CarePrecise Collection


The CarePrecise Collection™ includes all of the data and tools in the integrated CarePrecise dataset suite. This item is a single download of the data; subscriptions are available. 



To purchase all of the data and tools individually would cost $4,626. The CarePrecise Collection saves $1,738, and brings them all together in a single integrated database, along with your own dedicated CarePrecise support technician. If you want to run the Collection in Microsoft Access, we provide a Collection Edition of CP ListMaker, our powerful list creation tool that pulls all of the data together right on your desktop or laptop computer - no network or SQL Server needed.


Because of the size of the download files, a download link is created for each purchase so that your download can be monitored for correct completion; delivery and assignment of your dedicated support tech will usually occur within one business day.


Upgrade to a quarterly or monthly subscription within 30 days and your single download purchase amount will be applied against the price. Contact CarePrecise Sales for upgrade information.

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