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Apply for Pandemic Support Cost Reductions


Note: Program is currently set to expire February 28, 2021. Possible extension of the program will be reviewed at that time.


ELIGIBILITY: Consumer-facing products and services marketing, and business-to-business marketing of consumer-facing products and services, are not eligible uses at this time. Vendors of insurance or medical supplies and services are not eligible, with limited exceptions. Educational institutions are not eligible unless the use of CarePrecise data is directly in service of COVID-19 pandemic respone or amelioration of human suffering due to the SARS-CoV-2 virus.

Your organization must be of a type listed in the eligibility detail here...


How to apply for up to 50% reduced pricing

Complete the form below and click the SEND button. After reviewing your inquiry, CarePrecise may contact you for clarification and additional information.

IMPORTANT: You must apply using a valid business email address with a business domain; i.e., or The business email address domain must belong to the organization making application. Free and role-based (i.e., or email addresses will be rejected.

Determination of eligibility is solely at the discretion of CarePrecise LLC and is not subject to negotiation. A previous determination does not guarantee current eligibility, and CarePrecise LLC may revoke a determination with or without cause at its discretion at any time.


All fields are required, but you may submit
EITHER an NPI number or CCN.
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Must use a valid business email address with a business domain. Domain must belong to the organization making application. Free domains (such as "") and role-based email addresses (such as "") will be rejected.
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Enter either a valid NPI number (National Provider Identifier) or CCN (CMS Certification Number) assigned by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services for your organization. You may provide both. If you are an organization that serves healthcare organizations, and do not have one of the aforementioned identifiers, you may submit the form and you may be contacted for additional information. Do NOT submit a Social Security Number or state tax identifier.
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Neither CarePrecise LLC, its personnel, nor trading partners may be held responsible for the security of information provided.

By clicking the SEND button, you attest your agreement with the terms of this application and that the information entered by you on this form is accurate and current as of the date of submission.


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