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June 15, 2020    
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The Authoritative Hospital Database™

Best-in-Class database of US hospitals.

Current data update release June 15, 2020

Complete Hospital List6,000+ Hospitals, with employee count, patient satisfaction ratings, bed count, contact name, address, phone, fax and more.*


This is the database that brings all of the available information on U.S. HIPAA-covered hospitals and their physicians together in one simple hospital list on your desktop or laptop computer. CarePrecise mines the complete hospital data acquired from the US Department of Health and Human Services and our business partners, including information extracted from multiple databases and hundreds of millions of health insurance claims using our QoRelate™ data collection and linking technology – aggregated and merged into one easy-to-use hospital list for Microsoft Excel, SQL, FileMaker, or any other spreadsheet, database or CRM software on PC, Mac or Linux, and ready to use immediately.

The Authoritative Hospital Database


Complete NPI database and more...

 Hospital/Physician/Group connections

A comprehensive database of US hospital information.

Extracted from the CarePrecise master healthcare database with information all of the 6.2 million HIPAA-covered US healthcare providers and additional sources, the Authoritative Hospital Database (AHD) contains records for all HIPAA-covered hospitals. In this database of hospitals we include bed counts, patient satisfaction data, hospital system ownership, and more. Most records include a cabinet-level or director-level contact.

You get bed counts for 93% of hospitals, full contact information on 85%, and fax numbers for 62%. We include detailed patient satisfaction data, employee counts, and medical procedure volumes.

The AHD integrates directly with our extended provider data product to bring you the physicians and practice groups affiliated with the hospitals. This combination of data is the only commercially available hospital dataset of this depth.


The Authoritative Hospital Database (AHD)
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At a price made possible by advanced data collection and record linkage technology.

Using data is constantly being refreshed with updated source data, making CarePrecise the leading provider of the most comprehensive, up-to-date and affordable medical provider data.


Continuous Updates for Accurate Applications

CarePrecise went into business to help healthcare technology developers. If you produce mobile or other web-based or desktop applications that need accurate healthcare provider data, CarePrecise has the data package and licensing to fit your app, your business model, and your traffic level. Let CarePrecise do the data upkeep so you can focus on devloping and promoting your applications. Contact Sales at 877-782-2294 extension 9 for information about Derivative Product Licensing and Redistribution Licensing.

The current update was released June 15, 2020


Who Uses CarePrecise HCP Databases?

The data contained in the CarePrecise healthcare provider master database is used throughout the healthcare industry. Standing as the only fully NPI-keyed, complete dataset on U.S. healthcare providers, our users include health plans, healthcare product and service vendors, healthcare standards and quality organizations, law enforcement, government agencies, medical software makers, and marketers. State RHIOs, health information exchanges, state medicaids and the Federal Bureau of Investigation are among CarePrecise data users.

Product Details


The product is delivered as downloadable files, in three file formats, each containing identical data:

  • Comma Separated Values (.csv); normalized relational tables; may be used in Excel or imported into any spreadsheet or database software on Windows, Mac or Linux system
  • Microsoft Access 2003/2007/2010/2013 (.mdb); normalized relational tables, plus a control database with query examples.
  • Microsoft Excel spreadsheet (.xls)



Immediate download from our online store. Optional shipping via mail on a DVD disk or thumb drive is also available. Optional secure FTP push delivery is available for subscriptions.



Printer-friendly version of the AHD database fieldsClick for a printer-friendly version of the fields list.

Use scroll bar inside box to view all data fields ¬   
Table Name Name Description Data Type Size
Analysis_Hospital CCN Number assigned by Medicare to hospitals Text 6
NPI Number assigned to all HIPAA-covered providers Text 10
EIN Employer Identification Number (tax number/TIN) Text 20
HospitalName Hospital’s name Text 255
Address1 Hospital’s address, line 1 Text 100
Address2 Hospital’s address, line 2 Text 100
City Hospital’s City Text 100
State Hospital State Text 2
ZIP Code Hospital Zip Code Text 5
County Hospital County Text 25
Phone Hospital Phone Text 10
Fax Hospital Fax Text 20
Beds Number of beds Long Integer
BedDaysAvail Number of bed days available Long Integer
InternsAndResidents Number of interns and residents Double
PayrollEmployees Number of employees on payroll Double
NonPaidWorkers Number of non-paid workers Double
TotalDischarges Number of discharges/year Double
MedicareDischarges Number of Medicare discharges/year Double
MedicaidDischarges Number of Medicaid discharges/year Double
Vol_Gastrointestinal Procedure volume: Gastrointestinal Text 20
Vol_Eye Procedure volume: Eye Text 20
Vol_Nervous_system Procedure volume: Nervous system Text 20
Vol_Musculoskeletal Procedure volume: Musculoskeletal Text 20
Vol_Skin Procedure volume: Skin Text 20
Vol_Genitourinary Procedure volume: Genitourinary Text 20
Vol_Cardiovascular Procedure volume: Cardiovascular Text 20
PN Contact name prefix Text 5
FN Contact first name Text 20
MN Contact middle name Text 20
LN Contact last name Text 35
SN Contact name suffix Text 5
Title Contact title Text 35
Cred Contact credentials Text 50
Teaching Hospital Y = this is a teaching hospital Text 1
HospitalType Type of hospital Text 50
HospitalOwnership Type of hospital ownership Text 100
ParentOrgLBN Name of parent system Text 100
EmergencyService Does have emergency service? Text 50
CoLoCode Algorithmically derived from location data Text 40
Bathroom cleanliness Patient satisfaction 1-5 stars Long Integer
Communication from Nurses Patient satisfaction 1-5 stars Long Integer
Communication from Doctors Patient satisfaction 1-5 stars Long Integer
Patient received help quickly on request Patient satisfaction 1-5 stars Long Integer
Quality of pain control Patient satisfaction 1-5 stars Long Integer
Medications were explained before giving Patient satisfaction 1-5 stars Long Integer
Patient received instruction on at home recovery Patient satisfaction 1-5 stars Long Integer
Patient understood care when leaving hospital Patient satisfaction 1-5 stars Long Integer
Patient’s overall hospital rating Patient satisfaction 1-5 stars Long Integer
Area around room was quiet at night Patient satisfaction 1-5 stars Long Integer
Patient would recommend hospital Patient satisfaction 1-5 stars Long Integer
Hospital summary star rating Patient satisfaction 1-5 stars Long Integer
Table Name Field Name Description Type Size
Analysis_System HlthSysID Unique ID representing the parent system Text 20
HlthSysName Name of the health system parent to which the hospital belongs Text 100
HlthSysCity City of parent system Text 100
HlthSysState State of parent system Text 2
HlthSysPhys Total number of health system primary care physicians Long 4
HlthSysPCPhys Number of health system primary care physicians Long 4
HlthSysResidents Number of Residents across health system Long 4
HlthSysGroups Number of practice groups in the health system Long 4
HlthSysHospitals Number of hospitals in the health system Long 4
HlthSysAcuteCare Number of acute care hospitals in the health system Long 4
HlthSysBeds Number of beds across health system Long 4
HlthSysStates Number of states in which health system operates Long 4
HlthSysDischarges Number of discharges across health system Long 4
HlthSysHighUCCB True = Health System has a high uncompensated care burden Boolean 1
HlthSysInvestorOwned True = Health System is predominantly investor-owned Boolean 1

Scroll in the box above to view all data fields  Click for a printer-friendly version of the fields list.



Records CCN NPI EIN Contact Name Phone Number Fax Street Address Bed Count Procedure Volumes Patient Satisfaction Rating
6,526 100.00% 89.06% 20.59% 89.04% 92.26% 65.02% 100.00% 93.23% 67.97% 51.46%

These numbers may be taken as approximate, as data is updated continuously. New updates are released twelve times per year. Not all records are populated with all data points. Records are unduplicated per NPI and/or CCN identifier.



The Single Download option includes 30 days of free Telephone Technical Support. Subscription options come with 90 days of free Telephone Technical Support. See support details.



You should have 2 gigabytes of RAM (4GB recommended) on your laptop or desktop computer. To use the Microsoft Acces database version of the full relational database, you must have Microsoft Access 2003 or newer installed on the computer. The CSV files may be imported into any application that supports comma separated value files and supports large file sizes, on Windows, MAC and Linux computers. To use the Excel version, a Excel 2003 or later is required.


The Authoritative Hospital Database


Complete NPI database and more...


Download sample data at this link.



Single Download (no updates): $899

1 Year of Quarterly Updates (4 issues): $2,023

1 Year of Monthly Updates (12 issues): $4,551

2 Years of Quarterly Updates (8 issues): $3,641

2 Years of Monthly Updates (24 issues): $8,192




CarePrecise data is licensed for use by the purchaser and may not be redistributed. Review the End User License Agreement. Special redistribution licensing is also available. Unless a redistribution or multi-user license is obtained separately, the standard End User License Agreement permits the licesee to use the data in any way desired as long as it is within and for the buyer's own organization and is used by only one user at a time (may not be installed on multiple computers for use by multiple simultaneous users). Alternative licensing options are available for uses that involve distribution of the data or use of the data by more than one user and/or for public viewing, and are purchased separately. For information on licensing CarePrecise data for use in your web applications, products or services, phone 1 (877) 782-2294 extension 9.



Contact CarePrecise Sales at (877) 782-2294,




* Not all records are populated with all data. See data content information.

** Subscription plans include the listed release schedule for the listed time period, with releases approximately monthly or approximately quarterly as indicated. Each release is based on the most recent dissemination from the data sources currently available at the time of the release.

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