CarePrecise Site License - 2 Years


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The Data Site License entitles all users located within a single business entity to use CarePrecise data products, provided that the Buyer has purchased the full product either before or during purchase of this Site License. This license permits upload of CarePrecise data to an in-house Customer Relationship Management system (CRM) for a company with a single physical location. This license is applicable to quarterly and monthly subscriptions, up to one year, on CarePrecise Access Complete or CarePrecise Gold or Platinum, or any CarePrecise data bundle. "Site" is defined as up to 100 users belonging to a single business entity with a single physical location, the data hosted on a per-computer basis. "Business entity" is defined as all operations under one (1) Federal EIN/TIN or if outside the US one (1) international taxpayer number as defined by the Internal Revenue Service Code.

One site license covers all CarePrecise data products available on CarePrecise.com.

Site License does NOT permit use of CarePrecise data within a derivative product, directory, website or other form of redistribution. Special licensing is available for those uses. Contact us for details.

This license price is in addition to the data package or subscription price.

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