Data Additional User License - 1 year


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One (1) additional user (seat) license for CarePrecise Access Complete or CarePrecise Gold or Platinum, or any CarePrecise data bundle. Buyer must purchase full license to CarePrecise Access Complete, prior to or at the same time as purchase of this additional license. This license permits the buyer, within the same company as the buyer of the original full product, to have a total of one (1) user for the original full product purchase, plus one (1) user for each additional user license purchased. Enter the number of additional users in the Quantity box. This license is applicable to quarterly and monthly subscriptions, for one year. The fee for this license is in addition to the data and/or software package purchase price. If more than two additional licenses are needed, please see our Site License pricing.

This license price is in addition to the data package or subscription price.

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