derivative product, and may require a site license, depending on implementation within your organization. For instance, if you will be putting contents of the product into a data lake or other internal shared access system a site license is required.

IMPORTANT: You must apply using a valid business email address with a business domain; i.e., or The business email address domain must belong to the organization making application. Free and role-based (i.e., or email addresses will be rejected.


APPLICATION: Submit the application form to determine eligibility for the program's cost support offer.




Not all records are populated with all data. See important information.

Subscription plans include the listed release schedule for the listed time period, with releases approximately monthly or approximately quarterly as indicated. Each release is based on the most recent dissemination from the data sources currently available at the time of the release.

* Products may not be sold, rented, or otherwise shared with or used on behalf of others without the purchase of a separate license agreement explicitely defining permitted sharing. Purchase of any product affirms the buyer's understanding and and acceptance of these terms and limitations.