Private FTP Delivery for Subscriptions


Private Secure FTP (SFTP) Delivery provides you with a static, personal download link that bypasses our third-party delivery system, for a single product, either 4 or 12 times through one year. This option may be necessitated by firewall settings or security protocols in your network, or if you require a download link and password that do not change each time, for purposes of automation or for other reasons.

You will receive a password-protected link via email from @careprecise.com, to download your file(s) from a careprecise.com subdirectory. This link does not expire as long as your FTP subscription remains in effect; however, more than five download attempts in any 30-day period will place a 10-day hold on further downloads.

Please be sure to activate SFTP download and whitelist careprecise.com in your firewall, email system and browser. This option is good for up to 12 issues in one year; if you are on a one-year subscription, please order quantity 1; if you are on a longer subscription, please enter the number of years or partial years remaining in your subscription in the Quantity box at right. Please allow up to two business days for initial setup.

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