ScribeFax Enhanced Clinician Fax Database
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ScribeFax and ScribeFaxCS
Enhanced Prescribing Clinician Fax Database

Most Comprehensive U.S. Clinician Fax Database

Enhanced prescribing clinician fax number database
ScribeFax represents the most complete clinician fax number database, deeply mined from across the U.S. universe of physicians, dentists, physician assistants and other patient care clinicians, far beyond the limited fax coverage available in clinicians' published NPI records. ScribeFax Basic includes all of these hard-to-source clinician fax numbers, as well as practice addresses, phone numbers, and the complete U.S. database of 7 million healthcare provider records.
ScribeFaxCS is a step beyond, offering discounted pricing in exchange for quarterly reporting of the good and bad fax numbers. ScribeFaxCS is a crowdsourced program to develop the most accurate fax number database for U.S. patient care clinicians.


CarePrecise also offers a deeply-mined pharmacy fax database – ScriptFax...


Clinician data from millions of source records, including all U.S. prescribers and primary care clinicians and specialists managing access to patient medical records, beyond the providers' own NPI records, is mined by CarePrecise to create the most comprehensive database of prescriber fax numbers available, for prescription and treatment clarifications and medical records requests. Mined data fills gaps in prescriber fax numbers, for doctors, dentists, optometrists, prescribing nurses, homeopaths, naturopaths - every healthcare provider with prescription-writing authority. ScribeFax is also effective for using fax communication to request medical records, and includes federally reported fax endpoints for this purpose.

"We need access to all of the fax numbers within the health systems that we service. ScribeFax and your Authoritative Hospital Database will make that a possibility for the first time."

Every HIPAA-covered drug prescriber in the U.S – approximately 2.6 million clinicians – is included in ScribeFax, and currently includes fax numbers for approximately 2 million of these in the basic ScribeFax dataset. Overall, ScribeFax contains fax numbers for more than 3.3 million provider records, representing more than 1.3 million unique fax numbers.

The complete ScribeFax database is updated monthly, with corrections and added fax numbers provided by Testing Partners in the ScribeFaxCS version. After submitting three reports during the first quarter, Testing Partners receive the full crowdsourced ScribeFaxCS® which includes crowdsourced fax numbers from other crowdsource Testing Partners. Those who do not wish to participate in the crowdsource program will receive only the ScribeFax Basic dataset. Testing Partners sign a ScribeFaxCS license agreement that sets out program requirements. Prospective Testing Partners are screened before inclusion in the program.


A Complete U.S. Prescriber Database

ScribeFax includes all prescribers, not just those for whom a fax number is reported. Included for all are the name, prescriber's practice address, phone number, type of provider, taxonomy code and description, latitude and longitude of the pharmacy zip code, and number of prescribers at the same location, among other data (see table below). In addition, ScribeFax is delivered with the full database of the more than 7 million HIPAA-covered U.S. healthcare individuals and organizations, including all clinicians and non-clinicians, hospitals, clinics, laboratories and the full range of healthcare providers.


Robust Clinician Fax Numbers and Other Data

By drawing on data from all clinicians' federal records, as well as their group, clinic and coworkers' records and other sources, ScribeFax fills in gaps where some providers have not reported a fax number. The numbers below are counts of records with fax numbers. Using QoRelate™ – CarePrecise's advanced record-linkage technology – we are able to locate the fax number for any medical practice that has even a single practitioner who reports a fax number. This adds almost 50% more fax coverage for prescribers than can be obtained from the basic NPI registry data for the individual practitioner.


What Data Is Included in ScribeFax?

The database is presented as a relational database. A single prescriber may have more than one record in the file if multiple fax numbers have been identified; however, only one NPI/Fax pair is included in the ScribeFax table.

In addition to the table of data fields below, ScribeFax also includes detailed information on providers from our CarePrecise Complete product in relational database format.

Data Formats

ScribeFax is delivered as relational database tables in Comma Separated Values (.csv). Please note that the database contains more records than can be opened directly in Microsoft Excel, and is intended to be imported into relational database software, such as Microsoft Access (part of the Microsoft Office suite), SQL Server, Oracle, an other database environments.

Field Name Description Data Type Size
NPI Provider's Type 1 Record NPI Number Text 10
Fax Fax Number Text 20
FaxExt When an extension is reported for the fax connection it is included here Text 20
FaxSource Source of the fax number. O = the prescriber's Own record, C = Co-located provider's record. Text 5
FaxType P = prescriber's practice address fax number, M = prescriber's business mailing address fax number. Text 1
Priority A single provider may have multiple fax numbers in ScribeFax; as testing reveal which numbers arfe the best, they rise in priority. Fax numbers corrected or updated by crowdsource partners are the top priority (000 to 099), and are not included in ScribeFaxCS to non-crowdsourcing purchasers. Text 6
SourceNPI The NPI number of the practitioner or organization record from which the fax number was mined. May be acquired from the provider's record, the practice business record, or a co-located coworker's record. Text 10
CoLoCode™ Derived algorithmically* based on physical practice location. Used to "roll up" practitioners who work together, along with their practice business records. Text 40
DateAdded Date/Time the record was mined and added to ScribeFax. Date  
Grade Grades are arrived at through testing by crowdsource partners. Unlike fax numbers aupplied or corrected by partners, Grade is included in ScribeFax Basic, as well as ScribeFaxCS Text 1
GradeDate Date of most recent grade report Date  
GradeSource Source of this Grade (contributing partner code identifiable only within CarePrecise). Text 100
DateDeprecated As testing reveals that a fax number is not correct for a given practitioner, a DateDeprecated is appended here, indicating that the number is not good, and it received a Grade of "F." Date  
MustCall Binary 1 in this field indicates that the practitioner's MustCallPhone must first be called to initiate fax contact. Byte  
MustCallPhone Phone and extension that must first be called before initiating fax contact. Text 20
Full contact information (name, credentials, practice address, mailing address, practice phone, mailing address phone), specialty(ies), license, etc., plus organization information for SourceFax, including contact person for the organization, is also provided from the CarePrecise Complete dataset. Email addresses are available separately for approximately 1 million practitioners.

* Data derived algorithmically uses CarePrecise QoRelate™ technology to assimilate records from multiple sources using both "brute-force" and fuzzy logic methodology, and may contain inaccuracies.


What Types of Healthcare Providers are in ScribeFax?

Data mining provides more complete fax number coverage for the more than 2.6 million U.S. prescribers and clinicians, including physicians, dentists, podiatrists, physician assistances, certain types of nurses, and others. Review a listing of the 400+ provider taxonomy codes included in ScribeFax*. Additionally, the ScribeFax package includes all of the 7 million provider records included in the CarePrecise Complete dataset.

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Licensing ScribeFax

ScribeFaxCS is a community crowdsource program, intended to be an ongoing improvement in healthcare technological infrastrusture, and is a model for future such programs. In addition to theincreased clinician fax population of ScribeFax Basic, ScribeFaxCS licensees may qualify for reduced pricing and additional fax coverage acquired through crowdsourcing. Request ScribeFaxCS participation information. Special licensing is required for use of ScribetFax Basic or ScribeFax CS in a derivative product such as a web application, directory, SaaS or descktop application, or in a CRM. Contact us for licensing information.



ScribeFax Basic 1 Download $5,250

1-year Monthly Subscription $18,550

2-year Monthly Subscription $29,550

Subscriptions are for 12 updates per one-year period. Single download evaluation price can be deducted from subscription pricing upon purchase. Special licensing is required for use in certain applications. Crowdsource program partners receive a 20% discount on the 2-year monthly subscription.

How to Order

Please contact CarePrecise Sales if you'd like to participate in the ScribeFaxCS crowdsource program and be eligible for the Testing Partner discount. Order now for evaluation: You can order ScribeFax basic immediately using the Pricing links on this page, and apply what you've paid to a Testing Partner or Basic subscription within 60 days of purchase.