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Add users, populate your product or website, publish CarePrecise data


Whether you just need one additional user license, or you are a PBM or EHR vendor, or market products that require redistribution of the complete database of U.S. HIPAA-covered healthcare providers or any part of it, CarePrecise can provide you with an inexpensive license to keep your shop legal.

We offer a number of licensing options, including single additional user licenses and site licenses, packages for fewer than 100 users and 100 or more users, and a Master License designed especially for redistributing our data within your software products.

Standard Single User EULA

Standard pricing for CarePrecise products includes one license (End User License Agreement - EULA) for use by the purchaser, and under the standard EULA, the data may not be redistributed, and may only be installed on one computer and accessed by a single user.

Single user EULAs provided with Care Precise products at standard pricing (PDF):

  • CarePrecise Access Complete, CarePrecise Access State, CarePrecise Select (and the data component of CarePrecise Gold), Extended Professional, Group and Hospital dataset, and Authoritative Hospital Database - EULA-CarePrecise Access.pdf
  • EULA-CPListMaker (and the software component of CarePrecise Gold) - EULA-CPListMaker.pdf


Data Site License $475

This license duplicates the standard EULA of your product for your organization's site. The Data Site License entitles all users located within a single organization and a single physical site to use CarePrecise data products, provided that the Buyer has purchased the full product in addition to the purchase of this Site License. This license is applicable to quarterly and monthly subscriptions on CarePrecise Access Complete or CarePrecise Gold or Platinum, or any CarePrecise data bundle or specialized database. If more than one physical location will use the product, a Multi-Site License is required. (An exception is made for individually remote workers; in which case only the single Site License if required.)

Site License does NOT permit use of CarePrecise data within a derivative product, data lake, separate data tool, directory, website or other form of redistribution or access extension. Special licensing is available for those uses. Contact us for details. The fee for this license is in addition to the standard data package price and/or standard software package purchase price. See the site license options for details...

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Data Licensing for Populating Applications and Resale

Derivative Product License and Redistribution License

A Derivative Product License permits narrow extracts of CarePrecise data to be used to produce meta data, analysis and/or limited provider listings as part of a derivative product, which may be shared with others within a company or mission. Upper price tiers of the Derivative Product License permist use of our data to populate a product that you sell to your customers.

A Redistribution License permits the buyer to not only use CarePrecise data products internally, but also limited rights to use our data in such ways as to populate a website's database, create a provider network directory, or to be included in an EHR product. Upper tiers of the Redistribution License permit repackaging and reselling our data to your customers.

Both licenses have limitations; in particular, you can not distribute or expose data you acquire from CarePrecise in any form that would facilitate theft of the data, such as by screenscraping. Except for the upper price tiers of the Redistribution License, you are not permitted to redistribute more than a certain number of records and a certain number of fields of data in any one data file (or on any one web page or form in a software application, or entries in a print publication). The license is non-exclusive, meaning that we can sell the same license to other CarePrecise customers. The price of the license does not include the price of the data subscription; each is priced separately. To obtain CarePrecise data for use as part of a derivative product, and/or with limited permission to distribute or publish to your own customers, you must purchase the data subscription and the license.

The Derivative Product License and the Redistribution License are offered in two-year terms. Licenses are priced in Tiers, Tier 1 through Tier 6, based on the application.

Terms of the licenses are detailed in the license agreement, which supercedes descriptions on this web page.

Please contact CarePrecise Licensing at (877) 782-2294 ext 9 for redistribution licensing rates.




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