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The SelectGeo Add-on Module contains the latitude and longitude for U.S. HIPAA-covered healthcare provider NPI numbers. It contains only the the goecoding and the NPI number; no names, addresses or other data are included, as it ism meant as an add-on to other CarePrecise data packages. 

Geocoding is based on practice address data reported and updated by providers on their federal record as most recently released by CMS. As such, CarePrecise LLC does not control the content and no warranty is offered for accuracy, completeness, or fitness for any purpose. Only the practice address is taken into account; no other data on the record is evaluated. Accuracy estimates are not to be relied upon as guarantee. If an address contains incorrect information the record may not geocode properly. Only U.S. addresses are geocoded. If the delivered file is to be used in Microsoft Excel®, leading zeroes may be truncated. See this page on optimizing use in Excel. No refund may be claimed on digital products and services. In most cases requiring no preparation of the data prior to geocoding, delivery is within one business day following receipt of payment. Some large orders may require clearance of payment before delivery. Payment affirms buyer's acceptance of the terms, conditions, and limitations.

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