The CarePrecise Collection.

The CarePrecise Collection™


The Collection is all of our fully interoperable healthcare provider data products, combined.* Updated every month.



Purchasing a single download of The Collection is a useful way to evaluate all of the CarePrecise data on 7.4 million U.S. healthcare provider records, with data tables across all CarePrecise products, before committing to a subscription of one or more packages. (NOTE: A single download of the Collection can be purchased for evaluation purposes without Premium Advanced Technical Support for $2,632, and the full amount can be applied to a full product with usage rights or subscription upgrade within 60 days. Contact Sales at 877-782-2294 extention 2 to request an invoice.)

To purchase all of the data and tools individually would cost $4,631. The CarePrecise Collection saves you $1,499, and brings them all together in a single integrated database, along with your own dedicated CarePrecise support technician. If you want to run the Collection in Microsoft Access, we provide a Collection Edition of CP ListMaker, our powerful list creation tool that pulls all of the data together right on your desktop or laptop computer - no network or SQL Server needed.



Single Download: $3,132 Full purchase price can be applied to a subscription upgrade within 30 days.

1-year Quarterly Subscription: $7,047

1-year Monthly Subscription: $15,856


SelectGeo Add the SelectGeo Add-on to the Collection, and you'll have latitude and longitude for the practice location on nearly all of the 7.4 million U.S. healthcare provider records.


* Together, the elements of The Collection make up a fully integrated relational database containing all of the major data packages offered by CarePrecise. Some additional specialty packages, and email addresses, are not included.