On-Site Training and Implementation Services


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  • TEMPORARILY SUSPENDED DUE TO THE COVID-19 PANDEMIC. You may contact CarePrecise Sales using the Contact Us link at right to schedule a TENTATIVE on-site when availability returns, currently estimated at June 15, 2022, subject to change based on safety concerns and personnel availability.

On-site training and implementations services are offered where special assistance is needed in establishing CarePrecise products at the client's location.

On-site engagements may assist in training users in the use of CP ListMaker, custom-developed tools and CarePrecise data structures. Implementation may include assistance with integrating CarePrecise products with the client's systems.

Engagements span two (2) business days plus up to two (2) travel days. Travel and client contact may occur any Monday through Friday except for holidays and monthly blackouts between the 14th and 27th of the month. In most cases, travel is limited to the United States and US territories within seven hours travel time of Tulsa International Airport (TUL).

The client will reimburse CarePrecise for travel expenses, including economy airfare, ground transportation, up to three hotel nights, and $125 per diem. The client is responsible for costs including but not limited to third party licensing and related tools.

No more than two (2) on-site engagements may be booked per client per year; more involved engagements require a consulting agreement.

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