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February 17, 2020    
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Authoritative healthcare provider data, plus targeting software in a single, easy-to-use package.

Industry-leading data collection and processing automation makes CarePrecise Platinum the very best healthcare provider data value available anywhere, at only $799.

  • All 6.1 million records of physicians, dentists, clinics, hospitals, pharmacies... every type of healthcare provider in the U.S.
  • Updated every month, with your choice of a single download, or receive monthly or quarterly updates
  • With CarePrecise Platinum, you get not only authoritative healthcare provider data, but easy-to-use software for finding and exporting precisely the providers you need
  • Be your own list broker: Powerful tools for customizing your exports, saving and reusing list criteria
  • Unlimited export: Use as much of the data, and as often, as you like
  • Relational database for use in Microsoft Access or other database software
  • Quarterly and monthly update options, and additional licensing arrangements
  • Trusted by the industry since 2007
  • Our customers are the most respected names in healthcare:
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So much data can be daunting. That's why we created CP ListMaker —software for your computer that makes it easy to zero in on the providers you're interested in, based on specialty, states/zip codes/regions and other criteria.


What's in the data?

CarePrecise Platinum merges more than 400 data points for each provider record, collected every month from multiple authoritative sources, creating a single database. Scroll in the boxes below to see what's inside.

Click here for full data documentation...


 Data Fields Full listing & data structure on the documentation page

Data Field Description
For All Providers:
NPI National Provider Identifier number
DateDiscovered The date we discovered the new  record
Mail1stAddr Mailing address line 1
Mail2ndAddr Mailing address line 2
MailCity Mailing address city
MailState Mailing address state
MailZip Mailing address 9-digit Zip Code
MailCountry Mailing address Country
Prac1stAddr Practice address line 1
Prac2ndAddr Practice address line 2
PracCity Practice address city
PracState Practice address state
PracZip Practice address 9-digit zip
PracCountry Practice address country
CoLoCode Derived algorithmically based on co-location data. Used to group providers based on their practice location.
Group Y= This NPI/CoLoCode record is the group entity (usually an organization)
Count Number of providers found co-located with this group
DeactDate Date healthcare provider record was deactivated (where applicable)
DeactFound Date CarePrecise was notified of deactivation
EntityType 1 = individual, 2 = organization
EnumDate Date record was established
UpdateDate Date record was last updated
Gender M or F
IsSoleProp Y = sole proprietor
IsOrgSubpart Y = organization subpart/division
InPECOS Y = provider is enrolled in PECOS system (eligible to bill Medicare)
Warning Y = elements of provider's record indicate that provider may be listed in the current CMS excluded provider database (EXCLUDED.mdb)
ExclType OIG Exclusion/Sanction Type code (links to types in Exclusion Types table for descriptions)
ExclDate OIG Exclusion/Sanction date
UPIN UPIN number as reported by provider (conformed). The UPIN has been deprecated as a federal identifier as of June, 2007.
Group Y = provider is a multi-specialty or single-specialty group practice
County Practice address county
CountyFIPS Practice address county FIPS code
StateFIPS Practice address state FIPS code
TimeZone Practice address time zone
DLSTime Practice address daylight savings time indicator
MSA Practice address MSA
PMSA Practice address PMSA
Population Population of 5-digit zip area
Zip5 5-digit zip on which county and FIPS data are based
LN Last name
FN First name
MN Middle name
PN Name prefix (Mr., Dr., etc.)
SN Name suffix (Jr., III, etc.)
Cred Credential
OthLN Other last name
OthFN Other first name
OthMN Other middle name
OthPN Other name prefix
OthSN Other name suffix
OthCred Other name credential
OthLNType Other name type
AuthLN Authorizing Official last name
AuthFN Authorizing Official first name
AuthMN Authorizing Official middle name
AuthTitle Authorizing Official title
AuthPN Authorizing Official name prefix
AuthSN Authorizing Official name suffix
AuthCred Authorizing Official credential
OIDnum Number of Other ID field in which found (1 - 50)
OtherID Other ID
OtherIDType Other ID type
OtherIDState Other ID issuing state
OtherIDIssuer Other ID issuing body
OrgName_LBN Legal business name
OthOrgName Other organization name
OthOrgNameType Other name type
ParentOrgLBN Parent organization legal business name
MailPhone Mailing address phone number
MailFax Mailing address fax number
PracPhone Practice address phone number
PracFax Practice address fax number
AuthPhone Authorizing Official phone number (Type 2 records only)
Tnum Number of taxonomy field in which reported (1 - 15)
Taxo Taxonomy (specialty or facility type) code
Lic License number
LicState Licensing state
TaxoSwitch Y = primary taxonomy code (primary specialty)
TaxoDescr Taxonomy description
Group Practice Information:
GroupPracPACID Unique Group Practice ID assigned by PECOS to the Group Practice that the individual professional works with
NPI Priority National Provider Identifier of group
OrgLBN Legal name of the Group Practice
CountGroupPracMem Total number of individual professionals affiliated with the Group Practice based on Group Practice PAC ID
StreetAddr1 Group Practice line 1 address
StreetAddr2 Group Practice line 2 address
Line2Suppress Marker that group address as reported may be incomplete
City Group Practice city
State Group Practice state
Zip Group Practice zip code (9 digits when available)
CoLoCode Derived algorithmically based on co-location data for group practice address
Indivduals practicing within the groups:
NPI Unique professional ID assigned by NPPES
GroupPracPACID Unique Group Practice ID assigned by PECOS to the Group Practice that the individual professional works with
AcceptsMedicareAsmt Y = Professional accepts Medicare approved amount as payment in full. M = Professional may accept Medicare Assignment.
eRx Participates in the eRx Incentive Program, a pay-for-reporting program to encourage physicians, other providers to use electronic prescribing.
PQRS Participates in the Medicare Physician Quality Reporting System (PQRS) Incentive Program - a pay-for-reporting program that gives eligible professionals incentives and payment adjustments if they report quality measures satisfactorily.
EHR Participates in the Medicare Electronic Health Record (EHR) Incentive Program - provides incentives and payment adjustments to eligible professionals who use certified EHR technology in ways that may improve healthcare.
PACID Unique individual professional ID assigned by PECOS
ProfEnrollID Unique ID for the individual professional enrollment that is the source for the data in the observation
LN Individual professional last name
FN Individual professional first name
MN Individual professional middle name
Suffix Individual professional suffix
Gender Individual professional gender
Cred Medical credential such as MD, DO, DPM, etc.
School Individual professional's medical school
GradYear Individual professional's medical school graduation year
PriSpec Primary medical specialty reported by the individual professional in the selected enrollment
AllSecSpec All four secondary specialties reported by the individual professional in the selected enrollment, separated by commas
Hospital Affiliation Information:
CCN Medicare Hospital Provider Number (CMS Certification Number)
NPI Priority National Provider Identifier of hospital
NPI Unique individual ID assigned to entity affiliated with hospital
HospitalName Hospital name as reported by the hospital in its NPPES record
HospitalLBN Hospital legal business name as listed in the hospital quality data
Address1 Hospital line 1 address
Address2 Hospital line 2 address
City Hospital City
State Hospital State
ZIP Code Hospital Zip Code
County Hospital County
Phone Hospital Phone
HospitalType Hospital Type, as recorded in hospital quality data
HospitalOwnership Hospital ownership structure
EmergencyService Y= Hospital has emergency service
MedicareCases Relative number of Medicare cases reported in hospital quality data within previous 9 month period
CoLoCode Derived algorithmically based on location data for hospital location
Delta Data (Historical Data; deactivated records from CPAC):
NPI National Provider Identifier
Mail1stAddr Mailing address line 1
Mail2ndAddr Mailing address line 2
MailCity Mailing address city
MailState Mailing address state
MailZip Mailing address Zip Code
MailCountry Mailing address Country
Prac1stAddr Practice address line 1
Prac2ndAddr Practice address line 2
PracCity Practice address city
PracState Practice address state
PracZip Practice address zip
PracCountry Practice address country
(Additional data on deactivated records is also provided in separate files)
Lookup Tables:
Other Identifiers:
TypeID Other Identifier type code
OIDTypeDescr Other Identifier type description
Abrv Other Identifier type abbreviation
Other Name Types:
Name_Type_Code Type of Other Name
Name_Type_Description Description of Name Type Code
Taxonomy (specialty and facility type) Code Lookup:
TaxoCode TEXT - 10 CHAR - 10 digit specialty/facility code
TaxoDescr Description of the taxonomy code
URL Link to full description of this taxonomy code specialtyText
Exclusion/Sanction Type Definitions:
Field Name Description
ExclType Code for exclusion
ExclDesc Description of exclusion
Additional data included in Platinum can be reviewd on the documentation page.

 Providers/Counts as of February 17, 2020 release

System Requirements

CP ListMaker requires Microsoft Access, the database that comes with Microsoft Office Professional 2007 or later. Data is supplied in both MS Access format (.mdb) and Comma Separated Values (.csv). See additional details here.


Pricing and Ordering

Single Download: $799 | 1-year Quarterly Subscription: $1,571 | 1-year Monthly Subscription: $3,252 * Buy CarePrecise Gold Medical Marketing Tools...
Longer subscription plans are available with substantial savings


More Information

Go About the Healthcare Provider Database

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1. License information: Pricing shown is for single-user/single computer installation. There is no limit on the number of times you may use the data, but you must have special licensing to share it with others. Site licensing is available at an additional price; redistribution licensing for use on a website or other publication or use in derivative products is also available. Review our licensing options.

2.* Subscription plans include the listed release schedule for the listed time period, with releases approximately monthly or approximately quarterly as indicated. Each release is based on the most recent dissemination from the data sources currently available at the time of the release.

3. The data contained in CarePrecise® products and services is compiled and processed on an ongoing basis, with monthly update releases, from public and proprietary sources, including the complete National Plan & Provider Enumeration System (NPPES) data submitted by the providers themselves, Medicare Provider Enrollment Chain and Ownership System (PECOS), List of Excluded Individuals/Entities (LEIE), Medicare claims data, and other US federal sources obtainable under the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) and provided monthly by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services Services and Office of Inspector General of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, and from the U.S. Census Bureau, a division of the U.S. Department of Commerce, agencies of the U.S. federal government, and the United States Postal Service (USPS). Neither CarePrecise nor its shareholders, partners and affiliates are responsible for data maintained by these or other source providers. All HIPAA-covered entity healthcare providers in the U.S. are required under the Federal NPI regulation to provide their information to the NPI Registry, a federal database of healthcare providers, and to update their records within thirty days of any change in that information. Data is provided "as is" and in accordance with the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) and e-FOIA ammendments, and relevant data dissemination notices. While these sources are considered among the most reliable available, no warranty is expressed or implied as to the accuracy, completeness, timeliness, fitness for any purpose, or absence of processing errors of the information presented here or in any CarePrecise product or service, nor that the data structure will not be changed in the future as necessitated by source data, beyond the diligent effort to include all released data. Nothing in the product descriptions, in writing or verbal, may be construed as a warranty, guarantee, or representation of deliverability, save the deliverability guarantee on email addresses. All data ages between updates, and it is reasonable to expect that a portion of records will contain contact information that is incorrect or for other reasons undeliverable. Not all fields are populated with data for every record except where indicated; some fields are not populated due to restrictions imposed by a data supplier even though a field may be present for later use. Where percent of records populated is quoted, the percent quoted is subject to slight differences upon delivery as data is continuously updated. To determine a provider's eligibility to practice and/or to bill Medicare or other health plans and carriers, or to in any other way perform professional activities, users should not rely solely on data included in CarePrecise datasets, particularly regarding alleged fraudulent or infraction activity given as reason for listing in data on excluded providers (records carrying "sanction", "desanction", "warning" and/or "exclusion" identifiers or flags). Data which has been in-matched using algorithmic rather than direct means will include a percentage of error; such data is labeled as such in the documentation. Algorithmic in-matching logic and processes are proprietary trade secrets. Subscriptions are fullfilled with quarterly or monthly releases containing the most recently released data from all pertinent sources. CarePrecise is a registered trademark, and CarePrecise Access, CarePrecise Select, CarePrecise Gold, CarePrecise Platinum, CP ListMaker, CP ChangeMaker, SharpMail, Authoritative Physician Database, and Authoritative Hospital Database are trademarks of CarePrecise LLC. All CarePrecise products including data, data structures, code, and related materials are the property of CarePrecise LLC and protected by U.S. and international copyright. Other trademarks and copyrights are the property of their respective owners. CarePrecise reserves the right to cease services and/or communication with parties that abuse its services or its personnel, or fail to comply with its terms of service. For additional information on CarePrecise policies see the Policies page. Purchase of a CarePrecise product affirms understanding and acceptance of these policies and this information, and affirms that use will conform to the product's license agreement. Pricing for CarePrecise products published on its website are licensed for a single user. Any form of dissemination, sharing, making public, distribution, or derivative product, whether or not for profit, is strictly forbidden without an alternative licensing arrangement; such licensing arrangements are available - please contact CarePrecise Sales for terms and pricing.


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