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With CarePrecise Gold and Platinum software and data packages, you make your own targeted lists of physicians, PAs, RNs, and every other kind of provider associated with a medical office.

And that includes doctors, dentists, hospitals, DME suppliers —just about any healthcare entity.

Our customers use CarePrecise Gold (basic data) or CarePrecise Platinum (added group and hospital affiliations) to accurately target physicians, and then CarePrecise can match email addresses, for personalized distance marketing top physicians.

Don't waste budget on expensive, untargeted mailing lists from list brokers. Use CarePrecise software and our always up-to-date data—updated monthly—to get physician marketing lists that boost sales and control marketing costs.


Choose the physician details you need

It's a snap with CP ListMaker™, our acclaimed medical marketing list builder, and our complete U.S. Healthcare Provider Database, available together as CarePrecise Gold.

With CarePrecise Platinum, you get our data on all US HIPAA-covered HCPs, plus physicians' practice group affiliations, hospital affiliations, graduation year and additional data on physicians and hospitals, along with CP ListMaker.

If you need even more information, add the Physician Performance Module, that brings in procedure volumes and durable medical equipment (DME) orders, or include total Medicare payments and additional data with the comprehensive Authoritative Physician Database option.


Accurate provider data is everything

Unlike the current physician information on the American Medical Association's Master File, which can cost tens of thousands of dollars and comes with stringent limitations, CarePrecise data is collected using advanced automation from the most authoritative sources within the federal government. No database is perfect, but our data doesn't come from hit-and-miss phone calling or surveys, or from screenscraping, and, unlike the AMA database, physicians cannot opt out of our source data. With our primary federal source, doctors are required by law to update their information within thirty days of a change, and we update our Master File every month, and pass that fully updated data along to you as a subscriber.

Put the power to target your market right on your own desktop!

You'll download our complete database of 7.4 million US HIPAA-covered healthcare providers, and you'll tame it easily with our user-friendly software, to make an unlimited number of lists of physicians and others by specialty, subspecialty, geographic area, even gender and Medicare status. You'll get more fields of data in our provider database than any other provider database available anywhere, including practice addresses and business mailing addresses, plus telephones, faxes and much more.
CarePrecise Gold and Platinum build doctor lists aimed straight at your customer profiles.


Easy Steps to a Physician Mailing or Telemarketing List

CP ListMaker brings the huge contents of the CarePrecise national healthcare provider databases under the control of an easy-to-use, wizard-based interface. Our physician database is part of our complete healthcare provider database, which means it is not only a list of doctors, but the complete database of physicians, nurses, hospitals—every kind of healthcare provider in the United States. That means there are a lot of records—more than 7.4 million —so using the data means being able to pull from it exactly the medical marketing lists you need for each specific purpose. Here's how you might use it to make a mailing list of doctors in a particular area of Colorado, who specialize in adolescent medicine...


Step 1. Your Physician List Criteria

After you've installed CarePrecise Platinum or CarePrecise Gold, the first step in making a targeted list is to decide what kind of healthcare providers you want on your medical marketing list. In this case, we're creating a list of doctors in a particular geographical area, who practice particular specialties.

Make a Physician Mailing List with CP ListMaker

Specialties on our Doctor List

Select Physician Specialties for our list

Choose the exact types of doctors you want in the Pick Taxonomy Codes box. "Provider Taxonomy Codes" are the official codes used by the healthcare industry to identify kinds of healthcare providers. Select any or all of the physician specialties for our doctor list.

If you don't want to just browse through the 800+ specialties and facility types, use the Find Specialty Tool and type in some text:

Medical Specialty Search Tool

Geographic Areas for the Physician Mailing ListGeographic Coverage of the Doctor List

You can limit your physician mailing list to a specific geographic area (or make several different lists, each in a different area).

Select zip codes to include from the Pick Zips box. You can sort the zips showing in the box by zip code or alphabetically by city, and you can even filter to show only the zips in a particular state or county.

To zero in on the specific zip codes you want, you can select a state and even a county in the little menus at the top of the Pick Zips Box. Then you control-click on the zips you want to include.

This is also the place where you can filter to view and select only urban, rural or suburban zip codes, and even filter to view zip codes with particular econometric (wealth/poverty) profiles.

There's also a Zip Code Lookup Tool Zip Code Lookup Tool and a Geographic Radius Tool Geographic Radius Tool. We could use the Geographic Radius Tool to make a list of physicians within, say, 5 miles of downtown Denver, Colorado, or within 100 miles of Tucson, Arizona. You can make lists of physicians from anywhere in the United States.


Step 2. View and Edit Your List Criteria

Now that you've selected the types of physicians you want on your list, and the zip codes you want to include, you can make changes on the View Criteria tab, and even save your criteria to use again later, or as the basis for a new list.

Tweak the Marketing List Criteria.


Step 3. Get the Physician Records

Now it's time to click the Find Matches tab so you can take a look at the doctors on the very specifically targeted physician mailing/telemarketing list that you just built!

Find the physicians with the Find Matches tab.


Step 4. Refining Your Doctor Mailing List, and Exporting it to Excel

On the Output Lists tab you can further refine your lists, choose which fields to include, customize in various ways, and export your lists for use in Excel and other software, or to send to your mailing service.

Export the physician list to use in Excel


Your list will look something like this in Excel, properly cased with CarePrecise's exclusive SharpMail™ system:

Physician Mailing List in Excel


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