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CarePrecise ProCase
Properly Cased Healthcare Provider Data

NOTICE: CarePrecise continued to include the ProCase component at no additional charge in CarePrecise Advanced for more than one year following the announcement of the change to make it a separate component. Starting with the August 2022 release, ProCase will no longer be included as a free add-on to the CarePrecise Advanced package, but may be purchased as an add-on. See pricing below.

You can have all 7.3 million U.S. providers' name and address data in properly cased form by adding the ProCase module to the CarePrecise Complete or CarePrecise Advanced data packages. You can also purchase ProCase separately, to update your in-house database; every record contains the provider's NPI number to make it simple to add ProCase's properly-cased, up-to-date name and address information to your provider files.

CarePrecise Platinum and CarePrecise Gold have included the SharpMail proper-casing capability that processed names and addresses on a per-output basis. ProCase now makes the popular SharpMail properly cased fields available for the complete database, without the need for Gold or Platinum's SharpMail process.



  Prefix First Middle Last Suffix Cred
Before ProCase: DR. JOHN K. SMITH JR. MD, PHD
After ProCase: Dr. John K. Smith Jr. MD, PhD


ProCase also includes a properly-cased full name for the "Attention" part of the address (AttnName) field, and a properly-cased, intelligent salutation field:

AttnName (full name, as on an envelope) Dr. John K. Smith, Jr. MD, PhD
Salutation (the name in the Dear____ greeting of a letter): Dr. Smith (or Mr. Smith if not a doctor; other intelligently generated salutations as appropriate)


ProCase is available as an add-on module for the following CarePrecise products, or available separately:



If purchased as an add-on:

    If purchased as a stand-alone click to buy:  
Single Download $190   Single Download $299
1-year Quarterly Subscription $600   1-year Quarterly Subscription $680
1-year Monthly Subscription $1,450   1-year Monthly Subscription $1,700
2-year Quarterly Subscription $1,050   2-year Quarterly Subscription $1,225
2-year Monthly Subscription $2,860   2-year Monthly Subscription $3,060


You can order ProCase as an add-on module to a new CarePrecise database purchase as listed above to add ProCase to your existing CarePrecise data product at the add-on pricing, please call CarePrecise Sales at (877) 782-2294. The ProCase module was included with Master Bundle and Platinum products through January, 2019. The product has been enhanced and is now sold as an add-on.



Please note that the ProCase product on its own, as an add-on or standalone purchase, does not include phone, fax, license, or group/hospital affiliation information, which may be obtained from CarePrecise Advanced.

Table/Field in ProCase Description Table/Field in CPAC
Table: ProCase_Addresses_Mail Mailing Addresses tAddresses
NPI National Provider Identifier NPI
Addr1 Mailing address line 1 Mail1stAddr
Addr2 Mailing address line 2 Mail2ndAddr
City Mailing address city MailCity
State Mailing address state MailState
Zip Mailing address Zip Code MailZip
Country Mailing address country MailCountry
Table: ProCase_Addresses_Prac Practice Addresses tAddresses
NPI National Provider Identifier tAddresses/NPI
Addr1 Practice address line 1 tAddresses/Prac1stAddr
Addr2 Practice address line 2 tAddresses/Prac2ndAddr
City Practice address city tAddresses/PracCity
State Practice address state tAddresses/PracState
Zip Practice address Zip Code tAddresses/PracZip
Country Practice address country tAddresses/PracCountry
Table: ProCase_Names Individuals' and Organizations' Names tHumanNames, tOrgNames, tEntity
NPI National Provider Identifier NPI
CompanyName Name of organization OrgName_LBN in tOrgNames
PN Name prefix PN, or AuthPN for org records
FN First name FN, or AuthFN for org records
MN Middle name MN, or AuthMN for org records
LN Last name LN, or AuthLN for org records
SN Name suffix SN, or AuthSN for org records
Cred Credentials Cred, or AuthCred for orgs
Title Individual's title within the org AuthTitle, for org records
EntityType Type 1 (individual) or Type 2 (organization) EntityType in tEntity
AttnName Properly cased full name; i.e. "Dr. John H. Smith III, MD" Concatenated name fields as above
Salutation Intelligently constructed "Dear" greeting; i.e., "Dr. Smith" Concatenated name fields as above


ProCase PDF download shows what's included with ProCase



Most orders can be filled within one business day. Delivery is via a download link sent by email. We update our master data files monthly. November 29, 2022 is the most recent update. Data delivered is subject to availability of provider-reported identifiers in the current release. Read about CarePrecise data accuracy....



  • Microsoft Access® (.mdb); normalized relational database, plus an application database that links them for use. A free alternative to Microsoft Access is Open Office.
  • Comma Separated Values (.csv); normalized relational tables; identical data as in the Microsoft Access format, for use on Windows, Linux, Mac.



CarePrecise data is licensed for use by the purchaser and may not be redistributed. Review the End User License Agreement. Redistribution licensing is also available. Unless a redistribution or multi-user license is obtained separately, the standard End User License Agreement permits the licensee to use the data in any way desired as long as it is within and for the buyer's own organization and is used by only one user at a time (may not be installed on multiple computers for use by multiple simultaneous users). Alternative licensing options are available for uses that involve distribution of the data or use of the data by more than one user and/or for public viewing, and are purchased separately.



Contact CarePrecise Sales at (877) 782-2294,