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The Advanced Technical Support (ATS) program is for users of our healthcare provider data products. Advanced Support is available in a ten (10) support contact package, or three (3) hours of technician time, whichever is used first, good through a 12-month period from the date of purchase.

Advanced Support entitles you to send and receive output examples to your support tech, and to query development support within the CarePrecise MDB databases and CP ListMaker environment. ATS does not cover extensive development, such as custom programming or complex nested queries, VBA or MSSQL issues, or running data extracts for users.

To purchase Advanced Support with additional support contacts, increase the quantity of your order in the Add to Cart box below. You will receive 10 support contacts per quantity of 1 (i.e., a quantity of 2 receives 20 support contacts). You may purchase no more than 30 contacts (quantity 3) per CarePrecise product you have purchased.

Advanced Support members' requests will be responded to within one business day under most circumstances.

• Support Program Details
• CarePrecise technical description, data model and data structure

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