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Counts as of October 19, 2020

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Alaska: 30,105 taxonomies reported on 24,558 provider records. Providers may report multiple taxonomy codes, and organizations may have multiple NPI records.

TaxonomySpecialty, SubspecialtyCount
101Y00000XBehav/Soc Svc: Counselor1,064
101YA0400XBehav/Soc Svc: Counselor: Addiction (Substance Use Disorder)690
101YM0800XBehav/Soc Svc: Counselor: Mental Health1,295
101YP1600XBehav/Soc Svc: Counselor: Pastoral9
101YP2500XBehav/Soc Svc: Counselor: Professional528
101YS0200XBehav/Soc Svc: Counselor: School16
102L00000XBehav/Soc Svc: Psychoanalyst2
103G00000XBehav/Soc Svc: Clinical Neuropsychologist29
103K00000XBehav/Soc Svc: Behavioral Analyst104
103T00000XBehav/Soc Svc: Psychologist122
103TA0400XBehav/Soc Svc: Psychol: Addiction (Substance Use Disorder)2
103TA0700XBehav/Soc Svc: Psychol: Adult Development & Aging5
103TB0200XBehav/Soc Svc: Psychol: Cognitive & Behavioral12
103TC0700XBehav/Soc Svc: Psychol: Clinical157
103TC1900XBehav/Soc Svc: Psychol: Counseling25
103TC2200XBehav/Soc Svc: Psychol: Clinical Child & Adolescent13
103TE1100XBehav/Soc Svc: Psychol: Exercise & Sports1
103TF0000XBehav/Soc Svc: Psychol: Family7
103TF0200XBehav/Soc Svc: Psychol: Forensic4
103TH0100XBehav/Soc Svc: Psychol: Health Service2
103TM1800XBehav/Soc Svc: Psychol: Mental Retardation & Developmental Disabilities8
103TP0016XBehav/Soc Svc: Psychol: Prescribing (Medical)1
103TP0814XBehav/Soc Svc: Psychol: Psychoanalysis1
103TP2701XBehav/Soc Svc: Psychol: Group Psychotherapy2
103TR0400XBehav/Soc Svc: Psychol: Rehabilitation4
103TS0200XBehav/Soc Svc: Psychol: School4
104100000XBehav/Soc Svc: Social Worker366
1041C0700XBehav/Soc Svc: Soc Worker: Clinical626
1041S0200XBehav/Soc Svc: Soc Worker: School4
106E00000XBehav/Soc Svc: Assistant Behavior Analyst7
106H00000XBehav/Soc Svc: Marriage & Family Therapist118
106S00000XBehav/Soc Svc: Behavior Technician636
111N00000XChiropractic: Chiropractor569
111NI0013XChiropractic: Chiropractor: Independent Medical Examiner1
111NI0900XChiropractic: Chiropractor: Internist5
111NN0400XChiropractic: Chiropractor: Neurology7
111NN1001XChiropractic: Chiropractor: Nutrition5
111NR0200XChiropractic: Chiropractor: Radiology2
111NR0400XChiropractic: Chiropractor: Rehabilitation29
111NS0005XChiropractic: Chiropractor: Sports Physician11
111NX0100XChiropractic: Chiropractor: Occupational Medicine1
111NX0800XChiropractic: Chiropractor: Orthopedic5
122300000XDental: Dentist514
1223D0001XDental: Dentist: Dental Public Health12
1223D0004XDental: Dentist: Dentist Anesthesiologist4
1223E0200XDental: Dentist: Endodontics19
1223G0001XDental: Dentist: General Practice491
1223P0106XDental: Dentist: Oral and Maxillofacial Pathology1
1223P0221XDental: Dentist: Pediatric Dentistry61
1223P0300XDental: Dentist: Periodontics15
1223P0700XDental: Dentist: Prosthodontics14
1223S0112XDental: Dentist: Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery50
1223X0008XDental: Dentist: Oral and Maxillofacial Radiology1
1223X0400XDental: Dentist: Orthodontics and Dentofacial Orthopedics31
122400000XDental: Denturist1
124Q00000XDental: Dental Hygienist81
125J00000XDental: Dental Therapist26
125K00000XDental: Advanced Practice Dental Therapist1
126800000XDental: Dental Assistant30
126900000XDental: Dental Laboratory Technician3
132700000XDiet/Nutr: Dietary Manager1
133N00000XDiet/Nutr: Nutritionist8
133NN1002XDiet/Nutr: Nutritionist: Nutrition, Education8
133V00000XDiet/Nutr: Dietitian, Registered216
133VN1004XDiet/Nutr: Dietitian, Reg: Nutrition, Pediatric5
133VN1005XDiet/Nutr: Dietitian, Reg: Nutrition, Renal4
133VN1006XDiet/Nutr: Dietitian, Reg: Nutrition, Metabolic3
133VN1201XDiet/Nutr: Dietitian, Reg: Nutrition, Obesity and Weight Management2
146D00000XEmrg Med Svc: Personal Emergency Response Attendant2
146L00000XEmrg Med Svc: Emergency Medical Technician, Paramedic7
146M00000XEmrg Med Svc: Emergency Medical Technician, Intermediate6
146N00000XEmrg Med Svc: Emergency Medical Technician, Basic4
152W00000XEye/Vsn: Optometrist317
152WC0802XEye/Vsn: Optometrist: Corneal and Contact Management6
152WP0200XEye/Vsn: Optometrist: Pediatrics1
152WS0006XEye/Vsn: Optometrist: Sports Vision1
152WV0400XEye/Vsn: Optometrist: Vision Therapy2
152WX0102XEye/Vsn: Optometrist: Occupational Vision1
156F00000XEye/Vsn: Technician/Technologist1
156FC0800XEye/Vsn: Technicn/Technol: Contact Lens3
156FC0801XEye/Vsn: Technicn/Technol: Contact Lens Fitter3
156FX1101XEye/Vsn: Technicn/Technol: Ophthalmic Assistant1
156FX1202XEye/Vsn: Technicn/Technol: Optometric Technician1
156FX1800XEye/Vsn: Technicn/Technol: Optician44
163W00000XNursing: Registered Nurse1,142
163WA0400XNursing: RN: Addiction (Substance Use Disorder)18
163WA2000XNursing: RN: Administrator12
163WC0200XNursing: RN: Critical Care Medicine19
163WC0400XNursing: RN: Case Management47
163WC1500XNursing: RN: Community Health38
163WC1600XNursing: RN: Continuing Education/Staff Development2
163WD0400XNursing: RN: Diabetes Educator15
163WE0003XNursing: RN: Emergency31
163WF0300XNursing: RN: Flight3
163WG0000XNursing: RN: General Practice26
163WG0100XNursing: RN: Gastroenterology1
163WH0200XNursing: RN: Home Health46
163WI0500XNursing: RN: Infusion Therapy7
163WI0600XNursing: RN: Infection Control4
163WL0100XNursing: RN: Lactation Consultant7
163WM0102XNursing: RN: Maternal Newborn11
163WM0705XNursing: RN: Medical-Surgical12
163WM1400XNursing: RN: Nurse Massage Therapist (NMT)3
163WN0002XNursing: RN: Neonatal Intensive Care1
163WN0800XNursing: RN: Neuroscience1
163WP0000XNursing: RN: Pain Management5
163WP0200XNursing: RN: Pediatrics1
163WP0807XNursing: RN: Psychiatric/Mental Health, Child & Adolescent8
163WP0808XNursing: RN: Psychiatric/Mental Health29
163WP0809XNursing: RN: Psychiatric/Mental Health, Adult12
163WP2201XNursing: RN: Ambulatory Care17
163WR0006XNursing: RN: Registered Nurse First Assistant10
163WR0400XNursing: RN: Rehabilitation1
163WS0200XNursing: RN: School2
163WU0100XNursing: RN: Urology1
163WW0000XNursing: RN: Wound Care8
163WW0101XNursing: RN: Women's Health Care, Ambulatory4
163WX0003XNursing: RN: Obstetric, Inpatient10
163WX0106XNursing: RN: Occupational Health7
163WX0200XNursing: RN: Oncology7
163WX0800XNursing: RN: Orthopedic1
164W00000XNursing: Licensed Practical Nurse342
164X00000XNursing: Licensed Vocational Nurse11
167G00000XNursing: Licensed Psychiatric Technician2
170100000XOther Prov: Medical Gen, PhD Medical Gen1
170300000XOther Prov: Gen Counselor, MS5
171000000XOther Prov: Military Health Care Provider18
1710I1002XOther Prov: Mil HC Prov: Independent Duty Corpsman9
1710I1003XOther Prov: Mil HC Prov: Independent Duty Medical Technicians29
171100000XOther Prov: Acupuncturist141
171M00000XOther Prov: Case Manager/Care Coordinator1,357
171W00000XOther Prov: Contractor34
171WH0202XOther Prov: Contractor: Home Modifications32
171WV0202XOther Prov: Contractor: Vehicle Modifications2
172A00000XOther Prov: Driver26
172M00000XOther Prov: Mechanotherapist22
172V00000XOther Prov: Community Health Worker971
173000000XOther Prov: Legal Medicine2
173C00000XOther Prov: Reflexologist9
174200000XOther Prov: Meals3
174400000XOther Prov: Specialist211
1744G0900XOther Prov: Specialist: Graphics Designer1
1744P3200XOther Prov: Specialist: Prosthetics Case Management5
1744R1103XOther Prov: Specialist: Research Data Abstracter/Coder1
174H00000XOther Prov: Health Educator11
174M00000XOther Prov: Veterinarian23
174N00000XOther Prov: Lactation Consultant, Non-RN7
175F00000XOther Prov: Naturopath60
175L00000XOther Prov: Homeopath3
175M00000XOther Prov: Midwife, Lay11
175T00000XOther Prov: Peer Specialist84
176B00000XOther Prov: Midwife90
177F00000XOther Prov: Lodging8
183500000XPharm Svc: Pharmacist776
1835C0205XPharm Svc: Pharm: Critical Care1
1835G0303XPharm Svc: Pharm: Geriatric9
1835N1003XPharm Svc: Pharm: Nutrition Support1
1835P0018XPharm Svc: Pharm: Pharmacist Clinician (PhC)/ Clinical Pharmacy Specialist32
1835P1200XPharm Svc: Pharm: Pharmacotherapy16
1835P1300XPharm Svc: Pharm: Psychiatric1
1835P2201XPharm Svc: Pharm: Ambulatory Care5
1835X0200XPharm Svc: Pharm: Oncology2
183700000XPharm Svc: Pharmacy Technician19
202K00000XPhysician: Phlebology8
204C00000XPhysician: Neuromusculoskeletal Medicine, Sports Medicine1
204D00000XPhysician: Neuromusculoskeletal Medicine & OMM8
204E00000XPhysician: Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery8
204R00000XPhysician: Electrodiagnostic Medicine1
207K00000XPhysician: Allergy & Immunology11
207KA0200XPhysician: Allerg/Imm: Allergy2
207L00000XPhysician: Anesthesiology172
207LA0401XPhysician: Anesthes: Addiction Medicine1
207LP2900XPhysician: Anesthes: Pain Medicine35
207LP3000XPhysician: Anesthes: Pediatric Anesthesiology4
207N00000XPhysician: Dermatology36
207ND0101XPhysician: Dermatol: MOHS-Micrographic Surgery5
207ND0900XPhysician: Dermatol: Dermatopathology3
207NI0002XPhysician: Dermatol: Clinical & Laboratory Dermatological Immunology4
207NP0225XPhysician: Dermatol: Pediatric Dermatology6
207NS0135XPhysician: Dermatol: Procedural Dermatology4
207P00000XPhysician: Emergency Medicine197
207PE0004XPhysician: Emrg Med: Emergency Medical Services28
207PH0002XPhysician: Emrg Med: Hospice and Palliative Medicine2
207PP0204XPhysician: Emrg Med: Pediatric Emergency Medicine1
207PS0010XPhysician: Emrg Med: Sports Medicine1
207PT0002XPhysician: Emrg Med: Medical Toxicology1
207Q00000XPhysician: Family Medicine931
207QA0000XPhysician: Fam Med: Adolescent Medicine1
207QA0401XPhysician: Fam Med: Addiction Medicine7
207QA0505XPhysician: Fam Med: Adult Medicine7
207QB0002XPhysician: Fam Med: Obesity Medicine1
207QG0300XPhysician: Fam Med: Geriatric Medicine4
207QH0002XPhysician: Fam Med: Hospice and Palliative Medicine5
207QS0010XPhysician: Fam Med: Sports Medicine10
207QS1201XPhysician: Fam Med: Sleep Medicine2
207R00000XPhysician: Internal Medicine328
207RA0001XPhysician: Internal Med: Advanced Heart Failure and Transplant Cardiology1
207RA0201XPhysician: Internal Med: Allergy & Immunology1
207RA0401XPhysician: Internal Med: Addiction Medicine4
207RB0002XPhysician: Internal Med: Bariatric Medicine1
207RC0000XPhysician: Internal Med: Cardiovascular Disease64
207RC0001XPhysician: Internal Med: Clinical Cardiac Electrophysiology5
207RC0200XPhysician: Internal Med: Critical Care Medicine32
207RE0101XPhysician: Internal Med: Endocrinology, Diabetes & Metabolism16
207RG0100XPhysician: Internal Med: Gastroenterology31
207RG0300XPhysician: Internal Med: Geriatric Medicine8
207RH0000XPhysician: Internal Med: Hematology3
207RH0002XPhysician: Internal Med: Hospice and Palliative Medicine4
207RH0003XPhysician: Internal Med: Hematology & Oncology29
207RI0008XPhysician: Internal Med: Hepatology1
207RI0011XPhysician: Internal Med: Interventional Cardiology12
207RI0200XPhysician: Internal Med: Infectious Disease13
207RN0300XPhysician: Internal Med: Nephrology24
207RP1001XPhysician: Internal Med: Pulmonary Disease39
207RR0500XPhysician: Internal Med: Rheumatology10
207RS0010XPhysician: Internal Med: Sports Medicine1
207RS0012XPhysician: Internal Med: Sleep Medicine10
207RX0202XPhysician: Internal Med: Medical Oncology5
207T00000XPhysician: Neurological Surgery29
207UN0901XPhysician: Nuc Med: Nuclear Cardiology2
207V00000XPhysician: Obstetrics & Gynecology162
207VB0002XPhysician: Ob/Gyn: Bariatric Medicine1
207VF0040XPhysician: Ob/Gyn: Female Pelvic Medicine & Reconstructive Surgery1
207VG0400XPhysician: Ob/Gyn: Gynecology21
207VM0101XPhysician: Ob/Gyn: Maternal & Fetal Medicine5
207VX0000XPhysician: Ob/Gyn: Obstetrics8
207VX0201XPhysician: Ob/Gyn: Gynecologic Oncology1
207W00000XPhysician: Ophthalmology51
207WX0120XPhysician: Ophthalmology: Cornea and External Diseases2
207X00000XPhysician: Orthopaedic Surgery150
207XP3100XPhysician: Ortho Surg: Pediatric Orthopaedic Surgery1
207XS0106XPhysician: Ortho Surg: Hand Surgery12
207XS0114XPhysician: Ortho Surg: Adult Reconstructive Orthopaedic Surgery2
207XS0117XPhysician: Ortho Surg: Orthopaedic Surgery of the Spine12
207XX0004XPhysician: Ortho Surg: Foot and Ankle Surgery4
207XX0005XPhysician: Ortho Surg: Sports Medicine7
207XX0801XPhysician: Ortho Surg: Orthopaedic Trauma4
207Y00000XPhysician: Otolaryngology42
207YP0228XPhysician: Otolaryngology: Pediatric Otolaryngology2
207YS0123XPhysician: Otolaryngology: Facial Plastic Surgery5
207YX0007XPhysician: Otolaryngology: Plastic Surgery within the Head & Neck2
207YX0602XPhysician: Otolaryngology: Otolaryngic Allergy1
207YX0901XPhysician: Otolaryngology: Otology & Neurotology2
207YX0905XPhysician: Otolaryngology: Otolaryngology/Facial Plastic Surgery10
207ZB0001XPhysician: Pathology: Blood Banking & Transfusion Medicine1
207ZC0006XPhysician: Pathology: Clinical Pathology1
207ZC0500XPhysician: Pathology: Cytopathology1
207ZD0900XPhysician: Pathology: Dermatopathology1
207ZH0000XPhysician: Pathology: Hematology3
207ZI0100XPhysician: Pathology: Immunopathology1
207ZP0007XPhysician: Pathology: Molec Gen Pathology1
207ZP0101XPhysician: Pathology: Anatomic Pathology2
207ZP0102XPhysician: Pathology: Anatomic Pathology & Clinical Pathology30
207ZP0105XPhysician: Pathology: Clinical Pathology/Laboratory Medicine2
208000000XPhysician: Pediatrics221
2080A0000XPhysician: Pediatrics: Adolescent Medicine1
2080C0008XPhysician: Pediatrics: Child Abuse2
2080N0001XPhysician: Pediatrics: Neonatal-Perinatal Medicine12
2080P0006XPhysician: Pediatrics: Developmental & Behavioral Pediatrics7
2080P0202XPhysician: Pediatrics: Pediatric Cardiology6
2080P0203XPhysician: Pediatrics: Pediatric Critical Care Medicine4
2080P0205XPhysician: Pediatrics: Pediatric Endocrinology6
2080P0206XPhysician: Pediatrics: Pediatric Gastroenterology8
2080P0207XPhysician: Pediatrics: Pediatric Hematology-Oncology5
2080P0214XPhysician: Pediatrics: Pediatric Pulmonology4
208100000XPhysician: Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation37
2081P2900XPhysician: Phys Med/Reh: Pain Medicine11
2081S0010XPhysician: Phys Med/Reh: Sports Medicine3
208200000XPhysician: Plastic Surgery12
2082S0099XPhysician: Plstc Surg: Plastic Surgery Within the Head and Neck1
2082S0105XPhysician: Plstc Surg: Surgery of the Hand1
2083A0100XPhysician: Preventive Med: Aerospace Medicine11
2083P0500XPhysician: Preventive Med: Preventive Medicine/Occupational Environmental Medicine6
2083P0901XPhysician: Preventive Med: Public Health & General Preventive Medicine15
2083S0010XPhysician: Preventive Med: Sports Medicine2
2083X0100XPhysician: Preventive Med: Occupational Medicine11
2084A0401XPhysician: Psych/Neurol: Addiction Medicine1
2084B0040XPhysician: Psych/Neuro: Behavioral Neurology & Neuropsychiatry2
2084N0400XPhysician: Psych/Neurol: Neurology44
2084N0402XPhysician: Psych/Neurol: Neurology with Special Qualifications in Child Neurology6
2084N0600XPhysician: Psych/Neurol: Clinical Neurophysiology3
2084P0005XPhysician: Psych/Neurol: Neurodevelopmental Disabilities1
2084P0015XPhysician: Psych/Neurol: Psychosomatic Medicine1
2084P0800XPhysician: Psych/Neurol: Psychiatry178
2084P0802XPhysician: Psych/Neurol: Addiction Psychiatry5
2084P0804XPhysician: Psych/Neurol: Child & Adolescent Psychiatry44
2084P0805XPhysician: Psych/Neurol: Geriatric Psychiatry2
2084S0010XPhysician: Psych/Neurol: Sports Medicine1
2084S0012XPhysician: Psych/Neurol: Sleep Medicine7
2085B0100XPhysician: Radiol: Body Imaging10
2085D0003XPhysician: Radiol: Diagnostic Neuroimaging1
2085N0700XPhysician: Radiol: Neuroradiology3
2085N0904XPhysician: Radiol: Nuclear Radiology2
2085P0229XPhysician: Radiol: Pediatric Radiology2
2085R0001XPhysician: Radiol: Radiation Oncology23
2085R0202XPhysician: Radiol: Diagnostic Radiology138
2085R0203XPhysician: Radiol: Therapeutic Radiology3
2085R0204XPhysician: Radiol: Vascular & Interventional Radiology10
2085U0001XPhysician: Radiol: Diagnostic Ultrasound5
208600000XPhysician: Surgery156
2086S0102XPhysician: Surg: Surgical Critical Care2
2086S0105XPhysician: Surg: Surgery of the Hand2
2086S0120XPhysician: Surg: Pediatric Surgery4
2086S0122XPhysician: Surg: Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery11
2086S0127XPhysician: Surg: Trauma Surgery5
2086S0129XPhysician: Surg: Vascular Surgery13
2086X0206XPhysician: Surg: Surgical Oncology7
208800000XPhysician: Urology49
2088P0231XPhysician: Urol: Pediatric Urology2
208C00000XPhysician: Colon & Rectal Surgery5
208D00000XPhysician: General Practice120
208G00000XPhysician: Thoracic Surgery (Cardiothoracic Vascular Surgery)11
208M00000XPhysician: Hospitalist77
208U00000XPhysician: Clinical Pharmacology1
208VP0000XPhysician: Pain Med: Pain Medicine10
208VP0014XPhysician: Pain Med: Interventional Pain Medicine24
209800000XPhysician: Legal Medicine1
213E00000XPodiatric: Podiatrist19
213EP1101XPodiatric: Podiatrist: Primary Podiatric Medicine1
213ES0103XPodiatric: Podiatrist: Foot & Ankle Surgery22
213ES0131XPodiatric: Podiatrist: Foot Surgery3
221700000XResp/Dev/Reh/Rstr: Art Therapist1
222Q00000XResp/Dev/Reh/Rstr: Developmental Therapist4
222Z00000XResp/Dev/Reh/Rstr: Orthotist13
224L00000XResp/Dev/Reh/Rstr: Pedorthist1
224P00000XResp/Dev/Reh/Rstr: Prosthetist15
224Z00000XResp/Dev/Reh/Rstr: Occupational Therapy Assistant38
225000000XResp/Dev/Reh/Rstr: Orthotics/Prosthetics Fitter1
225100000XResp/Dev/Reh/Rstr: Physical Therapist827
2251E1300XResp/Dev/Reh/Rstr: PT: Electrophysiology, Clinical1
2251G0304XResp/Dev/Reh/Rstr: PT: Geriatrics1
2251N0400XResp/Dev/Reh/Rstr: PT: Neurology3
2251P0200XResp/Dev/Reh/Rstr: PT: Pediatrics34
2251S0007XResp/Dev/Reh/Rstr: PT: Sports2
2251X0800XResp/Dev/Reh/Rstr: PT: Orthopedic51
225200000XResp/Dev/Reh/Rstr: Physical Therapy Assistant114
225400000XResp/Dev/Reh/Rstr: Rehabilitation Practitioner8
2255A2300XResp/Dev/Reh/Rstr: Spec/Technol: Athletic Trainer36
2255R0406XResp/Dev/Reh/Rstr: Spec/Technol: Rehabilitation, Blind2
225700000XResp/Dev/Reh/Rstr: Massage Therapist857
225800000XResp/Dev/Reh/Rstr: Recreation Therapist6
225A00000XResp/Dev/Reh/Rstr: Music Therapist3
225B00000XResp/Dev/Reh/Rstr: Pulmonary Function Technologist1
225C00000XResp/Dev/Reh/Rstr: Rehabilitation Counselor8
225CX0006XResp/Dev/Reh/Rstr: Rehab Couns: Orientation and Mobility Training Provider1
225X00000XResp/Dev/Reh/Rstr: Occupational Therapist315
225XE0001XResp/Dev/Reh/Rstr: Occup Ther: Environmental Modification2
225XE1200XResp/Dev/Reh/Rstr: Occup Ther: Ergonomics1
225XF0002XResp/Dev/Reh/Rstr: Occup Ther: Feeding, Eating & Swallowing3
225XG0600XResp/Dev/Reh/Rstr: Occup Ther: Gerontology1
225XH1200XResp/Dev/Reh/Rstr: Occup Ther: Hand16
225XL0004XResp/Dev/Reh/Rstr: Occup Ther: Low Vision1
225XM0800XResp/Dev/Reh/Rstr: Occup Ther: Mental Health3
225XN1300XResp/Dev/Reh/Rstr: Occup Ther: Neurorehabilitation5
225XP0019XResp/Dev/Reh/Rstr: Occup Ther: Physical Rehabilitation9
225XP0200XResp/Dev/Reh/Rstr: Occup Ther: Pediatrics68
226000000XResp/Dev/Reh/Rstr: Recreational Therapist Assistant2
226300000XResp/Dev/Reh/Rstr: Kinesiotherapist4
227800000XResp/Dev/Reh/Rstr: Respiratory Therapist, Certified26
2278C0205XResp/Dev/Reh/Rstr: CRT: Critical Care4
2278E0002XResp/Dev/Reh/Rstr: CRT: Emergency Care1
2278G0305XResp/Dev/Reh/Rstr: CRT: Geriatric Care1
2278G1100XResp/Dev/Reh/Rstr: CRT: General Care1
2278H0200XResp/Dev/Reh/Rstr: CRT: Home Health3
2278P1004XResp/Dev/Reh/Rstr: CRT: Pulmonary Diagnostics1
2278P3900XResp/Dev/Reh/Rstr: CRT: Neonatal/Pediatrics1
2278P4000XResp/Dev/Reh/Rstr: CRT: Patient Transport1
227900000XResp/Dev/Reh/Rstr: Respiratory Therapist, Registered26
2279C0205XResp/Dev/Reh/Rstr: RRT: Critical Care4
2279H0200XResp/Dev/Reh/Rstr: RRT: Home Health1
2279P1004XResp/Dev/Reh/Rstr: RRT: Pulmonary Diagnostics1
2279P3900XResp/Dev/Reh/Rstr: RRT: Neonatal/Pediatrics3
231H00000XSpeech/Lang/Hrg: Audiologist62
2355S0801XSpeech/Lang/Hrg: Spec/Technol: Speech-Language Assistant34
235Z00000XSpeech/Lang/Hrg: Speech-Language Pathologist402
237600000XSpeech/Lang/Hrg: Audiologist-Hearing Aid Fitter3
237700000XSpeech/Lang/Hrg: Hearing Instrument Specialist35
242T00000XTechnologist: Perfusionist1
246Q00000XTechnologist: Specialist/Technologist, Pathology3
246QM0706XTechnologist: Spec/Tech Path: Medical Technologist2
246R00000XTechnologist: Technician, Pathology1
246RM2200XTechnologist: Tech, Pathol: Medical Laboratory1
246RP1900XTechnologist: Tech, Pathol: Phlebotomy7
246W00000XTechnologist: Technician, Cardiology1
246YC3302XTechnologist: Spec/Tech Hlth Info: Coding Specialist, Physician Office Based1
246Z00000XTechnologist: Specialist/Technologist, Other3
246ZC0007XTechnologist: Spec/Tech Other: Certified First Assistant7
246ZE0600XTechnologist: Spec/Tech Other: Electroneurodiagnostic12
246ZS0410XTechnologist: Spec/Tech Other: Surgical2
246ZX2200XTechnologist: Spec/Tech Other: Orthopedic Assistant2
247000000XTechnologist: Spec/Tech Other: Technician, Health Information4
247100000XTechnologist: Radiologic Technologist5
2471C3401XTechnologist: Radiol Tech: Computed Tomography1
2471C3402XTechnologist: Radiol Tech: Radiography11
2471M1202XTechnologist: Radiol Tech: Magnetic Resonance Imaging1
2471M2300XTechnologist: Radiol Tech: Mammography2
2471S1302XTechnologist: Radiol Tech: Sonography7
2471V0105XTechnologist: Radiol Tech: Vascular Sonography2
247200000XTechnologist: Technician, Other185
2472V0600XTechnologist: Tech, Other: Veterinary1
251300000XAgency: Local Education Agency (LEA)18
251B00000XAgency: Case Management302
251C00000XAgency: Day Training, Developmentally Disabled Services69
251E00000XAgency: Home Health122
251F00000XAgency: Home Infusion1
251G00000XAgency: Hospice Care, Community Based23
251J00000XAgency: Nursing Care11
251K00000XAgency: Public Health or Welfare11
251S00000XAgency: Community/Behavioral Health266
251T00000XAgency: Program of All-Inclusive Care for the Elderly (PACE) Provider Organization2
251V00000XAgency: Voluntary or Charitable14
251X00000XAgency: Supports Brokerage27
252Y00000XAgency: Early Intervention Provider Agency6
253J00000XAgency: Foster Care Agency8
253Z00000XAgency: In Home Supportive Care53
261Q00000XAmb HC Fac: Clinic/Center140
261QA0005XAmb HC Fac: Clinic/Ctr: Ambulatory Family Planning Facility3
261QA0600XAmb HC Fac: Clinic/Ctr: Adult Day Care22
261QA1903XAmb HC Fac: Clinic/Ctr: Ambulatory Surgical38
261QB0400XAmb HC Fac: Clinic/Ctr: Birthing21
261QC0050XAmb HC Fac: Clinic/Ctr: Critical Access Hospital2
261QC1500XAmb HC Fac: Clinic/Ctr: Community Health83
261QC1800XAmb HC Fac: Clinic/Ctr: Corporate Health2
261QD0000XAmb HC Fac: Clinic/Ctr: Dental73
261QD1600XAmb HC Fac: Clinic/Ctr: Developmental Disabilities5
261QE0700XAmb HC Fac: Clinic/Ctr: End-Stage Renal Disease (ESRD) Treatment11
261QE0800XAmb HC Fac: Clinic/Ctr: Endoscopy1
261QF0050XAmb HC Fac: Clinic/Ctr: Family Planning, Non-Surgical7
261QF0400XAmb HC Fac: Clinic/Ctr: Federally Qualified Health Center (FQHC)46
261QH0100XAmb HC Fac: Clinic/Ctr: Health Service53
261QH0700XAmb HC Fac: Clinic/Ctr: Hearing and Speech12
261QI0500XAmb HC Fac: Clinic/Ctr: Infusion Therapy3
261QM0801XAmb HC Fac: Clinic/Ctr: Mental Health (Including Community Mental Health Center)81
261QM0850XAmb HC Fac: Clinic/Ctr: Adult Mental Health36
261QM0855XAmb HC Fac: Clinic/Ctr: Adolescent and Children Mental Health30
261QM1100XAmb HC Fac: Clinic/Ctr: Military/U.S. Coast Guard Outpatient13
261QM1101XAmb HC Fac: Clinic/Ctr: Military and U.S. Coast Guard Ambulatory Procedure4
261QM1200XAmb HC Fac: Clinic/Ctr: Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI)2
261QM1300XAmb HC Fac: Clinic/Ctr: Multi-Specialty52
261QM2500XAmb HC Fac: Clinic/Ctr: Medical Specialty30
261QM2800XAmb HC Fac: Clinic/Ctr: Methadone5
261QP0904XAmb HC Fac: Clinic/Ctr: Public Health, Federal11
261QP0905XAmb HC Fac: Clinic/Ctr: Public Health, State or Local3
261QP1100XAmb HC Fac: Clinic/Ctr: Podiatric3
261QP2000XAmb HC Fac: Clinic/Ctr: Physical Therapy70
261QP2300XAmb HC Fac: Clinic/Ctr: Primary Care56
261QP3300XAmb HC Fac: Clinic/Ctr: Pain6
261QR0200XAmb HC Fac: Clinic/Ctr: Radiology8
261QR0206XAmb HC Fac: Clinic/Ctr: Radiology, Mammography2
261QR0207XAmb HC Fac: Clinic/Ctr: Radiology, Mobile Mammography2
261QR0400XAmb HC Fac: Clinic/Ctr: Rehabilitation14
261QR0401XAmb HC Fac: Clinic/Ctr: Rehabilitation, Comprehensive Outpatient Rehabilitation Facility (CORF)1
261QR0405XAmb HC Fac: Clinic/Ctr: Rehabilitation, Substance Use Disorder28
261QR0800XAmb HC Fac: Clinic/Ctr: Recovery Care2
261QR1100XAmb HC Fac: Clinic/Ctr: Research1
261QR1300XAmb HC Fac: Clinic/Ctr: Rural Health12
261QS0112XAmb HC Fac: Clinic/Ctr: Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery2
261QS0132XAmb HC Fac: Clinic/Ctr: Ophthalmologic Surgery2
261QS1000XAmb HC Fac: Clinic/Ctr: Student Health2
261QS1200XAmb HC Fac: Clinic/Ctr: Sleep Disorder Diagnostic21
261QU0200XAmb HC Fac: Clinic/Ctr: Urgent Care42
261QV0200XAmb HC Fac: Clinic/Ctr: VA8
261QX0100XAmb HC Fac: Clinic/Ctr: Occupational Medicine10
261QX0203XAmb HC Fac: Clinic/Ctr: Oncology, Radiation2
273R00000XHosp Unit: Psychiatric Unit5
273Y00000XHosp Unit: Rehabilitation Unit3
275N00000XHosp Unit: Medicare Defined Swing Bed Unit14
276400000XHosp Unit: Rehabilitation, Substance Use Disorder Unit1
281P00000XHosp: Chronic Disease Hospital2
282E00000XHosp: Long Term Care Hospital2
282J00000XHosp: Religious Nonmedical Health Care Institution1
282N00000XHosp: General Acute Care Hospital44
282NC0060XHosp: Gen Acute Care: Critical Access34
282NR1301XHosp: Gen Acute Care: Rural32
282NW0100XHosp: Gen Acute Care: Women1
283Q00000XHosp: Psychiatric Hospital5
284300000XHosp: Special Hospital1
286500000XHosp: Military Hospital2
2865M2000XHosp: Mil: Military General Acute Care Hospital2
291900000XLab: Military Clinical Medical Laboratory1
291U00000XLab: Clinical Medical Laboratory23
292200000XLab: Dental Laboratory2
302F00000XMCO: Exclusive Provider Organization8
302R00000XMCO: Health Maintenance Organization9
305R00000XMCO: Preferred Provider Organization13
305S00000XMCO: Point of Service12
310400000XNrsg/CC Fac: Assisted Living Facility531
3104A0625XNrsg/CC Fac: Asstd Livg: Assisted Living, Mental Illness41
3104A0630XNrsg/CC Fac: Asstd Livg: Assisted Living, Behavioral Disturbances22
311500000XNrsg/CC Fac: Alzheimer Center (Dementia Center)6
311Z00000XNrsg/CC Fac: Custodial Care Facility20
311ZA0620XNrsg/CC Fac: Custod Care: Adult Care Home20
313M00000XNrsg/CC Fac: Nursing Facility/Intermediate Care Facility13
314000000XNrsg/CC Fac: Skilled Nursing Facility27
3140N1450XNrsg/CC Fac: SNF: Nursing Care, Pediatric1
315P00000XNrsg/CC Fac: Intermediate Care Facility, Mentally Retarded3
320600000XRes Trt Fac: Residential Treatment Facility, Mental Retardation and/or Developmental Disabilities24
320700000XRes Trt Fac: Residential Treatment Facility, Physical Disabilities37
320800000XRes Trt Fac: Community Based Residential Treatment Facility, Mental Illness19
320900000XRes Trt Fac: Community Based Residential Treatment Facility, Mental Retardation and/or Developmental Disabilities41
322D00000XRes Trt Fac: Residential Treatment Facility, Emotionally Disturbed Children55
323P00000XRes Trt Fac: Psychiatric Residential Treatment Facility10
324500000XRes Trt Fac: Substance Abuse Rehabilitation Facility48
3245S0500XRes Trt Fac: Subst Abs Rehab: Substance Abuse Treatment, Children7
332000000XSupplier: Military/U.S. Coast Guard Pharmacy18
332100000XSupplier: Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) Pharmacy1
332800000XSupplier: Indian Health Service/Tribal/Urban Indian Health (I/T/U) Pharmacy26
332900000XSupplier: Non-Pharmacy Dispensing Site9
332B00000XSupplier: Durable Medical Equipment & Medical Supplies199
332BC3200XSupplier: DME/Med Spls: Customized Equipment16
332BP3500XSupplier: DME/Med Spls: Parenteral & Enteral Nutrition6
332BX2000XSupplier: DME/Med Spls: Oxygen Equipment & Supplies16
332H00000XSupplier: Eyewear Supplier (Equipment, not the service)29
332S00000XSupplier: Hearing Aid Equipment9
332U00000XSupplier: Home Delivered Meals9
333300000XSupplier: Emergency Response System Companies1
333600000XSupplier: Pharmacy96
3336C0002XSupplier: Pharm: Clinic Pharmacy12
3336C0003XSupplier: Pharm: Community/Retail Pharmacy141
3336C0004XSupplier: Pharm: Compounding Pharmacy7
3336H0001XSupplier: Pharm: Home Infusion Therapy Pharmacy7
3336I0012XSupplier: Pharm: Institutional Pharmacy4
3336L0003XSupplier: Pharm: Long Term Care Pharmacy26
3336M0002XSupplier: Pharm: Mail Order Pharmacy4
3336S0011XSupplier: Pharm: Specialty Pharmacy2
335E00000XSupplier: Prosthetic/Orthotic Supplier20
341600000XTransport: Ambulance10
3416A0800XTransport: Ambulance: Air Transport32
3416L0300XTransport: Ambulance: Land Transport63
3416S0300XTransport: Ambulance: Water Transport4
343800000XTransport: Secured Medical Transport (VAN)1
343900000XTransport: Non-emergency Medical Transport (VAN)41
344600000XTransport: Taxi14
344800000XTransport: Air Carrier4
347B00000XTransport: Bus2
347C00000XTransport: Private Vehicle19
347E00000XTransport: Transportation Broker8
363A00000XPA/APN: Physician Assistant548
363AM0700XPA/APN: PA: Medical245
363AS0400XPA/APN: PA: Surgical63
363L00000XPA/APN: Nurse Practitioner176
363LA2100XPA/APN: NP: Acute Care28
363LA2200XPA/APN: NP: Adult Health44
363LC1500XPA/APN: NP: Community Health5
363LF0000XPA/APN: NP: Family611
363LG0600XPA/APN: NP: Gerontology14
363LN0000XPA/APN: NP: Neonatal10
363LN0005XPA/APN: NP: Neonatal, Critical Care10
363LP0200XPA/APN: NP: Pediatrics45
363LP0222XPA/APN: NP: Pediatrics, Critical Care2
363LP0808XPA/APN: NP: Psychiatric/Mental Health144
363LP2300XPA/APN: NP: Primary Care19
363LW0102XPA/APN: NP: Women's Health54
363LX0001XPA/APN: NP: Obstetrics & Gynecology17
364S00000XPA/APN: Clinical Nurse Specialist2
364SA2100XPA/APN: Clin Nrs Spec: Acute Care1
364SA2200XPA/APN: Clin Nrs Spec: Adult Health2
364SC1501XPA/APN: Clin Nrs Spec: Community Health/Public Health4
364SF0001XPA/APN: Clin Nrs Spec: Family Health8
364SH1100XPA/APN: Clin Nrs Spec: Holistic2
364SM0705XPA/APN: Clin Nrs Spec: Medical-Surgical2
364SP0808XPA/APN: Clin Nrs Spec: Psychiatric/Mental Health1
364SP0809XPA/APN: Clin Nrs Spec: Psychiatric/Mental Health, Adult3
364SP0810XPA/APN: Clin Nrs Spec: Psychiatric/Mental Health, Child & Family1
364SP0811XPA/APN: Clin Nrs Spec: Psychiatric/Mental Health, Chronically Ill1
364SP0812XPA/APN: Clin Nrs Spec: Psychiatric/Mental Health, Community1
364SS0200XPA/APN: Clin Nrs Spec: School1
364SW0102XPA/APN: Clin Nrs Spec: Women's Health1
367500000XPA/APN: Nurse Anesthetist, Certified Registered169
367A00000XPA/APN: Advanced Practice Midwife110
372500000XNrsg Svc Related: Chore Provider65
372600000XNrsg Svc Related: Adult Companion74
373H00000XNrsg Svc Related: Day Training/Habilitation Specialist502
374700000XNrsg Svc Related: Technician20
3747A0650XNrsg Svc Related: Technician: Attendant Care Provider168
3747P1801XNrsg Svc Related: Technician: Personal Care Attendant441
374J00000XNrsg Svc Related: Doula18
374K00000XNrsg Svc Related: Religious Nonmedical Practitioner1
374T00000XNrsg Svc Related: Christian Science Practitioner/Nurse1
374U00000XNrsg Svc Related: Home Health Aide73
376G00000XNrsg Svc Related: Nursing Home Administrator18
376J00000XNrsg Svc Related: Homemaker2
376K00000XNrsg Svc Related: Nurse's Aide46
385H00000XResp Care Fac: Respite Care126
385HR2055XResp Care Fac: Resp Care: Respite Care, Mental Illness, Child2
385HR2060XResp Care Fac: Resp Care: Respite Care, Mental Retardation and/or Developmental Disabilities16
385HR2065XResp Care Fac: Resp Care: Respite Care, Physical Disabilities, Child3
390200000XStudent: Student in an Organized Health Care Education/Training Program219
405300000XOther Prov: Prevention Professional5

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