ScriptFax: Enhanced Pharmacy Fax Database (EPFD)


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Single download of the basic ScriptFax Enhanced Pharmacy Fax Database.

Pharmacy data from hundreds of thousands of source records, beyond the pharmacies' NPI records, is mined by CarePrecise to create the most comprehensive database of pharmacy fax numbers available. Mined data fills gaps in pharmacy fax numbers, particularly in chain pharmacies such as CVS, Walgreen's, Walmart, Rite Aid, and the rest. 

The EPFD includes all pharmacies, not just those for whom a fax number is reported. Included for all pharmacies are the name, pharmacy physical address, phone number, type of pharmacy, latitude and longitude of the pharmacy zip code, and number of pharmacists, among other data.

The crowdsource-advanced ScriptFaxCS is currently available only to testing partners who maintain regular reporting to the crowdsource program, and is available by special agreement only.


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