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CarePrecise Healthcare Provoder Data

Email Deliverability Guarantee

Effective March 1, 2021

Typicall, CarePrecise Custom Email addresses will experience better than 90% deliverability on the first send, with "Unknown" bounce replies getting through on subsequent emailings. CarePrecise guarantees 90% deliverability, and will make monetary adjustments for hard bounces by reason of "invalid" addresses for any number of bounces over 10% of the original purchase. CarePrecise will issue a rebate of the paid per-address email price, for undeliverable emails, defined as "invalid," on the following basis: For non-free email domains - 100%; for free email domains (aol, hotmail, etc., and domains of Internet Service Providers such as,, etc.) - 50%. We do not refund for other items that may be included on the invoice.

Because a wide range of technical issues and other situations can cause a valid email address to "bounce," such as server timeout, spam detection, full inboxes, out-of-office situations, message body and subject line content, and others beyond the control of CarePrecise, rebates can only be given for those addresses that meet the eligibility criteria below.

Eligibility: Mailing in question must have been sent within 15 days of purchase, documented by the sending service's dated bounce report, and request for rebate must be received within 30 days of purchase, and requests for rebate must include at least one of the following:

  1. (Preferred) A dated MyEmailVerifier email verification service download of email addresses showing the address, the determination and the reason, that are judged by the verification service's analysis to be undeliverable, specifically for the determination of "invalid" or "does not exist"; OR
  2. A copy of the report provided by your email campaign service listing the email addresses that were undelivered and the reason for the bounce, with eligible addresses being those that were undeliverable by reason of the email address being "invalid." Accepted email campaign bounce reports are listed below. No other proof is acceptable for the guarantee.

Addresses shown as "valid," "unknown," and "catch-all," among others, are all valid addresses and are not eligible for rebate. "Unknown" results can occur due to system issues, connectivity, and othert causes, and will usually get a different determination when sent at a later time. CarePrecise recommends running verification on email lists immediately before a campaign, and sending any marked other than "valid" in small bursts to help avoid flagging by spam detection technology.

If we are unable to determine the validity of some of the bounced emails, we may elect to run a re-verification process through a third-party service in order to adjudicate eligibility for refund or credit.

The "paid per-address email price" is calculated as the net amount paid as listed for the product divided by the number of records in the delivered file after any discounts or promotional offers are applied, and does not include any related consulting or processing fees, or other non-email items that may be itemized on the order.

Accepted email campaign bounce reports include Mailchimp, ConstantContact, SendInBlue, and other reputable mainstream U.S.-based bulk email distribution services. Email sent by manual means such as Outlook, Thunderbird, or other local email client, are not eligible for rebate. Email campaigns sent using very inexpensive foreign email senders are not eligible for rebate. Email at free domains tend to change more frequently and thus bounces are rebated at the 50% rate. We do not rebate for free email addresses by reason of a verification service merely identifying the address as a free address, unless the address actually bounces and is judged to be "invalid." Spam-listed (blacklisted) and greylisted sender domains (the domains from which the emails were sent) are not eligible for rebate.

In lieu of a rebate, customer may opt for a credit on future email orders at twice the value. For example, a credit of $100 toward future CarePrecise purchases may be requested in lieu of a rebate of $50 on all non-free email addresses. Free email addresses ("free domain" as explained above) will be credited at the price paid. Credits may be applied to any future email order for up to 90 days from the date of purchase.

The guarantee warrants that 90% of email addresses are not undeliverable because they are invalid. Refund or credit will be calculated for the percentage of invalid email addresses that exceeds 10%.

Request for rebate or credits must be received, with accompanying required documentation, within 30 days of purchase. Deliverability guarantee is applicable to email addresses only, and does not apply to postal address, phone, fax or other contact channel.

CarePrecise reserves the right to test email addresses submitted for rebate, and will not be liable for payment of rebate should testing show that email addresses are not, in fact, invalid. Final decision of validity rests with CarePrecise LLC.

This guarantee supersedes all prior email guarantees and is not applicable to "specially priced" or "promotional" email list pricing. This guarantee is strictly limited to the above terms, and liability is limited to the price paid for invalid email addresses as written herein. This guarantee covers only the email addresses and no other data included in the delivered file or any other CarePrecise products..


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