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Reach Your Healthcare Market Effectively, Buy CarePrecise Gold Medical Marketing Tools...Affordably

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CarePrecise Gold is one of the most powerful medical marketing tools available, complete with basic data on the nation's 6.2 million physicians, dentists, clinics, hospitals and every other type of healthcare provider, plus easy-to-use software for creating tightly targeted mailing, phone and fax lists of healthcare providers who match your criteria.

No dealing with list brokers, no "single use" rules1, just clean, accurate addresses, phones, fax numbers, and rich information about your prospects.

Unlimited lists, unlimited uses, unlimited success!

Pricing and Ordering Information:

Single Download: $599
1-year Quarterly Subscription: $1,123
1-year Monthly Subscription: $2,245 **

Longer subscription plans are available with substantial savings.

CarePrecise Gold pricing includes the full CarePrecise Access Complete database containing all 6.2 million U.S. healthcare provider records.

System Requirements: Microsoft Windows 7 or later, 4GB RAM, Microsoft Office Pro or Microsoft Access 2007 or later.

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CarePrecise Gold puts together the complete 6.2 million member U.S. healthcare provider community and our powerful targeting software


The wizard-like, step-by-step software gives you easy control of the largest commercially available database of U.S. healthcare providers.


Check out the step-by-step tutorial...


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Select by specialty

Select providers by specific medical specialty and facility codesBuy CarePrecise Gold Medical Marketing Tools...

More than 800 specialties, subspecialties and facility types in all. Don't know the codes? No problem: CP ListMaker now includes a Specialty Search tool that lets you search in plain English.

Select by location

Select providers by geographic location

By Zip Code®, cities, counties, states, even geographic radius in miles from a central location, using the integrated Geo Radius tool.

Create medical mailing lists

Create tightly targeted medical lists

Want to tighten up your list using wealth data? Gold can do it for you. Gold can help you find physicians serving higher income areas, or locate hospitals serving economically disadvantaged areas.

Medical data

Econometric data on your medical prospects

Select by Urban/Rural/Other status. Need telemedicine prospects? Gold can instantly give you a list of hospitals, ambulatory healthcare facilities and other providers in rural areas. Find providers in large metro areas, or in smaller cities.

New physicians and other providers

Create lists of new medical providers

Need to find new providers? Gold's filtering features make it easy to find who's just hung out their shingle.

New physicians and other providers

Co-Location Coding

The exclusive CarePrecise CoLoCode™ is an algorithmic derivation from provider practice location data, which makes it possible to view providers by practice location. Our QoRelate™ record linkage system standardizes and conforms location data beyond postal specifications to link providers practicing together.

These data can be used together to successfully identify providers in groups, and to identify any provider type in a co-located group practice location, including pjhysicians, dentists, optometrists, radiologists, etc.

Names of physicians, dentists and other providers

Provider contact names, addresses, phones, faxes...

Select by provider type (individual/organization) and Gender. Know who you're talking to. All CarePrecise organization records have a contact name, full mailing address and phone number. You can select only those individual providers eligible to bill Medicare with the PECOS filter.

Medical marketing campaigns

Built-in tools help streamline your ongoing medical marketing campaigns

Save search criteria for re-use. In CP ListMaker you can name and save your criteria for comparison and tweaking. You can even keep lists of providers you've already targeted.

Make your own physician databases

Create physician lists, hospital lists and more!

Start digging!

SharpMail gives you clean, proper-case names and addresses, and intelligent, properly genderized salutations. Our SharpMail™ feature brings automated intelligence into the creation of effective lists with your choice of formal or casual salutations...


Dr. Aashish K. Chakraborty, M.D., PhD

...with an accurate, formal salutation to kick off your communication: Dr. Chakraborty. If there are no appropriate healthcare provider credentials or other clues as to an appropriate greeting, SharpMail analyzes first name and middle name data and, using its built-in genderization system, builds the "Dear (Name)" salutation...


S. KEVIN WORTH gets the formal salutation Mr. Worth

...unless he has credentials indicating he should be Dr. Worth

...or the casual salutation Kevin, based on your preference.


More than 900,000 providers have given their preferred prefix (Mr. Ms., Mrs., Dr., etc.), and for those that did not, SharpMail analyzes first names, middle names and credentials to find exactly the best way to proceed. You feel confident that you are greeting people appropriately...



J. DANIEL MACARTHUR JR, PT becomes J. Daniel MacArthur, Jr., PT with the casual salutation Daniel

Practice or Business Mailing Address... Choose which address to send to, the provider's actual practice location, or the business mailing address.

Products with SharpMail's abilities alone are sold for hundreds of dollars (we ourselves used to sell them for $1,200), but now we package them for free within CP ListMaker.


Before SharpMail: After SharpMail:

3316 SOUTH 23RD AVE.
MYTOWN, MA 55555-5555



Dr. Aashish K. Chakraborty, MD, PhD
3316 South 23rd Ave., Suite 300
Mytown, MA 55555-5555


Dear Dr. Chakraborty:


ANYCITY, CA 55555-5555



Aalfte N. Coloce, RN
2700 McCoy Rd, Suite 100
Anycity, CA 55555-5555


Dear Ms. Coloce:


Customize your healthcare provider database

Customize the standard output

Using the Clone feature, start with a standard output style, then add or remove fields to get exactly the data you need. Easily add practice group indicators, counties, 9-digit and 5-digit zip codes, and much more using Clone customization.

Unlimited use, perpetual license

Unlimited export

Unlike "locked" databases or one-time-use mailing lists from other vendors, CarePrecise Gold allows you unlimited exports. Use the automated export buttons, or use the export functionality in Microsoft Access, with complete access to all the data, to get exactly what you want.

Open source

Open Source Code

Gold is built in Microsoft Access and is completely open source. Every feature, including powerful SharpMail genderization and proper casing features - are available for your use. User-accessible Access functions make them easy to use and to extend to your particular needs.

Free upgrades

Free version upgrades

for CP ListMaker software includes the newest features and econometric data updates. Upgrades are free a for full year after purchase of a single download, or for however long a subscription is active. (Provider data updates are included only with quarterly and monthly subscriptions.)

No technical skills required

No technical skills required

The wizard-driven interface carries you through building your lists with ease. For the advanced user, CP ListMaker is built within Microsoft Access, and all functionality is open and available for customization.


DELIVERY: Customers receive a link via email to download files. Shipping on disk is also available.

SYSTEM REQUIREMENTS: The CP ListMaker tools included with CarePrecise Gold require Microsoft Access 2007 or later, running in Windows XP, Vista, 7/8/10.

LICENSING: Buyer is licensed to use CP ListMaker software in any way desired as long as it is within and for the buyer's own organization and is used by only one user at a time (may not be installed on multiple computers for use by multiple simultaneous users). The CarePrecise Access database carries a separate license, and is also limited to use within the buyer's own organization and to only one user at a time (may not be installed on multiple computers for use by multiple simultaneous users). Additional licensing options are available for uses that involve distribution of the data or use of the data by more than one user.

MORE INFORMATION: Contact sales at (877) 782-2294,


See these product pages for complete details on the CarePrecise Access Complete Gold bundle:

Healthcare provider data details Find complete details about the CarePrecise Access Complete data here.
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Pricing and Ordering Information:

Buy CarePrecise Gold Medical Marketing Tools... One time $599 | 1-year Quarterly Subscription $1,123 | 1-year Monthly Subscription $2,245 **
Longer subscription plans are available with substantial savings



License information

Pricing shown is for single-user/single computer installation. There is no limit on the number of times you may use the data, but you must have special licensing to share it with others. Site licensing is available at an additional price; master licensing for use on websites or other publication or use in derivative products is also available. Review our licensing options.



Not all records are populated with all data. See data content information.

Subscription plans include the listed release schedule for the listed time period, with releases approximately monthly or approximately quarterly as indicated. Each release is based on the most recent dissemination from the data sources currently available at the time of the release.

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