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July 21, 2020    
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CarePrecise updates its complete master data files every month with new and changed healthcare provider addresses, phone and fax numbers, and contact names, so you'll be confident of having
one of the most authoritative and up-to-date fax marketing lists available anywhere

Date of most recent fully-updated release: July 21, 2020


Just the Fax, Ma'am.

From our master healthcare data files, we have extracted only those records that have fax numbers, and put the numbers all in a single column, making our Medical Fax Number Lists exceptionally easy to use, whether you're pulling them into a CRM, or uploading them to your jBlast, Black Ice, FaxBB, or other fax broadcasting system. You're welcome!


  • 100% have fax numbers
  • 100% have street addresses
  • 100% have phone numbers
  • 100% have NPI numbers
  • 100% have primary specialty
  • Unlimited use
  • Easy to sort by city, state or specialty in Excel®
  • Updated monthly with data that providers are required by law to keep accurate; subscriptions available. Most recent release date: July 21, 2020


Physician Fax Numbers, Medical Fax NumbersClick a fax number list for pricing and details:

Physician fax numbers Physician & Surgeon Faxes (705,006 records; 306,399 unique numbers*)

Chiropractor fax numbers Chiropractor & Naprapath Faxes (101,257 records; 57,650 unique numbers*)

Clinic fax numbers Clinic Faxes ( 135,472 records; 106,920 unique numbers*)

Dentist fax numbers Dentist Faxes (194,969 records; 119,217 unique numbers*)

Clinic fax numbers DME Supplier Faxes ( 81,284 records; 60,068 unique numbers*)

Hospital fax numbers Hospital Faxes (28,916 records; 19,219 unique numbers*)

Home health fax numbers Home Health Faxes (49,189 records; 41,351 unique numbers*)

laboratory fax numbers Laboratory Faxes (10,649 records; 8,368 unique numbers*)

Mental health fax numbers Mental Health Provider Faxes (527,484 records; 202,198 unique numbers*)

Pharmacy/pharmacist fax numbers Pharmacy & Pharmacist Faxes (172,901 records; 93,365 unique numbers*)

Eye doctor fax numbers Vision Care Provider Faxes (64,710 records; 35,470 unique numbers*)

Physical/occupational therapist fax numbers Physical & Occupational Therapist Faxes (218,962 records; 87,061 unique numbers*)


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*Additional Information

Duplication of fax numbers occurs where more than one practitioner shares a practice location, and occasionally where a practitioner has an optional second record for their business entity. Additionally, chain providers, such as Walgreens Pharmacies, may use a single or central contact point for fax and/or other communications intended for multiple locations. All records are provided so that the user can select by practitioner and type of record. If you need to unduplicate the fax numbers in Excel, make a copy of the file, and delete all columns except the fax number column. Then use Excel's built-in duplicate removal feature: with all of the data selected/highlighted, select the Data tab and click the Remove Duplicates button. Data is delivered exactly as reported and updated by the providers themselves to their federal NPI registry records. Purchase these lists with the understanding that there will be duplicate fax numbers. Each list is shown above with the number of unique fax numbers. No refunds on digital products and services.

Includes providers in all 50 states plus territories.

CarePrecise makes no warranty or claim as to deliverable rates, merchantability or fitness for a specific purpose, or viability or legality regarding the use of its data products. Full responsibility rests with the user. Purchaser agrees that its use of CarePrecise fax lists will comply with US federal and state laws relating to fax communications.



Not all records are populated with all data. See data content information.

Subscription plans include the listed release schedule for the listed time period, with releases approximately monthly or approximately quarterly as indicated. Each release is based on the most recent dissemination from the data sources currently available at the time of the release.

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