CarePrecise Developer Kit


The CarePrecise® Developer Kit (DK) contains the suite of CarePrecise data, in both CSV and Microsoft Access format, including:


  • CarePrecise Access Complete™ (CPAC) Standard HCP Dataset
  • Extended Professional, Group and Hospital Data™ (EPGH) Detailed HCP Dataset
  • Pharmacy Tools (for identifying independents)
  • Authoritative Hospital Database™ (AHD)
  • CP ListMaker™ targeting software
  • $1,948 in total value at regular prices

Review the data contents here...

Purchaser is entitled to a 100% refund of the Developer's Kit price when a quarterly or monthly data subscription plus license fee OR monthly data subscription without special licensing are paid within 30 days of purchase, 50% between 31 and 60 days.* The relevant license agreement must be signed. Please note that, except for this rebate offer, CarePrecise digital products are non-refundable. You may use the DK for development purposes only, and may not make any portion of its contents available outside of your organization and development team, except as an example work product for a prospective client. You must purchase a Derivative Product License or Redistribution License at additional charge from CarePrecise to use the data on any website, directory, applications, or other product or service.

The DK contains the full current data, and the files are quite large. We create a monitored download from our CDN for each purchase, so please expect a delay of a few business hours for delivery of your download links.


*With DP Licenses at Tier 6 or Redistribution Licenses at Tier 1 and higher, we offer a 100% refund ($1,190 applied to the price) if the license and subscription are paid within 60 days.





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