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62,990 U.S. Chiropractor Fax Number, Phone, Address*

Reach Chiropractors in the Way They Want to be Reached.

Chiropractor fax numbers - complete U.S. list.CarePrecise updates its complete master data files every month with new and changed chiropractor addresses, phone and fax numbers, so you'll be confident of having the most complete and up-to-date fax marketing list available anywhere.


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  • 100% have fax numbers
  • 100% have street addresses
  • 100% have phone numbers
  • 100% have NPI numbers
  • 100% have primary specialty
  • Unlimited use
  • Easy to sort by city, state or specialty in Excel®
  • Updated monthly with data that providers are required by law to keep accurate; subscriptions available. Most recent release date: November 29, 2022


The Best Value in Chiropractor Marketing.

ALL NEW UPDATE November 29, 2022

CarePrecise acquires multiple healthcare provider databases every month, including the National Provider Identifier registry, where every U.S. HIPAA-covered healthcare provider must update their information any time it changes. Not every provider is required to report fax numbers, but approximately 70% of them do, and we supply them to you in a convenient CSV file you can use immediately in Excel or your contact management system, at the very best price.

CarePrecise can do this because, unlike other list suppliers, we built our Oklahoma, USA data collection and production centers to be fully automated. 100% Made in America, CarePrecise automation means that our entire company can be dedicated to customer support. When you call, you'll talk to a support professional located in the central USA, experienced in marketing to the medical professions.


Why Fax Chiropractors Instead of Emailing Them?

Chiropractor Fax NumbersQuite simply, fax marketing to chiropractors is more effective than email marketing, and it's far less expensive.

Chiropractor offices are equipped to handle incoming faxes through office personnel. Unsolicited emails often address the chiropractor directly, causing more harm than good. Faxes are used for administrative and clinical purposes, so they get immediate attention. Office staffers are aware of what the chiropractor and practice manager are in the market for or would be interested in seeing, so your message gets the added bonus of staff clearance.


Far Less Expensive than Email

Because of the methods involved in collecting deliverable opt-in email addresses, email lists are very expensive. You can expect to pay many times the price of CarePrecise fax lists. We do not "scrape" web pages to collect data that is often spoofed using obfuscation to reduce spam. 100% of our fax numbers are supplied by the medical practices themselves.

The cost of a fax blast, using on online fax service, can be somewhat more expensive than bulk email. But when you combine the cost of the CarePrecise fax list with the cost of delivery, fax marketing is the price winner. Considering the negative blow-back from bulk emailing, fax campaigns come out on top every time.


What Information is in the Chiropractor Fax List?

All the essential data you'll need to load up your contact management system and chiropractor fax blast marketing campaign:*

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1234567890 Sam K. Smith, DC Medical Tower Chiropractors, LLC 1950 E. Pine Street Ste. 100 Prettyvale OH 26735-2235 321-644-3886 321-634-5567   Chiropractor
2345678901 Mary Frances Cobb, DC   600 Wonderland Dr.   Suntown MI 56639-6554 544-567-8901 544-388-4456 544-367-8901 Chiropractor: Pediatric
3456789012 Jin Kai Woo, DC Sommerston Clinic 13227 NW Carr Hwy Ste. 906 Placeville DE 87498 667-467-9012 667-873-7725   Chiropractor

* Data shown here is for illustration purposes only and is not live data. Unduplicated by NPI number. More than one provider may share a single office fax number; approximately 48,230 unique numbers. See additional information and duplicate removal instructions here.

Use Microsoft Excel or any other spreadsheet software to sort, segment and target your market precisely, by state, zip code and specialty.


What kind of Chiropractors are in the Fax Numbers List?

Every kind of chiropractor in the U.S., including:

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Chiropractic Internists
Chiropractic Medical Examiners
Chiropractic Neurologists
Chiropractic Nutritionists
Occupational Medicine Chiropractors
Orthopedic Chiropractors
Pediatric Chiropractors
Radiological Chiropractors
Rehabilitation Chiropractors
Sports Chiropractors
Thermography Providers

Quality Guarantee

CarePrecise guarantees that the list you download will be the complete and current list of every U.S. HIPAA-covered chiropractor who reports a fax number. Your list is up-to-date with the current federal registry data as of the date of your purchase. Because of the unique way in which our data is collected from sources required by law to be accurate, no guarantee of deliverables is even needed. You will experience some bounces as a result of fax receiving systems being temporarily turned off or out of order, and a few chiropractor offices block unknown faxes. CarePrecise offers the best price versus delivery rate available anywhere. The number of records in the list varies from month to month due to ongoing updates.


The most powerful Healthcare Marketing Tools available anywhere.

CarePrecise makes a full line of data and marketing tools used throughout the industry to reach healthcare providers of every kind.

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*Additional Information

Duplication of fax numbers occurs where more than one practitioner shares a practice location, and occasionally where a practitioner has an optional second record for their business entity. Additionally, chain providers, such as Walgreens Pharmacies, may use a single or central contact point for fax and/or other communications intended for multiple locations. All records are provided so that the user can select by practitioner and type of record. If you need to unduplicate the fax numbers in Excel, make a copy of the file, and delete all columns except the fax number column. Then use Excel's built-in duplicate removal feature: with all of the data selected/highlighted, select the Data tab and click the Remove Duplicates button. Data is delivered exactly as reported and updated by the providers themselves to their federal NPI registry records. Purchase these lists with the understanding that there will be duplicate fax numbers and a degree of inaccuracy. Each list is shown above with the number of unique fax numbers. CarePrecise does not independently verify this data; rather, it is published as reported by the providers themselves on their federal NPI registry records, therefore no warranty is or can be offered as to accuracy. No refunds are offed on digital products and services.

Includes providers in all 50 states plus territories.

CarePrecise makes no warranty or claim as to deliverable rates, merchantability or fitness for a specific purpose, or viability or legality regarding the use of its data products. Full responsibility rests with the user. Purchaser understands and agrees that its use of CarePrecise fax lists and other data will comply with U.S. federal and state laws relating to fax, mail, telephone and other communications.

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Subscription plans include the listed release schedule for the listed time period, with releases approximately monthly or approximately quarterly as indicated. Each release is based on the most recent dissemination from the data sources currently available at the time of the release.