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CP ListMaker™ is a powerful open source add-on tool for CarePrecise Access datasets, designed to simplify the process of creating lists of healthcare providers based on criteria including specialty and subspecialty (taxonomy codes), geographic location (zip codes and/or states), provider type (individual, such as physician, or organization, such as hospital), and more. The U.S. healthcare provider database of more than 7.3 million records is a snap to navigate with CP ListMaker.


Whether you're creating a highly targeted marketing campaign, conducting healthcare research, or developing a clinical trial provider pool, CP ListMaker is the tool of choice, from the most respected name in healthcare provider data.

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CP ListMaker puts most of the flexibility of our CarePrecise Select provider targeting service right in your own hands. And when you update your data with a CarePrecise data subscription, CP ListMaker will pull your targeted providers from the new data, resulting in complete, up-to-date provider data.

The CP ListMaker software is provided as a completely open Microsoft Access MDB application that you can explore and extend as much as you like, or you can use the powerful built-in features alone to pull highly targeted lists of providers, with no technical abilities at all.



Complete Provider List Selection Criteria

CP ListMaker helps you create lists of specific kinds of physicians, dentists, hospitals, clinics and every other type of healthcare provider, to match your own very specific criteria, including taxonomy code (the specialty or subspecialty for individual providers; the facility or practice type code for organizations), Zip Code®, and state/territory. You can use just one of these criteria at a time, any two, or all three. You can also tell CP ListMaker whether you want individual providers, organizations/facilities, or both. Select from all of the current healthcare provider taxonomy codes, zips and states; the complete lists are included within CP ListMaker. And you can filter your lists by gender, Medicare-eligible providers, and more.


Filter your medical marketing lists by county, wealth, urban/rural locations


Select Providers by Specialty, Subspecialty, Facility Type, Zip Code and State

For individuals like physicians, the taxonomy code describes the type of practice, from high-level views like Internal Medicine, to specific practices like gastroenterology. For organizations like hospitals, the taxonomy codes identify the type of facility and/or the kind of treatment it offers, like acute care hospital or family planning clinic.

You can tell CP ListMaker which taxonomy codes to use to select providers using either an imported list of codes, or by selecting codes in the PICK Taxonomy list box. Select criteria using the Select Criteria window (the program's main window that opens when you start CP ListMaker).

Tell CP ListMaker the geographic locations you'd like to include (Zip Codes and/or states), and you'll get targeted providers in the locations your choose. Use the integrated Geographic Radius tool to select providers within a desired number of miles from a central point.

In addition to selecting taxonomy codes, zips and states from the on-screen lists, you can import text files of targeted taxonomy, zips and states directly into your CP ListMaker criteria using the automated file import features.


Select Providers by Urban/Rural and Wealth Data

You can select providers practicing in areas of high or low wealth/poverty, using CP ListMaker's intelligent demographics filters based on income data from the Department of Commerce and USPS, and shown onscreen as percentages of the Federal Poverty Level (under 50% to 2000%). Target urban, rural or small town hospitals with ease. Zero in on physicians practicing in wealthy areas. Find providers in low income neighborhoods. Get a list of pharmacies in small towns. This are powerful analytical tools that have never before been available for the complete US healthcare provider community.


Select by Group Practice Information

CarePrecise datasets include a co-location code table (tCoLoCode). The CoLoCode is an algorithmic derivation from provider practice data, which facilitates querying providers by practice location. Our QoRelate™ record linking system standardizes and conforms location data far beyond postal specifications to link providers practicing together.

These data can be used together to identify physician groups and all of their specialties, and the CoLoCode data can be used to identify any provider type in a co-located group practice, including dentists, optometrists, radiologists, etc. The CoLoCodes can also be used to identify physicians and others working within large health systems, universities and other institutions.

You can select by size of the practice (number of co-located providers, selecting a range (i.e., between 5 and 50 providers).

Example Application: The co-location codes let you find large (or small) clinics, based on the Count field, which shows the number of providers in the database with the same practice location. For instance, while the code UICFLG70MMPNPNHRR seems meaningless, it happens to be a CoLoCode for the Cleveland Clinic, and it can instantly filter the database to show you all of the 2700+ physicians and other providers practicing at the Cleveland Clinic's 9500 Euclid Avenue location.

We also provider new practice group identifiers published CMS that indicate providers who have reported status as a multi-specialty or single-specialty group.


Fully Integrated with the CarePrecise Provider Data Collection.

Whether you have CarePrecise Complete or CarePrecise Advanced, and/or the Authoritative Hospital Database, Authoritative Physician Database, or any of our email lists, CP ListMaker pulls it all together into a single silo of U.S. healthcare provider data, bringing the most powerful search capabilities to your desktop.


Select Providers by PECOS Enrollment

CarePrecise Access data now includes PECOS status, indicating those providers who are enrolled to accept Medicare patients. CP ListMaker's output options include the ability to select those who are, or are not, enrolled in PECOS.


Processing Your Selections

After selecting or importing the criteria to create a list of providers, a single button click builds a list of matching providers and displays the count. You can immediately view or export the providers who matched your criteria.


Add More Matches to Your Selections

At any time you can select more criteria and add matching providers to your output. Or you can clear your matches and start fresh, even load previously saved criteria sets.


Save Your Criteria

CP ListMaker provides a new level of organization to your provider targeting efforts, allowing you to save provider profiles as criteria sets, and then call them up again later. If you update your CarePrecise Access databases with a new NPPES release, your saved criteria sets can pull the most up-to-date matching providers, including any new providers that have been added to the data.


Viewing and Exporting Selected Provider Data

After you've reviewed the provider records matching your criteria, click on the Output Lists tab, where you can select from built-in output styles, or create and save your own. You can even make permanent changes to the built-in styles to streamline your work even more. View your provider lists on-screen, fine tune by removing unnecessary records (non-destructive delete on the Find Matches tab), and then export as a standard text file for use in other software or by your service providers. You can even save lists of provider records for later use, to combine and automatically de-duplicate lists before export, or other uses.


Saving Provider Lists

This powerful feature lets you save lists of providers. CP ListMaker saves lists by the providers' NPI number as the key code, and when you run load the list again after updating your CarePrecise data, the list will show the providers with any updated addresses, phones, fax numbers, legal business names, etc. You can also "stack" lists to create combined export files of providers matching totally different criteria.

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Export Anything... or Everything

If you prefer, you can export every data point for every HIPAA-covered healthcare provider in the United States or just the data on your targeted providers, with a single click. Export the complete fieldset for each record, in the same format as the complete CarePrecise dataset, or choose which fields to export—as-is, or processed with SharpMail for intelligent proper casing of names and addresses, and intelligent creation of salutations (no more "Dear Doctor"). CP ListMaker used as an add-on for CarePrecise Complete or CarePrecise Advanced gives you unlimited export privileges for the complete NPPES database, right in your own shop. Never buy medical provider lists again.


Easily Create Custom Output

Built-in queries can be cloned, changed and saved under new names. Additionally, you can make changes to the standard queries themselves, or create new ones using the Microsoft Access query features and the visual QBE (query by example) grid. Because CP ListMaker is built on one of the most powerful and easy-to-use database platforms available, you can use all of Microsoft Access' search and sort features to customize your CP ListMaker application to select for provider gender, credentials, and much more.


SharpMail™ – Intelligent Proper Casing, Genderization and Salutations

Click for a full description of SharpMail...

SharpMail gives you clean, proper-case names and addresses, and intelligent, properly genderized salutations. The SharpMail feature brings automated intelligence into the creation of effective lists with your choice of formal or casual salutations...

AASHISH K CHAKRABORTY M.D PHD becomes Dr. Aashish K. Chakraborty, MD, PhD

...with an accurate, formal salutation to kick off your communication: Dr. Chakraborty. If there are no appropriate credentials or other clues as to an appropriate greeting, SharpMail analyzes first name and middle name data and, using its genderization scheme, builds the salutation...

MARY JANE WORTH gets the formal salutation Ms. Worth

...unless she has credentials indicating she should be Dr. Worth

More than 900,000 providers have given their preferred prefix (Mr. Ms., Mrs., Dr., etc.), and for those that did not, SharpMail analyzes first names, middle names and credentials to find exactly the best way to proceed. so you feel confident that you are greeting people appropriately...

J. DANIEL MACARTHUR JR, PT becomes J. Daniel MacArthur, Jr., PT with the casual salutation Daniel

Practice or Business Mailing Address... Choose which address to send to, the provider's actual practice location, or the business mailing address.

Products with SharpMail's abilities alone are sold for hundreds of dollars (we ourselves used to sell them for $1,200), but now we package them for free within CP ListMaker and Gold, and we give them to you open source so you can use the them in your own internal development projects.


Before SharpMail: After SharpMail:

3316 SOUTH 23RD AVE.
MYTOWN, MA 55555-5555



Dr. Aashish K. Chakraborty, MD, PhD
3316 South 23rd Ave., Suite 300
Mytown, MA 55555-5555


Dear Dr. Chakraborty:


ANYCITY, CA 55555-5555


Aalfte N. Coloce, RN
2700 McCoy Rd, Suite 100
Anycity, CA 55555-5555


Dear Ms. Coloce:


CP ListMaker On-screen Help

CP ListMaker screens include topical help buttons, each related to the function it appears beside. In-window help screens appear with quick information about common CP ListMaker operations.


Free Version Upgrades

Version 7.2 is available for instant download, with powerful features, including practice group sorting, sorts by poverty/wealth level and urban vs. rural providers; output options for gender, date added and date updated by the provider; and SharpMail™, our proper-case, genderized salutation mailing list creator. You'll receive all version upgrades for one year following your purchase of CP ListMaker, and for every year thereafter as long as you maintain a subscription to quarterly or monthly data updates. Version upgrades are delivered via email to the original purchaser in compressed zip files.


Technical Support

CP ListMaker comes with 30 days of free technical support from the Tulsa, Oklahoma personnel who built and use CP ListMaker daily. Refer to our Support page for details and information on extended support plans.


System Requirements

CP ListMaker requires Microsoft Access 2007 or later on Windows 7 or later, and a CarePrecise Access or CarePrecise Advanced dataset.



Buyer is licensed to use CP ListMaker software in any way desired as long as it is within and for the buyer's own organization and is used by only one user at a time (may not be installed on multiple computers for use by multiple simultaneous users without the purchase of a Site License). The CarePrecise Access database carries a separate license, and is also limited to use within the buyer's own organization and to only one user at a time (may not be installed on multiple computers for use by multiple simultaneous users without the purchase of a Site License). Additional licensing options are available for uses that involve distribution of the data or use of the data by more than one user.


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Pricing and Ordering Information

CP ListMaker add-on separately: $395, or $201 if purchased within 30 days of CarePrecise Complete or CarePrecise Advanced.

CarePrecise Platinum (CP ListMaker + CarePrecise Advanced dataset):
Single Download: $874
1-year Quarterly $1,685
1-year Monthly $3,438

CarePrecise Gold (CP ListMaker + the CPAC standard data):
Single Download: $684
1-year Quarterly $1,258
1-year Monthly $2,549

Longer subscription plans are available with substantial savings, for CarePrecise Platinum and CarePrecise Gold.