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December 18, 2018    
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The freshest healthcare provider data, plus targeting software in a single, easy-to-use package.

For medical recruiting, web applications, marketing and research, CarePrecise Platinum is simply the most powerful medical provider database tool available anywhere.

Platinum combines our standard provider data on the 5.6 million physicians, nurses clinics, hospitals and every other type of healthcare provider in the United States, plus detailed provider information on professionals' practice groups, multiple practice locations, hospital affiliations, and more, with linkages to current and upcoming federal quality data on hospitals, physician groups and individual physicians. It is available to any non-technical user through our easy-to-use CP Listmaker software. You'll be creating tightly targeted mailing, phone and fax lists of healthcare providers who match your criteria, and export your tightly targeted information to Excel, SalesForce, or other third party software.

No dealing with list brokers, no "single use" rules1, just clean, accurate addresses, phones, fax numbers, and rich information about your prospects.


At a price made possible by advanced data collection technology.

And every gigabyte of the data lives right on your own computer – not in the cloud. The data is updated every month from multiple authoritative sources including the  NPPES, The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) maintains this database. All healthcare providers who are HIPAA covered entities must obtain a National Provider Identifier (NPI) by reporting their information via the NPPES, and updating it when it changes. This represents virtually all of U.S. physicians, hospitals, and other providers who file insurance claims. LEIE List of Excluded Individuals/Entities (LEIE): The federal database maintained by the HHS Office of Inspector General containing information on providers who have been barred from billing Medicare due to fraud or controlled substance conviction, patient neglect or abuse, and other reasons. CarePrecise uses a proprietary record-linking system to attach active NPI numbers. and PECOS The federal database containing information on healthcare providers who are eligible to bill Medicare (Provider Enrollment, Chain and Ownership System). databases, and merged into a single comprehensive database keyed by National Provider Identifier (NPI) numbers.


Authoritative and Complete.

Unlike the medical association database, CarePrecise offers American HCP data on all HIPAA-covered professionals – not just members or those who respond to a request for information. Unlike the AMA list, physicians cannot opt out of our data, and we have not just physicians, but every type of healthcare provider covered under the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA), which covers essentially every US health professional and organization who bills private health insurance or Medicare, prescribes medication, or maintains patient health information—in all, 5.6 million US healthcare providers.


Pricing and Ordering Information:

Buy CarePrecise Platinum Medical Marketing Tools...Single Download: $799
1-year Quarterly Subscription (4 issues): $1,571
1-year Monthly Subscription (12 issues): $3,252

Longer subscription plans are available with substantial savings.

Redistribution Licensing is available to permit use in websites and other derivative products.

CarePrecise Platinum pricing includes the CarePrecise Access Complete (CPAC) data, plus the Extended Professional, Group and Hospital (EPGH) data, and the powerful CP ListMaker targeting software.

Another version, CarePrecise Hub Pro, is available for organizations who need the data available in their multiple locations. Please call us for information.

System Requirements: Microsoft Windows 7 or later, 4GB RAM, Microsoft Access 2007 or later.

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The Swiss army knife of healthcare provider databases.

CarePrecise Platinum puts the complete U.S. healthcare provider database, deep physician and hospital data, and our powerful targeting software together. Recruiters: Platinum makes it easy to target job candidates and client physician groups, hospitals and clinics.

Whether you're creating a tightly targeted medical marketing campaign, planning healthcare research, recruiting physicians, pharmacists, dentists, nurses or other HCP candidates, or you need provider data for a website or application you're building, CarePrecise Platinum is the tool of choice, from the most respected name in US healthcare provider data.

The wizard-like, step-by-step software gives you easy control of the largest commercially available database of the 5.6 million HIPAA-covered U.S. healthcare providers in all the states, territories and military installations abroad, including complete, deep physician data on the nation's nearly 1 million MD and DO doctors.

Unlimited lists, unlimited uses1, unlimited success! See our CP ListMaker software in action...


Our customers are the most respected names in healthcare.

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Build your business on CarePrecise healthcare provider data.


5-minute video demo:

Learn how to pull targeted lists of physicians and other providers in minutes...

Be your own Medical Mailing List Broker

There's never a list rental fee. We send you ALL the data on America's 5.6 million healthcare providers, yours to use forever, and tools to build your own tightly targeted lists. More than 200 classifications of physicians, more than 20 classifications of hospitals and clinics, and hundreds of other types of healthcare providers, complete with addresses, phones, fax numbers, credentials, licenses and much more. With Platinum you get all 5.6 million US healthcare provider records, and powerful software to find exactly the ones you want.


Select providers by specific medical specialty and facility codes

More than 800 specialties, subspecialties and facility types in all. Don't know the codes? CP ListMaker has a Specialty Search tool that lets you search in plain English. PECOS provider enrollment is indicated, so you'll know who's eligible to bill Medicare. Banned providers are indicated, as are genders for individuals, the date they were added ("hung out their shingle"), and dates of record changes.


Select providers by geographic location

By Zip Code®, cities, counties, states, even geographic radius in miles from a central location, using the integrated Geo Radius tool.


Create tightly targeted medical mailing lists

Want to tighten up your list using wealth data? Platinum can do it for you. Platinum can help you find physicians serving higher income areas, or locate hospitals serving economically disadvantaged areas.


Econometric data on your medical prospects

Select by Urban/Rural/Other status. Need telemedicine prospects? Platinum can instantly give you a list of hospitals, ambulatory healthcare facilities and other providers in rural areas. Find providers in large metro areas, or in smaller cities.


Group Practice Data

CarePrecise Platinum combines the CarePrecise Access Complete (CPAC) dataset with Extended Professional, Group and Hospital (EPGH) dataset, giving you access to each of the provider's practice group locations and hospital affiliations. The EPGH data extends information on more than 550,000 physicians, and offers an unduplicated master hospital table with primary NPI numbers, features available nowhere else.

The CarePrecise standard dataset includes a co-location code table (tCoLoCode). The CoLoCode is an algorithmic derivation from provider practice data, which facilitates querying providers by practice location. Our system standardizes and conforms location data beyond postal specifications to link providers practicing together.

These data can be used together to successfully identify physician groups and all of their specialties, and the CoLoCode data can be used to identify any provider type in a co-located group practice, including dentists, optometrists, radiologists, etc. The CoLoCodes can also be used to identify physicians and others working within large health systems, universities and other institutions.

You can select by size of the medical practice or organization (number of co-located providers, by selecting a range (i.e., between 5 and 50 providers).


Physician Quality and Patient Satisfaction Data

You can use CarePrecise Platinum to link into the new federal quality data, using the physician PACID number we provide. Physician and practice group quality data is being rolled out by the US Department of Health and Human Services over 2015 and 2016, and you'll be able to download it and connect it into your CarePrecise Platinum package, with fully relational linkage to all our provider data.


Master Hospital Data

CarePrecise Platinum gives you a master hospital table containing all general acute care, VA, children's and critical access hospitals in the US -- deduplicated -- with a federal CCN number for each, as well as links to these hospitals' data within the CPAC data so that you'll have a full 360 degree view. You'll also see all of the physicians affiliated with each hospital, and their practice groups and all their practice locations. Want more data on hospitals? See our Authoritative Hospital Database.


Optional Hospital Quality Data

Platinum contains information on all US hospitals, but for even deeper information, our optional Authoritative Hospital Database (AHD) includes much more on America's 5,700 hospitals, and adds patient satisfaction ratings, medical procedure volumes, bed counts and more. Click for more information on the AHD...


Create lists of new and moving medical providers

Need to find new providers, or providers who have just moved to a new location? Platinum's filtering features make it easy to find who's just hung out their shingle, and who has just updated their address, phone or other practice information. Platinum helps you find sales opportunities.


Provider contact names, addresses, phones, faxes, specialties, credentials, practice groups, hospital affiliations...

Select by provider type (individual/organization) and Gender. Know who you're talking to. All CarePrecise organization records have a contact name, full mailing address and phone number. You can select only those individual providers eligible to bill Medicare with the PECOS filter.


Built-in tools help streamline your ongoing medical marketing campaigns

Save criteria scenarios and targeted lists for re-use. In CP ListMaker you can name and save your criteria for comparison and tweaking. Keep lists of providers you've targeted.


SharpMail gives you clean, proper-case provider names and addresses, and intelligent, properly genderized salutations. Our SharpMail™ feature brings automated intelligence into the creation of effective lists with your choice of formal or casual salutations...


Dr. Aashish K. Chakraborty, M.D., PhD

...with an accurate, formal salutation to kick off your communication: Dr. Chakraborty. If there are no appropriate healthcare provider credentials or other clues as to an appropriate greeting, SharpMail analyzes first name and middle name data and, using its built-in genderization system, builds the "Dear (Name)" salutation...


S. KEVIN WORTH gets the formal salutation Mr. Worth

...unless he has credentials indicating he should be Dr. Worth

...or the casual salutation Kevin, based on your preference.


More than 900,000 providers have given their preferred prefix (Mr. Ms., Mrs., Dr., etc.), and for those that did not, SharpMail analyzes first names, middle names and credentials to find exactly the best way to proceed. You feel confident that you are greeting people appropriately...


Create physician lists, hospital lists and more!

Buy CarePrecise Gold Medical Marketing Tools...

J. DANIEL MACARTHUR JR, PT becomes J. Daniel MacArthur, Jr, PT with the casual salutation Daniel

Practice or Business Mailing Address... Choose which address to send to, the provider's practice location, or the business mailing address.

Products with SharpMail's abilities alone are sold for hundreds of dollars (we ourselves used to sell them for $1,200), but now we package them for free within the CP ListMaker software.


Before SharpMail: After SharpMail:

3316 SOUTH 23RD AVE.
MYTOWN, MA 55555-5555



Dr. Aashish K. Chakraborty, MD, PhD
3316 South 23rd Ave., Suite 300
Mytown, MA 55555-5555


Dear Dr. Chakraborty:





Aalfte N. Coloce, RN
2700 McCoy Rd, Suite 100
Beautiful City, CA 55555-5555


Dear Ms. Coloce:


Customize the standard output. Using the Clone feature, start with a standard output style, then add or remove fields to get exactly the healthcare provider information you need. Easily add practice group data, counties, 9-digit and 5-digit zip codes, and much more using Clone customization.
Unlimited export. Unlike "locked" physician databases or one-time-use provider mailing lists from other vendors, CarePrecise Platinum allows you unlimited exports of all healthcare provider data. Use the automated export buttons, or use the export functionality in Microsoft Access, with complete access to all the data, to get exactly what you want.
Open Source Code. Platinum is built in Microsoft Access and is completely open source. Every feature, including powerful SharpMail genderization and proper casing features - are available for your use. User-accessible Access functions make them easy to use and to extend to your particular needs.
Free version upgrades of the CP ListMaker software for as long as you maintain a data subscription. Includes the newest features and econometric data updates. (Provider data updates are included only with quarterly and monthly subscriptions.)
No technical skills required. The wizard-driven interface carries you through building your lists with ease. For the advanced user, CP ListMaker is built within Microsoft Access, and all functionality is open and available for customization.

The perfect healthcare provider data resource for building your own products and services.

CarePrecise is the preferred source for healthcare provider data used across the industry in provider search websites, EHR software and many ground-breaking innovations in healthcare technology. There's a CarePrecise licensing program for every situation. Call (877) 782-2294 extension 9 for licensing information, and to ask about our Developer Kit and advanced development support options.


The perfect Medical Recruiting Tool.

Up-to-date contact and specialty data on all 5.6 million US HIPAA-covered healthcare providers – physicians, nurses, PT/OT, optometry, dentistry. Literally every kind of healthcare provider being recruited today. Medical recruiters from coast to coast use CarePrecise Platinum to build lists by specialty and geographic radius, year of graduation, geographic radius from the employer's location, and much more. Populate your recruitment database with every US medical provider, including HIPAA-covered medical students and recent graduates. Don't wait for candidates to register at a healthcare career site, use our current3 practice and mailing addresses, phones and fax numbers proactively to reach out your new workforce. Get a monthly update subscription to get the jump on the competition, and add a low-cost site license to put Platinum on every desk!


The most complete physician data available anywhere.

All 1 million US HIPAA-covered physicians, with their practice group information, the hospitals they are affiliated with, the year the physician graduated, medical school attended, whether they accept Medicare assignment, participate in an EHR program, and much more. Not only does Platinum include every US healthcare provider, but also deep data on physicians and hospitals, and hooks to let you see who practices with whom, where and what specialties. CarePrecise Platinum is the quality and value leader among physician databases – hands down. View physician and related provider data fields...

Go Learn more about how you'll use CarePrecise Platinum to create targeted physician data output files...

Not exactly what you need? See our Products Page...

DELIVERY: Receive a link via email to download files. Shipping on disk is available. Private SFTP setup for automation is available.

SYSTEM REQUIREMENTS: The CP ListMaker tools included with CarePrecise Platinum require Microsoft Access 2007, running in Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8 or 10. (Data, but not the software, is also provided in a format for uploading to other software platforms including MAC, Linux, Polaris, such as SalesForce, SugarCRM, etc.)

LICENSING: Buyer is licensed to use CP ListMaker software in any way desired as long as it is within and for the buyer's own organization and is used by only one user at a time (may not be installed on multiple computers for use by multiple simultaneous users without the separate purchase of a site license). Additional licensing options are available for uses that involve distribution of the data or use of the data by more than one user.

MORE INFORMATION: Contact sales at (877) 782-2294,


See these product pages for complete details on the CarePrecise Access Complete Platinum bundle:

Go Find complete details on the data here.
Go Explore the power of CP ListMaker here.
Go View a product comparison chart here.
Go See special licensing arrangements here.
Go Download Sample Data (does not include CP ListMaker software.)
Go Contact us to request a live demo.

Pricing and Ordering Information:

Buy CarePrecise Gold Medical Marketing Tools...One time $799 | 1-year Quarterly Subscription $1,571 | 1-year Monthly Subscription $3,252 *
Longer subscription plans are available with substantial savings



1. License information: Pricing shown is for single-user/single computer installation. There is no limit on the number of times you may use the data, but you must have special licensing to share it with others. Site licensing is available at an additional price; redistribution licensing for use on a website or other publication or use in derivative products is also available. Review our licensing options.

2.* Subscription plans include the listed release schedule for the listed time period, with releases approximately monthly or approximately quarterly as indicated. Each release is based on the most recent dissemination from the data sources currently available at the time of the release.

3. The data contained in CarePrecise® products and services is compiled and processed on an ongoing basis, with monthly update releases, from free and fee-based sources, including the complete National Plan & Provider Enumeration System (NPPES) non-sensitive data submitted by the providers themselves; Medicare Provider Enrollment Chain and Ownership System (PECOS); List of Excluded Individuals/Entities (LEIE) and other US federal sources obtainable under the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) and provided monthly by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services Services and Office of Inspector General of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, and from the U.S. Census Bureau, a division of the U.S. Department of Commerce, agencies of the U.S. federal government, and the United States Postal Service (USPS). Neither CarePrecise nor its investors, partners and affiliates are responsible for data maintained by these or other source providers. All HIPAA-covered entity healthcare providers in the U.S. are required under the Federal NPI regulation to provide their information to the NPI Registry, a federal database of healthcare providers, and to update their records within thirty days of any change in that information. Data is provided "as is" and in accordance with the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) and e-FOIA ammendments, and relevant data dissemination notices. While these sources are considered among the most reliable available, no warranty is expressed or implied as to the accuracy, completeness, timeliness, fitness for any purpose, or absence of processing errors of the information presented here or in any CarePrecise product or service, nor that the data structure will not be changed in the future as necessitated by source data, beyond the diligent effort to include all released data. Nothing in the product descriptions, in writing or verbal, may be construed as a warranty, guarantee, or representation of deliverability, save the deliverability guarantee on email addresses. All data ages between updates, and it is reasonable to expect that a portion of records will contain contact information that is incorrect or for other reasons undeliverable. Not all fields are populated with data for every record except where indicated; some fields are not populated due to restrictions imposed by a data supplier even though a field may be present for later use. Where percent of records populated is quoted, the percent quoted is within 0.5%, and is further subject to slight changes as data is continuously updated. To determine a provider's eligibility to practice and/or to bill Medicare or other health plans and carriers, or to in any other way perform professional activities, users should not rely solely on data included in the CarePrecise dataset, particularly regarding alleged fraudulent or infraction activity given as reason for listing in data on excluded providers (records carrying "sanction", "desanction", "warning" and/or "exclusion" identifiers). Data which has been in-matched using algorithmic rather than direct means will include a percentage of error; such data is labeled as such in the documentation. Algorithmic in-matching logic and processes are proprietary trade secrets. Subscriptions are fullfilled with quarterly or monthly releases containing the most recently released data from all pertinent sources. CarePrecise is a registered trademark, and CarePrecise Access, CarePrecise Select, CarePrecise Gold, CarePrecise Platinum, CP ListMaker, CP ChangeMaker, SharpMail, Authoritative Physician Database and Authoritative Hospital Database are trademarks of CarePrecise Technology LLC. All CarePrecise products including data, data structures, code and related materials are the property of CarePrecise Technology LLC and protected by U.S. and international copyright. Other trademarks and copyrights are the property of their respective owners. CarePrecise reserves the right to cease services and/or communication with parties that abuse its services or its personnel, or fail to comply with its terms of service. For additional information on CarePrecise policies see the Policies page. Purchase of a CarePrecise product affirms understanding and acceptance of these policies and this information, and affirms that use will conform to the product's license agreement. Pricing for CarePrecise products published on its website are licensed for single user. Any form of dissemination, sharing, making public, distribution, or derivative product, whether or not for profit, is strictly forbidden without an alternative licensing arrangement; such licensing arrangements are available - please contact CarePrecise Sales for terms and pricing.


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