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Where the Good Provider Data Comes From.


Not only physicians, but – all of the U.S. healthcare providers you need for your app project.

For web applications, EHR pre-population, provider network directories, physician network development and more, CarePrecise For Applications offers complete healthcare provider database products and services, with licensing proportionate to your application, from inexpensive Derivative Product agreements, to full-on Broad Redistribution licensing.


A relational database containing every U.S. HIPAA-covered healthcare provider.

Combining federal provider databases with data from millions of health insurance claims, CarePrecise offers you every physician, every clinic, every dentist, every mental health professional, every U.S. pharmacy—every kind of healthcare provider. All 7.4 million HIPAA-covered individual HCPs and healthcare organizations. Hospitals, opticians, physician assistants, clinics... you cannot find a more complete database on the nation's healthcare people and places. And if your app requires geolocation using latitude and longitude, we offer two options – rooftop geocoding and zip-center geocoding. We even offer zip radius search algorithms – fast, open source, and free to our clients.


Fraud, Waste and Abuse auditors choose CarePrecise.

Our data is the choice for FWA and recovery audits by some of the best known global accounting firms. Our work with "Big Four" firms and others has helped save millions of dollars in recaptured funds, with relationships lasting five years and longer. Bespoke data editions for specific compliance issues and audit jurisdictions, long-term monthly update subscriptions, and concierge support are a core CarePrecise business.


Comprehensive HCP data, proven accuracy.

Unlike the AMA database, CarePrecise includes data on all HIPAA-covered healthcare professionals – not just members, or those who respond to a request for information. Unlike the American Medical Association Masterfile, physicians cannot opt out of our data, and we have not just physicians, but every type of HCP covered under the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act, which encompasses essentially every U.S. health professional and organization that appears on a health insurance claim, prescribes medication or handles patient records. Better still, CarePrecise data has been shown to be more accurate than the AMA database and its leading alternative in an independent study. Read about the data accuracy study...


Get ALL of our data packages in the Developer Kit Plus for only


or the standard DK for $1,390,

...and we'll give you your money back!

  • CarePrecise Platinum (with the CarePrecise Advanced dataset)
  • Authoritative Hospital Database™ (AHD)
  • CP ListMaker™ targeting software with open source tools
  • Independent pharmacies tool (IPT)
  • Get the DK for $1,390 and get $2,102 in total value.
  • Go for the DK+ at $2,199 - adds the Authoritative Physician Database (APD) and get $3,221 in total value.
See DK descriptions for details.

Get ALL of our data packages in the Developer Kit Plus for only $2,199, or the standard DK for $1,390,

...and we'll give you your money back!

  • CarePrecise Master Bundle (CPAC + EPGH) Database
  • Authoritative Hospital Database™ (AHD)
  • CP ListMaker™ targeting software
  • Independent pharmacies tool (IPT)
  • tools/cplistmaker
  • Get the DK for $1,390 and get $2,102 in total value.
  • Go for the DK+ at $1,390 - adds the Authoritative Physician Database (APD) and get $3,221 in total value.

See DK descriptions
for rebate details.

Since 2008, solid, structured data, updated as it changes.

We provide the data in two formats – CSV and MDB – ready to upload to your system. And the MDB format has a front end that lets you preview the data in Microsoft Access, and to learn the data structure quickly and easily. You'll be importing exactly the healthcare provider data your system needs quickly and painlessly. Purchase a two-year or five-year subscription, and you can count on the same dependable data structure month after month, year after year. CarePrecise For Applications offers custom filters and formatting to make ongoing updates easy to integrate.

Custom filters per customer.

Tell us the types of providers you need based on taxonomy, geographic location, and other criteria, and we can build a process that fits you. We can either do the filtering for you, or give you the tools.

Custom formatting per customer.

Your monthly update can be formatted with the data fields you want, out of the more than 400 data points per provider in our system, and sent to you as a file set that works for you.

Consistent data structure.

CarePrecise For Applications has been supplying the life blood of industry applications, maintaining backward compatibility since 2008. Consistency means your costly development work won't be undone by some change in our products. As greater depth of information about providers becomes available, CarePrecise adds new data tables and fields, but existing data tables are kept in a structure that continues to perform as expected.


Authoritative sources, best pricing.

Our collection system acquires and merges healthcare provider data from the most authoritative sources, including the federal NPI registry, millions of health insurance claims, federal care quality programs and more. No data supplier offers as much at anything close to CarePrecise pricing. With CarePrecise, the full 7.4 million record Developer Kit is priced at just $1,390. Note that the Developer Kit price will be rebated when the combined data subscription and license fee is paid.

Special License Pricing for Startups

CarePrecise Derivative Product (DP) Licenses and Redistribution (RD) Licenses offer up to 25% off of the first year license fee for certain buyers. Eligibility requirements include startup-stage development involving a CarePrecise data product, either for a new company or an entrepreneurial program developing a new application within an existing organization. Derivative Product and some Redistribution License levels may be discounted significantly for the first year. To find out if your use case, license and data package qualifies for the discount, please contact CarePrecise Licensing at (877) 782-2294 ext 9.

One DP or RD license covers all of these CarePrecise data products except for email addresses, which require a rider.

How can we offer the most comprehensive and up-to-date provider information available anywhere, at this pricing level? Simple: Automation. We didn't come to this space from the old school mailing list business, we came to it from healthcare I.T. We know the best information sources, and we automate the complete collection, update and delivery chain, using proprietary AI and advanced record linkage technology. Consequently, you pay a fair price for the use of our data, and you'll be working with people who understand not only application development, but the meaning and use of this kind of healthcare data.


Relaxed licensing for a wide range of applications.

Regardless of the product or service you are deploying, CarePrecise probably already has experience providing data for others like it. CarePrecise is the gold standard in physician databases, hospital, and every other kind of healthcare provider data for web and desktop applications. Our customers span the entire healthcare industry, and include dozens of startups in every stage of deployment. With multiple tiers of Derivative Product licensing and Redistribution licensing, CarePrecise licenses are designed to encourage wider use. There's a license tier to match your wildest idea, and we've seen a lot of wild ideas. You simply can't find a better value in data, support, and permissioned use than CarePrecise For Applications. Read more on licensing...


Our customers are the most exacting names in healthcare, government, and industry.

GE Healthcare
Ernst & Young
Blueyonder/Virgin Media
Bank of New York Mellon
Blue Cross Blue Shield Association
Federal Bureau of Investigation
Weill Cornell Medicine
PWC PriceWaterhouse
U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs
Bain Capital
Horizon Pharma
Orderly Health
Northwestern University
The George Washington University
RTI International
Urban Institute
Outlift AI
Kaiser Permanente
American University
SAIsystems International
Montefiore Medical Center
West Virginia Health & Human Resources
Rite Aid
DataTrace Publishing
Merck Research Laboratories



Example Web-based Provider Locator Resources

Every health insurance plan is now required to offer an accurate provider locator resource, similar to the Medicare locator.

CarePrecise products include data that identifies providers who are excluded from billing Medicare, and the relevant infraction, as well as providers who are enrolled to bill Medicare, and those who accept Medicare as full payment. These data, along with practice group and hospital affiliations, round out a resource that can be embedded in web, SaaS, mobile, and desktop applications for all platforms. Fully updated data is released monthly, and can be "pushed" to any server for ingestion into app data stores.


Custom formatting and processing services.

If you don't want to deal with the whole dataset, but need only certain types of providers and certain data fields, we can accommodate with a custom build. We can create a custom output setup and run it on the data before delivering it to you every month, affordably, dependably, and ready to update your database immediately.


Ready to get started?

Order the fully refundable CarePrecise Developer Kit, which contains all of our integrated healthcare provider datasets, plus our popular "data toy," CP ListMaker, that runs within Microsoft Access to help you quickly learn about our data. From exciting start-ups to established players, developers across the industry use our DK database to build their products.

The Developer Kit price is fully applicable to the price of your data subscription and license fee. Talk to a client service engineer at 877-782-2294 extension 2 or send us a message to discuss your application and to obtain license and data subscription pricing.


Request a Demo.

We'll give your team a web demo to show you how our data is structured, and just how remarkably comprehensive it is. Give us a call at at 877-782-2294 extension 2 or send us a message to set a time.