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ScribeFax and ScribeFaxCS
Enhanced Prescribing Clinician Fax Database

Most Comprehensive U.S. Clinician Fax Database

Enhanced prescribing clinician fax number database
ScribeFax is a comprehensive clinician fax number database, mined from across the U.S. universe of physicians, dentists, physician assistants and other prescribing clinicians, beyond the limited fax coverage available in clinicians' published NPI records. ScribeFax includes fax numbers, practice addresses, phone numbers, and the complete database of 7.4 million healthcare provider records, including not only clinicians, but also techs, labs, clinics, and hospitals.
ScribeFaxCS is a version that is expanded by a crowdsourcing program with partner companies. Organizations who wish to join the ScribeFaxCS program agree to report new or changed information and fax numbers that are incorrect. Partners may qualify for a discount on the subscription cost. Contact CarePrecise Sales for information on becoming a partner.


CarePrecise also offers a deeply-mined pharmacy fax database – ScriptFax. 10% will be deducted from the prices when purchasing ScribeFax and ScriptFax at the same time.


ScribeFax is single fax database for physicians, PAs, Dentists, mental health professionals and more

Included in the ScribeFax are verified fax numbers for these practitioners, all specialties and subspecialties for the entire United States, updated monthly:

  • Physicians
  • Surgeons
  • Physician Assistants
  • Advanced Practice Nurses
  • Nurse Practitioners
  • Registered Nurses
  • Dentists
  • Podiatrists
  • Sports Physician Chiropractors
  • Psychoanalysts
  • Neuropsychologists
  • Psychologists
  • Optometrists
  • Ophthalmologists
  • Naturopaths
  • Homeopaths
  • Pharmacists


Clinician data from millions of source records, including all U.S. prescribers and primary care clinicians and specialists managing access to patient medical records, beyond the providers' own NPI records, is mined by CarePrecise to create the most comprehensive database of prescriber fax numbers available, for prescription and treatment clarifications and medical records requests. Mined data fills gaps in prescriber fax numbers, for doctors, dentists, optometrists, prescribing nurses, homeopaths, naturopaths - every healthcare provider with prescription-writing authority. ScribeFax is also effective for using fax communication to request medical records, and includes federally reported fax endpoints for this purpose.

Every HIPAA-covered drug prescriber in the U.S. – approximately 2.6 million clinicians – is included in ScribeFax, with fax numbers for approximately 2 million of these. Overall, ScribeFax contains fax numbers for more than 3.3 million provider records. More than 1.5 million of these fax numbers have been verified, and more than 300,000 reported fax numbers from the NPI Registry (NPPES database) have been proven "bad." Don't waste time and money on bad fax numbers!


A Complete U.S. Top-level Clinician Database

"We need access to all of the fax numbers within the health systems that we service. ScribeFax will make that a possibility for the first time."

ScribeFax includes all prescribers, not just those for whom a fax number is reported, and not just those for whom a verified fax number has been found. Included for all are the name, prescriber's practice address, phone number, type of provider, taxonomy code and description, number of prescribers at the same location, among other data (see table below). In addition, ScribeFax is delivered with the full database of the more than 7.4 million HIPAA-covered U.S. healthcare individuals and organizations, including all HIPAA-covered clinicians and non-clinicians, hospitals, clinics, laboratories and the full range of healthcare providers.

For every fax number there is a a Grade field, indicating whether the fax number has been verified as actually receiving faxes, or if it does not receive faxes. We include even these "proven false" numbers so users can compare with their in-house fax lists and remove bad numbers.

For ScribeFaxCS Testing Partners


Testing Partners are the key to crowdsourcing a comprehensive clinician fax database. In addition to the basic "good/bad" grading of fax numbers, partners gain access to other partners' reporting on fax number quality. If a fax number has been verified to reach the specifically targeted clinician, a higher grade is given.

Testing Partners enjoy a discount of between 25% and 40%, representing thousands of dollars off the subscription price. Prospective participants are screened before inclusion in the program. Testing Partners sign a ScribeFaxCS license agreement that sets out program requirements, must purchase either a quarterly or monthly subscription, and must file regular reports on fax quality.

The complete ScribeFax database is updated monthly, with corrections and added fax numbers provided through crowdsourcing in the ScribeFaxCS version. New partners first receive the ScriptFax Basic version, then after submitting their first report they receive the full crowdsourced ScribeFaxCS.

Redistribution and Derivative Product Licensing is available for use of ScribeFax data in a product or service shared with your customers.

Contact us to request a ScribeFax partner introductory meeting...

Robust Clinician Fax Numbers and Other Data

By drawing on data from all clinicians' federal records, as well as their group, clinic and coworkers' records and other sources, ScribeFax fills in gaps where some providers have not reported a fax number. The numbers below are counts of records with fax numbers. Using QoRelate™ – CarePrecise's advanced record-linkage technology – we are able to locate the fax number for any medical practice that has even a single practitioner who reports a fax number. This adds almost 30% more fax coverage for prescribing clinicians than can be obtained from the basic NPI registry data for the individual practitioner.

Counts shown are for ScribeFax Basic:

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Total Prescribing
Unique Clinicians
with Good* Fax
Good* Unique
Fax Numbers
Unique Locations
with Good* Fax
Total Prescribing
Clinian Records
Proven Bad*
2,758,939 1,694,177 478,945 451,217 5,703,788 341,318
*Transmission successfully accepted (good) or rejected (bad) by fax device.

All U.S. clinicians are included in the relational data, even those that we do not yet have fax numbers for. Also included are all U.S. healthcare provider organizations and individuals.
These numbers are approximate, as data changes continuously. New updates are released twelve times per year. Not all records are populated with all data points.

These numbers pertain to ScribeFax Basic, and not to the more advanced ScribeFaxCS.
To obtain ScribeFaxCS, contact the program director by requesting ScribeFaxCS participation information.



What Data Is Included in ScribeFax?

The database is presented as a relational database. A single prescriber may have more than one record in the file if multiple fax numbers have been identified; however, only one NPI/Fax pair is included in the ScribeFax table.

In addition to the table of data fields below, ScribeFax also includes detailed information on providers from our CarePrecise Complete product in relational database format.

Data Formats

ScribeFax is delivered as relational database tables in Comma Separated Values (.csv). Please note that the database contains more records than can be opened directly in Microsoft Excel, and is intended to be imported into relational database software, such as Microsoft Access (part of the Microsoft Office suite), SQL Server, Oracle, an other database environments.

Field Name Description Data Type Size
NPI Provider's Type 1 Record NPI Number; composite key with Fax. Text 10
Fax Fax Number; composite key with NPI Text 20
FaxExt When an extension is reported for the fax connection it is included here Text 20
FaxSource Source of the fax number. O = the prescriber's Own record, C = Co-located provider's record. Text 5
FaxType P = prescriber's practice address fax number, M = prescriber's business mailing address fax number. Text 1
Priority A single provider may have multiple fax numbers in ScribeFax; as testing reveal which numbers arfe the best, they rise in priority. Fax numbers corrected or updated by crowdsource partners are the top priority (000 to 099), and are not included in ScribeFaxCS to non-crowdsourcing purchasers. Text 6
SourceNPI The NPI number of the practitioner or organization record from which the fax number was mined. May be acquired from the provider's record, the practice business record, or a co-located coworker's record. Because ScribeFax also includes the full contact data on all U.S. healthcare provider records, this is an important data point that links to additional contact information, such as phones and business contact persons, for each clinician NPI that may not appear on the clinician's own record, mined from so-workers' records, organization records, and the clinician's personal business records. Text 10
CoLoCode™ Derived algorithmically* based on physical practice location. Used to "roll up" practitioners who work together, along with their practice business records. Text 40
DateAdded Date/Time the record was mined and added to ScribeFax. Date  
Grade Grades are arrived at through testing by crowdsource partners. Unlike fax numbers aupplied or corrected by partners, Grade is included in ScribeFax Basic, as well as ScribeFaxCS Text 1
GradeDate Date of most recent grade report Date  
GradeSource Source of this Grade (contributing partner code identifiable only within CarePrecise). Text 100
DateDeprecated As testing reveals that a fax number is not correct for a given practitioner, a DateDeprecated is appended here, indicating that the number is not good, and it received a Grade of "F." Date  
MustCall Binary 1 in this field indicates that the practitioner's MustCallPhone must first be called to initiate fax contact. Byte  
MustCallPhone Phone and extension that must first be called before initiating fax contact. Text 20
Email addresses are available separately for approximately 1 million clinicians. ScribeFax and ScribeFaxCS subscribers may purchase the complete email data at 20% off the per-email price, or smaller eail lists at 10% off. Click to view the email counts per clinician type...
The following data (CarePrecise Complete) data is sourced and merged from the NPPES, PECOS and LEIE databases, keyed on the NPI. Every record has a unique NPI, and the NPI is used to link the relational tables together, and with the ScribeFax file described above. The PhoneFax table is included to add the phone number, but the enhanced data fax number in the PrescriberFax_Enhanced table is the one intended for use.

(Provider addresses;
MDB and CSV formats)

NPI National Provider Identifier (unique National Provider Identifier assigned to healthcare providers by the US Department of Health and Human Services) Relational Key

The NPI is a unique 10-digit numerical code assigned to every HIPAA-covered healthcare provider, including individuals and organizations, by the U.S. Department of Human Services, Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS).

Mail1stAddr Provider First Line Business Mailing Address  
Mail2ndAddr Provider Second Line Business Mailing Address  
MailCity Provider Business Mailing Address City Name
MailState Provider Business Mailing Address State Code  
MailZip Provider Business Mailing Address Postal Code (most are 9-digit Zip Codes)  
MailCountry Provider Business Mailing Address Country Code (If outside U.S.)  
Prac1stAddr Provider First Line Business Practice Location Address  
Prac2ndAddr Provider Second Line Business Practice Location Address  
PracCity Provider Business Practice Location Address City Name  
PracState Provider Business Practice Location Address State Code  
PracZip Provider Business Practice Location Address Postal Code (most are 9-digit Zip Codes)  
PracCountry Provider Business Practice Location Address Country Code (If outside U.S.)  

Additional (secondary) practice locations for Type 2 providers;
MDB and CSV formats One-to-many table.

NPI National Provider Identifier Relational Key (composite)
SecondaryPracAddr1 First line of street address Relational Key (composite)
SecondaryPracAddr2 Second line of street address  
SecondaryPracCity City Name
SecondaryPracState State Code  
SecondaryPracZip Postal Code (most are 9-digit Zip Codes)  
SecondaryPracCountry Country Code (If outside U.S.)  
SecondaryPracPhone Location Phone Number  
SecondaryPracPhoneExt Location Phone Extension  
SecondaryPracFax Location Fax Number  
SecondaryLocationDate Location Date



(Provider entity and record information; MDB and CSV formats)

NPI National Provider Identifier Relational Key
EntityType Entity Type Code Type 1 indicates an individual provider (i.e., physician, psychologist, etc.); Type 2 indicates an organizational provider (i.e., hospital, lab, pharmacy, etc.). Type1 entities (individuals) may have only one NPI number and so only one record, but Type 2 entities (organizations) may have multiple NPI numbers and thus multiple records. Click here to download the Exclusion Type Code description document...


ReplacementNPI Replacement NPI Not currently populated
EIN Employer Identification Number (EIN) Not currently populated. CMS is not yet providing tax numbers of this type.
EnumDate Provider Enumeration Date Date the record was first added to the NPI registry
UpdateDate Last Update Date Date this provider NPI record was last updated
DeactReason NPI Deactivation Reason Code Not populated because records in the current dataset are not deactivated. Not currently disclosed by CMS.
DeactDate NPI Deactivation Date Not populated because records in this table are not deactivated. This field IS populated in the separate delta table tEntity_DEACT, described below.
ReactDate NPI Reactivation Date Date record was reactivated following a deactivation.
Gender Provider Gender Code M or F for Type 1 providers
IsSoleProp Is Sole Proprietor Y = provider operates as a sole proprietor. No = not a sole proprietorship. X = question not answered by provider.
IsOrgSubpart Is Organization Subpart For Type 2 providers, may be one of several organizational units, each with its own NPI number. Y = provider is a subpart. No = not a subpart. X = question not answered.


ParentOrgTIN Parent Organization TIN Not currently populated. CMS is not currently providing tax numbers at this time.


InPECOS From monthly CMS PECOS distributions of PECOS-enrolled providers. Source: PECOS Ordering and Referring Report file distribution. Y = Physicians and non-physician practitioners who are of a type/specialty that is legally eligible to order and refer in the Medicare program and who have current enrollment records in Medicare (i.e., they have enrollment records in PECOS)



From the Office of Inspector General's excluded providers database (LEIE), indicating a sanction prevents the provider from billing Medicare. A warning in this field should not be taken as definitive; the user should check the tExcluded table and consider other sources of provider fraud and exclusion information. Up until the May 2017 release, this field was algorithmically derived for some records.*


Y= elements in the providers record indicated a match with a listing in the federal excluded providers database (see the table tExcluded below)



The exclusion type from the LEIE database, explaining the reason that a provider was barred from billing Medicare. Fields with a Y in the Warning field will display this code.


The code's definition can be found at this link. A CSV file listing these exclusion descriptions is included in the CarePrecise Access Complete CSV download file.



The date of the exclusion from the LEIE database, where reported.



UPIN UPIN is a deprecated identifier, no longer used. CMS has stopped disseminating this data. The field remains here for purposes of backward-compatibility.



Group From NPPES group taxonomy data Y= this provider reported that it operates as either a multi-specialty group or single-specialty group.


County   Name of county primarily associated with the practice Zip Code
Zip5   First five digits of practice address Zip Code


(Provider entity and record information; MDB and CSV formats)

NPI National Provider Identifier Relational Key
CertDate Date of certification of provider's NPI number New field added with December 9, 2019 data release, refers to the date the NPI record was officially certified.
EstPracYears Estimated years provider has been in practice

Algorithmically derived* from EPGH tExtendedPhysician.GradYear and/or CPAC tEntity.EnumDate 2009 forward.

Placekey New with the July 2022 release: Placekey is a universal standard identifier for the physical practice location. Visit for details. Beginning with the July 2022 release: Placekey is a universal standard identifier for any physical place, so that the data pertaining to those places to facilitate sharing across organizations and separate data silos. Placekey provides geospatial data gathered from different sources. CarePrecise is a contributor.


(Market data; MDB and CSV formats)


NPI National Provider Identifier Relational Key
CountyFIPS   Practice county FIPS code
StateFIPS   Practice state FIPS code
TimeZone   Practice time zone
DLSTime   Observes daylight saving time; Y= Yes
MSA   Metropolitan Statistical Area of practice location
PMSA   Primary Metropolitan Statistical Area of practice location
Population   Practice Zip Code population


(Provider person names or contact person names; MDB and CSV formats)

NPI National Provider Identifier Relational Key
LN Provider Last Name (Legal Name) The enumerated individual provider's name (for Entity Type 1 records)
FN Provider First Name
MN Provider Middle Name
PN Provider Name Prefix Text
SN Provider Name Suffix Text
Cred Provider Credential Text
OthLN Provider Other Last Name Other name Type Codes:
Code Description EntityType
1 Former Name 1
2 Professional Name 1
5 Other 1, 2
OthFN Provider Other First Name
OthMN Provider Other Middle Name
OthPN Provider Other Name Prefix Text
OthSN Provider Other Name Suffix Text
OthCred Provider Other Credential Text
OthLNType Provider Other Last Name Type Code
AuthLN Authorized Official Last Name (Contact person for a Type 2 organization record) Name of the provider's authorizing official, if other than the listed individual provider. For organizations (Entity Type 2 records), this is the contact name.


AuthFN Authorized Official First Name
AuthMN Authorized Official Middle Name
AuthTitle Authorized Official Title or Position
AuthPN Authorized Official Name Prefix Text
AuthSN Authorized Official Name Suffix Text
AuthCred Authorized Official Credential Text



(Other identifiers, such as UPIN, OSCAR, PIN, Medicaid, etc., excluding NPI and taxonomy codes; MDB and CSV formats) One-to-many table.

NPI National Provider Identifier Relational Key
OtherID Other Provider Identifier Identifier relevant to external data
OtherIDType Other Provider Identifier Type Code
Description OtherIDType
Other 01
Medicaid 05
OtherIDState Other Provider Identifier State In the case of a state license code, this is the licensing state
OtherIDIssuer Other Provider Identifier Issuer  
OIDnum Source: Added by CarePrecise to indicate the original NPPES flat file Other Identifiers field number. The number of the NPPES Other Identifier field (1 through 50)



(Provider organization names for Type 2 providers; MDB and CSV formats)


NPI National Provider Identifier Relational Key
OrgName_LBN Provider Organization Name (Legal Business Name) LBN (for Entity Type 2 records)
OthOrgName Provider Other Organization Name Other
OthOrgNameType Provider Other Organization Name Type Code
Code Description EntityType
3 DBA 2
4 Former LBN 2
5 Other 1, 2
ParentOrgLBN Parent Organization LBN  

(Alternative org names beyond those listed in tOrgNames; MDB and CSV formats. One-to-many table.)

NPI National Provider Identifier; composite key with OtherOrgName and OtherOrgNameType Relational Key (composite)
OtherOrgName Other Organization Name; composite key with NPI and OtherOrgNameType Relational Key (composite)
OtherOrgNameType Other Organization Name Type; composite key with NPI and OtherOrgName Relational Key (composite)
Code Description EntityType
3 DBA 2
4 Former LBN 2
5 Other 1, 2

(Provider phone and fax numbers; MDB and CSV formats)

The PhoneFax table is included to add the phone number as reported on the provider's NPI record, but the enhanced data fax number in the PrescriberFax_Enhanced table is the one intended for use.


NPI National Provider Identifier Relational Key
MailPhone Provider Business Mailing Address Telephone Number  
MailFax Provider Business Mailing Address Fax Number  
PracPhone Provider Business Practice Location Address Telephone Number  
PracFax Provider Business Practice Location Address Fax Number  
AuthPhone Authorized Official Telephone Number



(Provider Taxonomy codes indicating specialties and subspecialties for Type 1/individual providers, and facility types for Type 2/organization providers; MDB and CSV formats). One-to-many table.


NPI National Provider Identifier Relational Key
Taxo Healthcare Provider Taxonomy Code (Specialties and Facilty Types) Providers may have multiple taxonomies reported here, and thus multiple records in this one-to-many table. The Taxonomy Code indicates the provider's specialty; i.e., Pediatrician, Optometrist, etc.; or facility type; i.e., Hospital, Clinic, Nursing Facility, etc.
Lic Provider License Number For Type 2 (organization) providers, License is no longer collected as of 9/10/2018.
LicState Provider License Number State Code For Type 2 (organization) providers, License is no longer collected as of 9/10/2018.
TaxoSwitch Healthcare Provider Primary Taxonomy Switch (Primary specialty indicator) "Y" means this is the provider's primary specialty or facility code.
Tnum Source: Added by CarePrecise to indicate the original NPPES flat file Taxonomy Code (specialty) field number. The number of the NPPES taxonomy field (1 through 15). If a primary taxonomy is not indicated, it may be useful to assume that the first-listed code (1) is primary.


TaxoDescr   Taxonomy code description (the specialty/subspecialty in English)



(Provider Taxonomy codes indicating group practices; MDB and CSV formats). One-to-many table.

NPI National Provider Identifier Relational Key

The source data (NPPES) permits group codes to be reported in up to 15 fields in this section. CarePrecise creates a one-to-many table, listing each of a provider's reported taxonomy group codes in a separate record. The Gnum is the NPPES Group Taxonomy field number in which the code was reported, allowing the code be matched with the specific group specialty in the tTaxo table. For instance, a code in tTaxoGroup field Gnum 3 indicates a group practice of the specialty reported in Tnum 3 in the tTaxo table.


CMS does not report the group codes in the taxonomy section (which appear in our tTaxo table) because they represent an additional layer of information on any one or more of the tTaxo codes.


TaxoGroup Healthcare Provider Taxonomy Group_[1 through 15] 193200000X for a multi-specialty practice
193400000X for a single-specialty practice



(MDB and CSV formats)

NPI National Provider Identifier Relational Key (composite)

Provider CoLoCode™ (co-location code, a CarePrecise algorithmically derived* exclusive). The NPI and CoLoCode comprise the dual relational key for this table. The NPI identifies the provider record, and the CoLoCode identifies the physical location. The CoLoCode is an up to 40-character string that stands in for detailed location data, and is not intended to be sensical to the human viewer.


Relational Key (composite)

This code is an algorithmically derived conformation of the provider's practice location, permitting identification of providers who practice at the same location, for instance, physician groups, dental groups, radiology groups, etc. By using this table in conjunction with the tTaxoGroups table, it is possible to visualize the group entity (generally an organization) and its provider members. CoLoCodes are created for Practice addresses in the United States (US) and US Minor Islands (UM).



Count of provider records matching this co-location (algorithmically derived* conformation of the provider's practice location; see tCoLoCodes above). Indicates the number of providers practicing at this location. Includes both Type 1 and Type 2 records.

Group Y= This NPI/CoLoCode record is a group entity. Same as the Group field in the tEntity table. It means that the NPI has a record in the tTaxoGroup table.
CountType1 Number of individual practitioners found co-located with this group To see the number of Type 2 providers (organizations), subtract CountType1 from Count.

* Marked above by an asterisk (*), algorithmically derived data in the datasets includes data that is extracted/mined from the source databases, but which has a margin of error and should not be relied upon as conclusive. Record linking algorithms are used to enrich our data when direct correlation (via a unique identifier field) is not available, using available information in name, address, phone, taxonomy, and other fields. In particular, some of the older data on providers excluded from billing Medicare (from the HHS Office of Inspector General's excluded providers database) can only be linked to NPI records by this means. Please note that when matches are found, there may be instances where an individual or firm has the same or similar name and location information as an excluded provider but is actually a different party. Therefore, it is important that you verify a potential match with the debarring agency identified in the record information. See the disclaimer appearing at the bottom of the documentation page.

Not all fields in all records are populated with data. Healthcare providers may update data in their record using the federal NPI registry website, and are required to do so within 30 days of a change in their information.

CarePrecise LLC reserves the right to make changes in the data and data structure as it deems necessary to preserve the quality of the product. Please read the Notice at the bottom of the page for additional information about the data.


* Data derived algorithmically uses CarePrecise QoRelate™ technology to assimilate records from multiple sources using "brute-force" and fuzzy logic methodology, and may contain inaccuracies.


What Types of Healthcare Providers are in ScribeFax?

Data mining provides more complete fax number coverage for the more than 2.6 million U.S. prescribers and clinicians, including physicians, dentists, podiatrists, physician assistances, certain types of nurses, and others. Review a listing of the 400+ provider taxonomy codes included in ScribeFax*. Additionally, the ScribeFax package includes all of the 7.4 million provider records included in the CarePrecise Complete dataset.

Scroll vertically in the box below to view all...

Taxonomy Code Specialty
102L00000X Behav/Soc Svc: Psychoanalyst
103G00000X Behav/Soc Svc: Clinical Neuropsychologist
103GC0700X Behav/Soc Svc: Clin Neuropsych: Clinical
103T00000X Behav/Soc Svc: Psychologist
103TA0400X Behav/Soc Svc: Psychol: Addiction (Substance Use Disorder)
103TA0700X Behav/Soc Svc: Psychol: Adult Development and Aging
103TB0200X Behav/Soc Svc: Psychol: Cognitive and Behavioral
103TC0700X Behav/Soc Svc: Psychol: Clinical
103TC1900X Behav/Soc Svc: Psychol: Counseling
103TC2200X Behav/Soc Svc: Psychol: Clinical Child and Adolescent
103TE1000X Behav/Soc Svc: Psychol: Educational
103TE1100X Behav/Soc Svc: Psychol: Exercise and Sports
103TF0000X Behav/Soc Svc: Psychol: Family
103TF0200X Behav/Soc Svc: Psychol: Forensic
103TH0004X Behav/Soc Svc: Psychol: Health
103TH0100X Behav/Soc Svc: Psychol: Health Service
103TM1700X Behav/Soc Svc: Psychol: Men and Masculinity
103TM1800X Behav/Soc Svc: Psychol: Mental Retardation and Developmental Disabilities
103TP0016X Behav/Soc Svc: Psychol: Prescribing (Medical)
103TP0814X Behav/Soc Svc: Psychol: Psychoanalysis
103TP2700X Behav/Soc Svc: Psychol: Psychotherapy
103TP2701X Behav/Soc Svc: Psychol: Group Psychotherapy
103TR0400X Behav/Soc Svc: Psychol: Rehabilitation
103TW0100X Behav/Soc Svc: Psychol: Women
111NS0005X Chiropractic: Chiropractor: Sports Physician
122300000X Dental: Dentist
1223D0001X Dental: Dentist: Dental Public Health
1223D0004X Dental: Dentist: Dentist Anesthesiologist
1223E0200X Dental: Dentist: Endodontics
1223G0001X Dental: Dentist: General Practice
1223P0106X Dental: Dentist: Oral and Maxillofacial Pathology
1223P0221X Dental: Dentist: Pediatric Dentistry
1223P0300X Dental: Dentist: Periodontics
1223P0700X Dental: Dentist: Prosthodontics
1223S0112X Dental: Dentist: Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery
1223X0008X Dental: Dentist: Oral and Maxillofacial Radiology
1223X0400X Dental: Dentist: Orthodontics and Dentofacial Orthopedics
1223X2210X Dental: Dentist: Orofacial Pain
152W00000X Eye/Vision: Optometrist
152WC0802X Eye/Vision: Optometrist: Corneal and Contact Management
152WL0500X Eye/Vision: Optometrist: Low Vision Rehabilitation
152WP0200X Eye/Vision: Optometrist: Pediatrics
152WS0006X Eye/Vision: Optometrist: Sports Vision
152WV0400X Eye/Vision: Optometrist: Vision Therapy
152WX0102X Eye/Vision: Optometrist: Occupational Vision
163W00000X Nursing: RN Registered Nurse
163WA0400X Nursing: RN: Addiction (Substance Use Disorder)
163WA2000X Nursing: RN: Administrator
163WC0200X Nursing: RN: Critical Care Medicine
163WC0400X Nursing: RN: Case Management
163WC1400X Nursing: RN: College Health
163WC1500X Nursing: RN: Community Health
163WC1600X Nursing: RN: Continuing Education/Staff Development
163WC2100X Nursing: RN: Continence Care
163WC3500X Nursing: RN: Cardiac Rehabilitation
163WD0400X Nursing: RN: Diabetes Educator
163WD1100X Nursing: RN: Dialysis, Peritoneal
163WE0003X Nursing: RN: Emergency
163WE0900X Nursing: RN: Enterostomal Therapy
163WF0300X Nursing: RN: Flight
163WG0000X Nursing: RN: General Practice
163WG0100X Nursing: RN: Gastroenterology
163WG0600X Nursing: RN: Gerontology
163WH0200X Nursing: RN: Home Health
163WH0500X Nursing: RN: Hemodialysis
163WH1000X Nursing: RN: Hospice
163WI0500X Nursing: RN: Infusion Therapy
163WI0600X Nursing: RN: Infection Control
163WL0100X Nursing: RN: Lactation Consultant
163WM0102X Nursing: RN: Maternal Newborn
163WM0705X Nursing: RN: Medical-Surgical
163WM1400X Nursing: RN: Nurse Massage Therapist (NMT)
163WN0002X Nursing: RN: Neonatal Intensive Care
163WN0003X Nursing: RN: Neonatal, Low-Risk
163WN0300X Nursing: RN: Nephrology
163WN0800X Nursing: RN: Neuroscience
163WN1003X Nursing: RN: Nutrition Support
163WP0000X Nursing: RN: Pain Management
163WP0200X Nursing: RN: Pediatrics
163WP0218X Nursing: RN: Pediatric Oncology
163WP0807X Nursing: RN: Psychiatric/Mental Health, Child and Adolescent
163WP0808X Nursing: RN: Psychiatric/Mental Health
163WP0809X Nursing: RN: Psychiatric/Mental Health, Adult
163WP1700X Nursing: RN: Perinatal
163WP2201X Nursing: RN: Ambulatory Care
163WR0006X Nursing: RN: Registered Nurse First Assistant
163WR0400X Nursing: RN: Rehabilitation
163WR1000X Nursing: RN: Reproductive Endocrinology/Infertility
163WS0121X Nursing: RN: Plastic Surgery
163WS0200X Nursing: RN: School
163WU0100X Nursing: RN: Urology
163WW0000X Nursing: RN: Wound Care
163WW0101X Nursing: RN: Women's Health Care, Ambulatory
163WX0002X Nursing: RN: Obstetric, High-Risk
163WX0003X Nursing: RN: Obstetric, Inpatient
163WX0106X Nursing: RN: Occupational Health
163WX0200X Nursing: RN: Oncology
163WX0601X Nursing: RN: Otorhinolaryngology and Head-Neck
163WX0800X Nursing: RN: Orthopedic
163WX1100X Nursing: RN: Ophthalmic
163WX1500X Nursing: RN: Ostomy Care
175F00000X Other Prov: Naturopath
175L00000X Other Prov: Homeopath
183500000X Pharmacist Svc: Pharmacist
1835C0205X Pharmacist Svc: Pharm: Critical Care
1835G0000X Pharmacist Svc: Pharm: General Practice
1835G0303X Pharmacist Svc: Pharm: Geriatric
1835N0905X Pharmacist Svc: Pharm: Nuclear
1835N1003X Pharmacist Svc: Pharm: Nutrition Support
1835P0018X Pharmacist Svc: Pharm: Pharmacist Clinician (PhC)/ Clinical Pharmacy Specialist
1835P0200X Pharmacist Svc: Pharm: Pediatrics
1835P1200X Pharmacist Svc: Pharm: Pharmacotherapy
1835P1300X Pharmacist Svc: Pharm: Psychiatric
1835P2201X Pharmacist Svc: Pharm: Ambulatory Care
1835X0200X Pharmacist Svc: Pharm: Oncology
202C00000X Physician: Independent Medical Examiner
202K00000X Physician: Phlebology
204C00000X Physician: Neuromusculoskeletal Medicine, Sports Medicine
204D00000X Physician: Neuromusculoskeletal Medicine and Osteopathic Manipulative Medicine (OMM)
204E00000X Physician: Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery
204F00000X Physician: Transplant Surgery
204R00000X Physician: Electrodiagnostic Medicine
207K00000X Physician: Allergy and Immunology
207KA0200X Physician: Allergy and Immunology: Allergy
207KI0005X Physician: Allergy and Immunology: Clinical and Laboratory Immunology
207L00000X Physician: Anesthesiology
207LA0401X Physician: Anesthesiology: Addiction Medicine
207LC0200X Physician: Anesthesiology: Critical Care Medicine
207LH0002X Physician: Anesthesiology: Hospice and Palliative Medicine
207LP2900X Physician: Anesthesiology: Pain Medicine
207LP3000X Physician: Anesthesiology: Pediatric Anesthesiology
207N00000X Physician: Dermatology
207ND0101X Physician: Dermatology: MOHS-Micrographic Surgery
207ND0900X Physician: Dermatology: Dermatopathology
207NI0002X Physician: Dermatology: Clinical and Laboratory Dermatological Immunology
207NP0225X Physician: Dermatology: Pediatric Dermatology
207NS0135X Physician: Dermatology: Procedural Dermatology
207P00000X Physician: Emergency Medicine
207PE0004X Physician: Emergency Medicine: Emergency Medical Services
207PE0005X Physician: Emergency Medicine: Undersea and Hyperbaric Medicine
207PH0002X Physician: Emergency Medicine: Hospice and Palliative Medicine
207PP0204X Physician: Emergency Medicine: Pediatric Emergency Medicine
207PS0010X Physician: Emergency Medicine: Sports Medicine
207PT0002X Physician: Emergency Medicine: Medical Toxicology
207Q00000X Physician: Family Medicine
207QA0000X Physician: Family Medicine: Adolescent Medicine
207QA0401X Physician: Family Medicine: Addiction Medicine
207QA0505X Physician: Family Medicine: Adult Medicine
207QB0002X Physician: Family Medicine: Obesity Medicine
207QG0300X Physician: Family Medicine: Geriatric Medicine
207QH0002X Physician: Family Medicine: Hospice and Palliative Medicine
207QS0010X Physician: Family Medicine: Sports Medicine
207QS1201X Physician: Family Medicine: Sleep Medicine
207R00000X Physician: Internal Medicine
207RA0000X Physician: Internal Medicine: Adolescent Medicine
207RA0001X Physician: Internal Medicine: Advanced Heart Failure and Transplant Cardiology
207RA0002X Physician: Internal Medicine: Adult Congenital Heart Disease (ACHD)
207RA0201X Physician: Internal Medicine: Allergy and Immunology
207RA0401X Physician: Internal Medicine: Addiction Medicine
207RB0002X Physician: Internal Medicine: Bariatric Medicine
207RC0000X Physician: Internal Medicine: Cardiovascular Disease
207RC0001X Physician: Internal Medicine: Clinical Cardiac Electrophysiology
207RC0200X Physician: Internal Medicine: Critical Care Medicine
207RE0101X Physician: Internal Medicine: Endocrinology, Diabetes and Metabolism
207RG0100X Physician: Internal Medicine: Gastroenterology
207RG0300X Physician: Internal Medicine: Geriatric Medicine
207RH0000X Physician: Internal Medicine: Hematology
207RH0002X Physician: Internal Medicine: Hospice and Palliative Medicine
207RH0003X Physician: Internal Medicine: Hematology and Oncology
207RH0005X Physician: Internal Medicine: Hypertension Specialist
207RI0001X Physician: Internal Medicine: Clinical and Laboratory Immunology
207RI0008X Physician: Internal Medicine: Hepatology
207RI0011X Physician: Internal Medicine: Interventional Cardiology
207RI0200X Physician: Internal Medicine: Infectious Disease
207RM1200X Physician: Internal Medicine: Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI)
207RN0300X Physician: Internal Medicine: Nephrology
207RP1001X Physician: Internal Medicine: Pulmonary Disease
207RR0500X Physician: Internal Medicine: Rheumatology
207RS0010X Physician: Internal Medicine: Sports Medicine
207RS0012X Physician: Internal Medicine: Sleep Medicine
207RT0003X Physician: Internal Medicine: Transplant Hepatology
207RX0202X Physician: Internal Medicine: Medical Oncology
207SC0300X Physician: Medical Genetics: Clinical Cytogenetic
207SG0201X Physician: Medical Genetics: Clinical Genetics (M.D.)
207SG0202X Physician: Medical Genetics: Clinical Biochemical Genetics
207SG0203X Physician: Medical Genetics: Clinical Molecular Genetics
207SG0205X Physician: Medical Genetics: Ph.D. Medical Genetics
207SM0001X Physician: Medical Genetics: Molecular Genetic Pathology
207T00000X Physician: Neurological Surgery
207U00000X Physician: Nuclear Medicine
207UN0901X Physician: Nuclear Medicine: Nuclear Cardiology
207UN0902X Physician: Nuclear Medicine: Nuclear Imaging and Therapy
207UN0903X Physician: Nuclear Medicine: In Vivo and In Vitro Nuclear Medicine
207V00000X Physician: Ob/Gyn: Obstetrics and Gynecology
207VB0002X Physician: Ob/Gyn: Bariatric Medicine
207VC0200X Physician: Ob/Gyn: Critical Care Medicine
207VE0102X Physician: Ob/Gyn: Reproductive Endocrinology
207VF0040X Physician: Ob/Gyn: Female Pelvic Medicine and Reconstructive Surgery
207VG0400X Physician: Ob/Gyn: Gynecology
207VH0002X Physician: Ob/Gyn: Hospice and Palliative Medicine
207VM0101X Physician: Ob/Gyn: Maternal and Fetal Medicine
207VX0000X Physician: Ob/Gyn: Obstetrics
207VX0201X Physician: Ob/Gyn: Gynecologic Oncology
207W00000X Physician: Ophthalmology
207WX0009X Physician: Ophthalmology: Glaucoma Specialist
207WX0107X Physician: Ophthalmology: Retina Specialist
207WX0108X Physician: Ophthalmology: Uveitis and Ocular Inflammatory Disease
207WX0109X Physician: Ophthalmology: Neuro-ophthalmology
207WX0110X Physician: Ophthalmology: Pediatric Ophthalmology and Strabismus
207WX0120X Physician: Ophthalmology: Cornea and External Diseases
207WX0200X Physician: Ophthalmology: Ophthalmic Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery
207X00000X Physician: Orthopaedic Surgery
207XP3100X Physician: Orthopaedic Surgery: Pediatric Orthopaedic Surgery
207XS0106X Physician: Orthopaedic Surgery: Hand Surgery
207XS0114X Physician: Orthopaedic Surgery: Adult Reconstructive Orthopaedic Surgery
207XS0117X Physician: Orthopaedic Surgery: Orthopaedic Surgery of the Spine
207XX0004X Physician: Orthopaedic Surgery: Foot and Ankle Surgery
207XX0005X Physician: Orthopaedic Surgery: Sports Medicine
207XX0801X Physician: Orthopaedic Surgery: Orthopaedic Trauma
207Y00000X Physician: Otolaryngology
207YP0228X Physician: Otolaryngology: Pediatric Otolaryngology
207YS0012X Physician: Otolaryngology: Sleep Medicine
207YS0123X Physician: Otolaryngology: Facial Plastic Surgery
207YX0007X Physician: Otolaryngology: Plastic Surgery within the Head and Neck
207YX0602X Physician: Otolaryngology: Otolaryngic Allergy
207YX0901X Physician: Otolaryngology: Otology and Neurotology
207YX0905X Physician: Otolaryngology: Otolaryngology/Facial Plastic Surgery
207ZB0001X Physician: Pathology: Blood Banking and Transfusion Medicine
207ZC0006X Physician: Pathology: Clinical Pathology
207ZC0008X Physician: Pathology: Clinical Informatics
207ZC0500X Physician: Pathology: Cytopathology
207ZD0900X Physician: Pathology: Dermatopathology
207ZF0201X Physician: Pathology: Forensic Pathology
207ZH0000X Physician: Pathology: Hematology
207ZI0100X Physician: Pathology: Immunopathology
207ZM0300X Physician: Pathology: Medical Microbiology
207ZN0500X Physician: Pathology: Neuropathology
207ZP0007X Physician: Pathology: Molec Gen Pathology
207ZP0101X Physician: Pathology: Anatomic Pathology
207ZP0102X Physician: Pathology: Anatomic Pathology and Clinical Pathology
207ZP0104X Physician: Pathology: Chemical Pathology
207ZP0105X Physician: Pathology: Clinical Pathology/Laboratory Medicine
207ZP0213X Physician: Pathology: Pediatric Pathology
208000000X Physician: Pediatrics
2080A0000X Physician: Pediatrics: Adolescent Medicine
2080B0002X Physician: Pediatrics: Obesity Medicine
2080C0008X Physician: Pediatrics: Child Abuse
2080H0002X Physician: Pediatrics: Hospice and Palliative Medicine
2080I0007X Physician: Pediatrics: Clinical and Laboratory Immunology
2080N0001X Physician: Pediatrics: Neonatal-Perinatal Medicine
2080P0006X Physician: Pediatrics: Developmental and Behavioral Pediatrics
2080P0008X Physician: Pediatrics: Neurodevelopmental Disabilities
2080P0201X Physician: Pediatrics: Pediatric Allergy and Immunology
2080P0202X Physician: Pediatrics: Pediatric Cardiology
2080P0203X Physician: Pediatrics: Pediatric Critical Care Medicine
2080P0204X Physician: Pediatrics: Pediatric Emergency Medicine
2080P0205X Physician: Pediatrics: Pediatric Endocrinology
2080P0206X Physician: Pediatrics: Pediatric Gastroenterology
2080P0207X Physician: Pediatrics: Pediatric Hematology-Oncology
2080P0208X Physician: Pediatrics: Pediatric Infectious Diseases
2080P0210X Physician: Pediatrics: Pediatric Nephrology
2080P0214X Physician: Pediatrics: Pediatric Pulmonology
2080P0216X Physician: Pediatrics: Pediatric Rheumatology
2080S0010X Physician: Pediatrics: Sports Medicine
2080S0012X Physician: Pediatrics: Sleep Medicine
2080T0002X Physician: Pediatrics: Medical Toxicology
2080T0004X Physician: Pediatrics: Pediatric Transplant Hepatology
208100000X Physician: Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation
2081H0002X Physician: Phys Med/Rehab: Hospice and Palliative Medicine
2081N0008X Physician: Phys Med/Rehab: Neuromuscular Medicine
2081P0004X Physician: Phys Med/Rehab: Spinal Cord Injury Medicine
2081P0010X Physician: Phys Med/Rehab: Pediatric Rehabilitation Medicine
2081P0301X Physician: Phys Med/Rehab: Brain Injury Medicine
2081P2900X Physician: Phys Med/Rehab: Pain Medicine
2081S0010X Physician: Phys Med/Rehab: Sports Medicine
208200000X Physician: Plastic Surgery
2082S0099X Physician: Plastic Surgery: Plastic Surgery Within the Head and Neck
2082S0105X Physician: Plastic Surgery: Surgery of the Hand
2083A0100X Physician: Preventive Medicine: Aerospace Medicine
2083A0300X Physician: Preventive Medicine: Addiction
2083B0002X Physician: Preventive Medicine: Obesity Medicine
2083C0008X Physician: Preventive Medicine: Clinical Informatics
2083P0011X Physician: Preventive Medicine: Undersea and Hyperbaric Medicine
2083P0500X Physician: Preventive Medicine: Preventive Medicine/Occupational Environmental Medicine
2083P0901X Physician: Preventive Medicine: Public Health and General Preventive Medicine
2083S0010X Physician: Preventive Medicine: Sports Medicine
2083T0002X Physician: Preventive Medicine: Medical Toxicology
2083X0100X Physician: Preventive Medicine: Occupational Medicine
2084A0401X Physician: Psych/Neurol: Addiction Medicine
2084A2900X Physician: Psych/Neurol: Neurocritical Care
2084B0002X Physician: Psych/Neurol: Bariatric Medicine
2084B0040X Physician: Psych/Neuro: Behavioral Neurology and Neuropsychiatry
2084D0003X Physician: Psych/Neurol: Diagnostic Neuroimaging
2084E0001X Physician: Psych/Neurol: Neuropsychiatry: Epilepsy
2084F0202X Physician: Psych/Neurol: Forensic Psychiatry
2084H0002X Physician: Psych/Neurol: Hospice and Palliative Medicine
2084N0008X Physician: Psych/Neurol: Neuromuscular Medicine
2084N0400X Physician: Psych/Neurol: Neurology
2084N0402X Physician: Psych/Neurol: Neurology with Special Qualifications in Child Neurology
2084N0600X Physician: Psych/Neurol: Clinical Neurophysiology
2084P0005X Physician: Psych/Neurol: Neurodevelopmental Disabilities
2084P0015X Physician: Psych/Neurol: Psychosomatic Medicine
2084P0301X Physician: Psych/Neurol: Brain Injury Medicine
2084P0800X Physician: Psych/Neurol: Psychiatry
2084P0802X Physician: Psych/Neurol: Addiction Psychiatry
2084P0804X Physician: Psych/Neurol: Child and Adolescent Psychiatry
2084P0805X Physician: Psych/Neurol: Geriatric Psychiatry
2084P2900X Physician: Psych/Neurol: Pain Medicine
2084S0010X Physician: Psych/Neurol: Sports Medicine
2084S0012X Physician: Psych/Neurol: Sleep Medicine
2084V0102X Physician: Psych/Neurol: Vascular Neurology
2085B0100X Physician: Radiol: Body Imaging
2085D0003X Physician: Radiol: Diagnostic Neuroimaging
2085H0002X Physician: Radiol: Hospice and Palliative Medicine
2085N0700X Physician: Radiol: Neuroradiology
2085N0904X Physician: Radiol: Nuclear Radiology
2085P0229X Physician: Radiol: Pediatric Radiology
2085R0001X Physician: Radiol: Radiation Oncology
2085R0202X Physician: Radiol: Diagnostic Radiology
2085R0203X Physician: Radiol: Therapeutic Radiology
2085R0204X Physician: Radiol: Vascular and Interventional Radiology
2085R0205X Physician: Radiol: Radiological Physics
2085U0001X Physician: Radiol: Diagnostic Ultrasound
208600000X Physician: Surgery
2086H0002X Physician: Surgery: Hospice and Palliative Medicine
2086S0102X Physician: Surgery: Surgical Critical Care
2086S0105X Physician: Surgery: Surgery of the Hand
2086S0120X Physician: Surgery: Pediatric Surgery
2086S0122X Physician: Surgery: Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery
2086S0127X Physician: Surgery: Trauma Surgery
2086S0129X Physician: Surgery: Vascular Surgery
2086X0206X Physician: Surgery: Surgical Oncology
208800000X Physician: Urology
2088F0040X Physician: Urology: Female Pelvic Medicine and Reconstructive Surgery
2088P0231X Physician: Urology: Pediatric Urology
208C00000X Physician: Colon and Rectal Surgery
208D00000X Physician: General Practice
208G00000X Physician: Thoracic Surgery (Cardiothoracic Vascular Surgery)
208M00000X Physician: Hospitalist
208U00000X Physician: Clinical Pharmacology
208VP0000X Physician: Pain Medicine: Pain Medicine
208VP0014X Physician: Pain Medicine: Interventional Pain Medicine
209800000X Physician: Legal Medicine
211D00000X Podiatric: Assistant, Podiatric
213E00000X Podiatric: Podiatrist
213EG0000X Podiatric: Podiatrist: General Practice
213EP0504X Podiatric: Podiatrist: Public Medicine
213EP1101X Podiatric: Podiatrist: Primary Podiatric Medicine
213ER0200X Podiatric: Podiatrist: Radiology
213ES0000X Podiatric: Podiatrist: Sports Medicine
213ES0103X Podiatric: Podiatrist: Foot and Ankle Surgery
213ES0131X Podiatric: Podiatrist: Foot Surgery
363A00000X PA/APN: Physician Assistant
363AM0700X PA/APN: PA: Medical
363AS0400X PA/APN: PA: Surgical
363L00000X PA/APN: Nurse Practitioner
363LA2100X PA/APN: Nurse Practitioner: Acute Care
363LA2200X PA/APN: Nurse Practitioner: Adult Health
363LC0200X PA/APN: Nurse Practitioner: Critical Care Medicine
363LC1500X PA/APN: Nurse Practitioner: Community Health
363LF0000X PA/APN: Nurse Practitioner: Family
363LG0600X PA/APN: Nurse Practitioner: Gerontology
363LN0000X PA/APN: Nurse Practitioner: Neonatal
363LN0005X PA/APN: Nurse Practitioner: Neonatal, Critical Care
363LP0200X PA/APN: Nurse Practitioner: Pediatrics
363LP0222X PA/APN: Nurse Practitioner: Pediatrics, Critical Care
363LP0808X PA/APN: Nurse Practitioner: Psychiatric/Mental Health
363LP1700X PA/APN: Nurse Practitioner: Perinatal
363LP2300X PA/APN: Nurse Practitioner: Primary Care
363LS0200X PA/APN: Nurse Practitioner: School
363LW0102X PA/APN: Nurse Practitioner: Women's Health
363LX0001X PA/APN: Nurse Practitioner: Obstetrics and Gynecology
363LX0106X PA/APN: Nurse Practitioner: Occupational Health
364S00000X PA/APN: Clinical Nurse Specialist
364SA2100X PA/APN: Clinical Nurse Specialist: Acute Care
364SA2200X PA/APN: Clinical Nurse Specialist: Adult Health
364SC0200X PA/APN: Clinical Nurse Specialist: Critical Care Medicine
364SC1501X PA/APN: Clinical Nurse Specialist: Community Health/Public Health
364SC2300X PA/APN: Clinical Nurse Specialist: Chronic Care
364SE0003X PA/APN: Clinical Nurse Specialist: Emergency
364SE1400X PA/APN: Clinical Nurse Specialist: Ethics
364SF0001X PA/APN: Clinical Nurse Specialist: Family Health
364SG0600X PA/APN: Clinical Nurse Specialist: Gerontology
364SH0200X PA/APN: Clinical Nurse Specialist: Home Health
364SH1100X PA/APN: Clinical Nurse Specialist: Holistic
364SI0800X PA/APN: Clinical Nurse Specialist: Informatics
364SL0600X PA/APN: Clinical Nurse Specialist: Long-Term Care
364SM0705X PA/APN: Clinical Nurse Specialist: Medical-Surgical
364SN0000X PA/APN: Clinical Nurse Specialist: Neonatal
364SN0800X PA/APN: Clinical Nurse Specialist: Neuroscience
364SP0200X PA/APN: Clinical Nurse Specialist: Pediatrics
364SP0807X PA/APN: Clinical Nurse Specialist: Psychiatric/Mental Health, Child and Adolescent
364SP0808X PA/APN: Clinical Nurse Specialist: Psychiatric/Mental Health
364SP0809X PA/APN: Clinical Nurse Specialist: Psychiatric/Mental Health, Adult
364SP0810X PA/APN: Clinical Nurse Specialist: Psychiatric/Mental Health, Child and Family
364SP0811X PA/APN: Clinical Nurse Specialist: Psychiatric/Mental Health, Chronically Ill
364SP0812X PA/APN: Clinical Nurse Specialist: Psychiatric/Mental Health, Community
364SP0813X PA/APN: Clinical Nurse Specialist: Psychiatric/Mental Health, Geropsychiatric
364SP1700X PA/APN: Clinical Nurse Specialist: Perinatal
364SP2800X PA/APN: Clinical Nurse Specialist: Perioperative
364SR0400X PA/APN: Clinical Nurse Specialist: Rehabilitation
364SS0200X PA/APN: Clinical Nurse Specialist: School
364ST0500X PA/APN: Clinical Nurse Specialist: Transplantation
364SW0102X PA/APN: Clinical Nurse Specialist: Women's Health
364SX0106X PA/APN: Clinical Nurse Specialist: Occupational Health
364SX0200X PA/APN: Clinical Nurse Specialist: Oncology
364SX0204X PA/APN: Clinical Nurse Specialist: Oncology, Pediatrics
367500000X PA/APN: Nurse Anesthetist, Certified Registered
367A00000X PA/APN: Advanced Practice Midwife
367H00000X PA/APN: Anesthesiologist Assistant


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Licensing ScribeFax

ScribeFaxCS is a community crowdsource program, intended to be an ongoing improvement in healthcare technological infrastructure, and is a model for future such programs. In addition to the increased clinician fax population of ScribeFax Basic, ScribeFaxCS licensees may qualify for reduced pricing and additional fax coverage acquired through crowdsourcing. Request ScribeFaxCS participation information. Special licensing is required for use of ScribetFax Basic or ScribeFax CS in a derivative product such as a web application, directory, SaaS or desktop application, or in a CRM. Contact us for licensing information.



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Subscriptions are for 12 updates per one-year period. Single download evaluation price can be deducted from subscription pricing upon purchase. Special licensing is required for use in certain applications. Crowdsource program partners receive a 10% discount on the monthly subscription.

How to Order

Please contact CarePrecise Sales if you'd like to participate in the ScribeFaxCS crowdsource program and be eligible for the Testing Partner discount. Order now for evaluation: You can order ScribeFax basic immediately using the Pricing links on this page, and apply what you've paid to a Testing Partner or Basic subscription within 60 days of purchase.