CarePrecise Platinum: CPAC/EPGH/ProCase and CP ListMaker


CarePrecise Platinum brings you the CPAC, EPGH and ProCase datasets, plus the CP ListMaker software to give you the power to build tightly targeted lists for direct mail, telemarketing, fax marketing and research work.

The Extended Professional, Group and Hospital (EPGH) dataset is an add-on to the CarePrecise Access Complete (CPAC) dataset product that adds further information about individual providers and hospitals. The CP ProCase add-on adds three tables to your CarePrecise data installation: ProCase_Names (properly cased names), ProCase_Addresses_Mail (properly cased mailing addresses), and ProCase Addresses_Prac (properly cased practice addresses), all relationally linked to the CPAC data via the NPI number.

This package is a bundle that includes the subscription to the CPAC, EPGH and ProCase data files.

CPAC, EPGH and ProCase records are linked via the NPI number. Professionals are linked to their practice groups and hospital affiliations. Extended data on professionals includes medical school, graduation year, primary specialty and a compact field of secondary specialties. Extended hospital data currently includes total Medicare claims.

CP ListMaker software requires Microsoft Access 2003 or later, 2007 or later recommended.

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