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From time to time CarePrecise receives email addresses from our trading partners, and from other websites under the CarePrecise banner, including but not limited to our founding firm HITTG, as well as NPIdentify, MEDICAlistings. If you receive an unwanted promotional email message from us, you may use the "unsubscribe" link on the email message, or reply with the word "REMOVE" in the subject line, to remove yourself from such mailings.

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Partnering with Other Organizations to Offer Additional Services and our publications may occasionally partner with other services to offer you expanded services. For example, we may allow an eMagazine to offer you a free subscription, or we may permit a trusted research organization to contact you regarding a survey related to healthcare information technology. Whenever such additional services are offered it will be your choice to make use of the services or not; in other words, it is up to you to respond to the offer. Should you respond to any offer or request provided by a third party, your relationship with them would be governed by any Terms of Use and/or Privacy Policy as they may offer or require, and not by our Terms of Use and/or Privacy Policy.

Legal Disclaimer
It is possible that we may need to disclose personal information when required by law. We will disclose such information when we have a good-faith belief that it is necessary to comply with a court order, ongoing judicial proceeding, or other legal process served on our company or to exercise our legal rights or defend against legal claims.

Contents of CarePrecise Data Products

CarePrecise acquires healthcare provder data from government sources that has been cleared for public access.

Email Lists

Our email lists are, for the most part, opt-in lists. CarePrecise LLC works with others in the healthcare industry to reach new customers by partnering in occasional promotions which may result in CarePrecise emailing an addressee who has not explicitly opted in to a CarePrecise list, but who has given our partner permission to send related promotional offers. In such cases, an email message may appear to be unsolicited email (spam), but has been sent within a permissible use agreement. If the message is unwanted, the recipient will in every case be able to be removed from future mailings by following easy instructions at the bottom of the message. If the recipient believes that any such message has been received through unauthorized use or abuse, or if the recipient suspects that CarePrecise received the email address improperly, we strongly encourage them to contact us so that we may investigate and, of course, see to it that the use is not repeated. If a partner which represents itself as having a permissible use agreement with the addressee is found to be unable to substantiate the claim, CarePrecise LLC will remove suspect addresses, block them from future entry, and may take additional action within the partner relationship. Please report suspected abuse at this email address.

Changes to this Privacy Policy

We may update this privacy policy from time to time. In the event there are significant changes in the way we treat your personally identifiable information, we will display a notice to that effect on this page. Unless stated otherwise, our current Privacy Policy applies to all information that we have about you and your accounts and subscriptions.

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Shipping Policy

Most CarePrecise products are downloadable, but can be delivered on disk or thumb drive if you prefer. A disk or thumb drive can be ordered for products normally delivered via download by choosing this option in our online store. Some products feature free disk delivery.

In most cases, orders are shipped on the same day payment is received, except for weekends and holidays, when orders are shipped on the next business day.

Rush shipping is available, and may be ordered using this option for any purchase. All physical shipment orders except rush orders are shipped USPS First Class from Tulsa, Oklahoma. Rush shipping is USPS Express Mail from Tulsa, Oklahoma.


Payment Policies

We accept credit cards, PayPal, checks and money orders drawn on U.S. banks, and international ACH bank transfers. All invoices and payment information is confidential and secured, and may not be shared by users. For details, please review Payment Policies here.


Refund and Exchange Policy

Products consisting primarily of electronic data which may be copied and used even if the original copy of the product is returned are not eligible for refund in whole or in part. These products include but are not limited to CarePrecise datasets, CP ListMaker, and custom datasets.

Services such as advanced technical support or custom data extracts are not eligible for refund.

In the event of any refund for other than for an error on the part of CarePrecise, CarePrecise will retain a minimum charge of 3.5% (three and one-half percent) of the original price paid to cover unrecoverable costs to CarePrecise. Only an erroneous transaction, specifically, a double payment for the same purchase, is eligible for refund, and is subject to minimum retained charge.


Licensing Policies

The "product" purchased from CarePrecise is a license to use software and/or data provided by CarePrecise. CarePrecise software and data products are licensed for use solely by the party purchasing the product unless specified otherwise in writing. In general, all products are offered for single-user, single installation use, and distribution is prohibited, unless one of the additional license options is purchased. For the licensing considerations for your particular product, please refer to the license information provided with the product specifications and packaged with your product. To obtain a copy of the licensing information (End User License Agreement - EULA) for a product, click below:


Copyright and Terms of Use

The information, data structures, programming, code and text materials associated with CarePrecise published materials and websites are protected by US and international copyright owned solely by CarePrecise, all rights reserved. Users/visitors agree that materials may not be reverse-engineered, copied, reproduced or re-applied in any manner whatsoever unless specific license has been granted in writing in an End User License Agreement (EULA) or other licensing document, and in such case, only in such manner as specified in the document.

Use of the CarePrecise website affirms agreement on the part of the user/visitor that no use shall be made of the website, its content, programming or code other than in the limited scope of being viewed and read for information on CarePrecise products and services in search of related products and services for purchase by the user/visitor. Any use or appropriation of content, programming or code to compete with or disparage or defraud or in any way be used to the detriment or potential detriment of CarePrecise, its agents, employees, or officers, is contrary to these terms and shall be construed as a violation of the Terms of Use. Visitors agree that CarePrecise may track user's use of the site and obtain identities via third parties.


Support Policies

CarePrecise strives to provide the very best customer support. Every CarePrecise data product and software title comes with limited free technical support for a period of time after purchase. To review specific support policies and additional support options, visit our Support page.


Disclaimers, Disclosures, Trademarks

The data contained in CarePrecise® products and services is compiled and processed on an ongoing basis, with monthly update releases, from public and proprietary sources, including the complete National Plan & Provider Enumeration System (NPPES) data submitted by the providers themselves, Medicare Provider Enrollment Chain and Ownership System (PECOS), List of Excluded Individuals/Entities (LEIE), Medicare claims data, and other US federal sources obtainable under the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) and provided monthly by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services and Office of Inspector General of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, and from the U.S. Census Bureau, a division of the U.S. Department of Commerce, agencies of the U.S. federal government, and the United States Postal Service (USPS). Neither CarePrecise nor its shareholders, partners and affiliates are responsible for data maintained by these or other source providers. All HIPAA-covered entity healthcare providers in the U.S. are required under the Federal NPI regulation to provide their information to the NPI Registry, a federal database of healthcare providers, and to update their records within thirty days of any change in that information. Data is provided "as is" and in accordance with the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) and e-FOIA amendments, and relevant data dissemination notices. While these sources are considered among the most reliable available, no warranty is expressed or implied as to the accuracy, completeness, timeliness, fitness for any purpose, or absence of processing errors of the information presented here or in any CarePrecise product or service, nor that the data structure will not be changed in the future as necessitated by source data, beyond the diligent effort to include all released data. Nothing in the product descriptions, in writing or verbal, may be construed as a warranty, guarantee, or representation of deliverability, save the deliverability guarantee on email addresses. All data ages between updates, and it is reasonable to expect that a portion of records will contain contact information that is incorrect or for other reasons undeliverable. Not all fields are populated with data for every record except where indicated; some fields are not populated due to restrictions imposed by a data supplier even though a field may be present for later use. Where percent of records populated is quoted, the percent quoted is subject to slight differences upon delivery as data is continuously updated. To determine a provider's eligibility to practice and/or to bill Medicare or other health plans and carriers, or to in any other way perform professional activities, users should not rely solely on data included in CarePrecise datasets, particularly regarding alleged fraudulent or infraction activity given as reason for listing in data on excluded providers (records carrying "sanction", "desanction", "warning" and/or "exclusion" identifiers or flags). Data which has been in-matched using algorithmic rather than direct means will include a percentage of error; such data is labeled as such in the documentation. Algorithmic in-matching logic and processes are proprietary trade secrets. Subscriptions are fulfilled with quarterly or monthly releases containing the most recently processed data from all pertinent sources. As the products are digital and cannot reliably be recovered, no refund offer is made, and no refunds will be given for any reason. CarePrecise LLC, its agents, assigns, employees, and contractors accept no responsibility for errors, inaccuracies, timeliness of delivery, or other act of commission or omission, and liability, by any cause whatsoever, and liability is capped at the product purchase price. Purchaser of any CarePrecise product or service acknowledges and agrees to these terms and limitations. Products are licensed to the customer for their use only; all intellectual property including but not limited to data structures, program code and information content remain the property of CarePrecise LLC. Refer to the licensing information page for details and to review the relevant End User License Agreement (EULA). CarePrecise is a registered trademark, and CarePrecise Access, CarePrecise Select, CarePrecise Gold, CarePrecise Platinum, CP ListMaker, CP ChangeMaker, SharpMail, Authoritative Physician Database, and Authoritative Hospital Database are trademarks of CarePrecise LLC. All CarePrecise products including data, data structures, code, and related materials are the property of CarePrecise LLC and protected by U.S. and international copyright. Other trademarks and copyrights are the property of their respective owners. CarePrecise reserves the right to cease services and/or communication with parties that abuse its services or its personnel, or fail to comply with its terms of service. For additional information on CarePrecise policies see the Policies page. Purchase of a CarePrecise product affirms understanding and acceptance of these policies and this information, and affirms that use will conform to the product's license agreement. Pricing for CarePrecise products published on its website are licensed for a single user. Any form of dissemination, sharing, making public, distribution, or derivative product, whether or not for profit, is strictly forbidden without an alternative licensing arrangement; such licensing arrangements are available - please contact CarePrecise Sales for terms and pricing.