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Pennsylvania Healthcare Provider Database

Counts as of the December 21, 2021 update.

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CarePrecise Pennsylvania delivers data on Pennsylvania healthcare providers from the CarePrecise Access Complete U.S. Healthcare Provider Databaseall 268,348 Pennsylvania provider records — including federal NPI registry data, enhanced with data from the federal PECOS (Medicare) database and other public and proprietary sources. This is similar to our CarePrecise Access Complete data set, but for an individual state, with the added bonus of an easy-to-use Excel® file with basic information on all HIPAA-covered healthcare practitioners and organizations in Pennsylvania, including physicians, hospitals, etc. See the CarePrecise Access Complete page for additional description, or to review purchasing the full U.S. database instead.


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Every HIPAA-covered healthcare provider in the state is included:

  • Physicians and Surgeons (all specialties)
  • Nurses
  • Dentists and Oral Surgeons
  • Physical Therapists
  • Pharmacists
  • Mental Health Practitioners
  • Optometrists and Opticians
  • Technicians and Technologists
  • Hospitals
  • Urgent Care Centers
  • Clinics
  • Nursing Facilities
  • Hospices
  • Public Health Departments
  • Nursing Agencies
  • Home Health Agencies
  • Laboratories
  • Pharmacies
  • DME Suppliers
  • Ambulance and Other Transport Providers
  • All other healthcare providers in the state

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What's in the Microsoft Excel HCP file?

With CarePrecise State, you get both an Excel file with the most important data columns for healthcare providers in Pennsylvania, plus a Microsoft Access database. The Excel file is a bonus available only with CarePrecise State and CarePrecise Select products, because there are more than 6.9 million records in the full U.S. database, and Excel can handle only about 1 million records.

The Excel file is a single flat file containing all of the medical providers' demographic information and primary specialty for the approximately 268,348 Pennsylvania state healthcare provider records. Name and address columns are in proper case, ready for professional communications and upload to direct mail services. The phone and fax columns are ready for upload to telemarketing and fax marketing services. Email addresses are not included in state databases. See our verified email custom list pricing here.

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Excel Healthcare Provider Data Layout

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NPI EntityType Salutation AttnName Title CompanyName Addr1 Addr2 City State Zip County Gender PracPhone PracFax MailPhone MailFax EnumDate UpdateDate IsOrgSubpart IsSoleProp InPECOS Warning Group NamePrefix NameLast NameFirst NameMiddle NameSuffix Credential Taxo TaxoDescr Zip5 RuralUrban Wealth Latitude Longitude
National Provider Identifier number 1=Indiv, 2=Org Salutation Full Name Title CompanyName Practice Address Line 1 Practice Address Line 2 City State Zip+4 County M, F or unknown Practice Address Phone Practice Address Fax Mailing Address Phone Mailing Address Fax Date NPI was received Date record was last updated Is part of another org? Sole Proprietor? Enrolled to bill Medicare? May have infraction Is this a practice group record? Mr., Ms., etc. Last Name First Name Middle Name Jr., III, etc. Credential Taxonomy Code Taxonomy Description (Specialty) 5-digit zip code Rural, urban or other area Wealth level of service area Practice Zip Latitude Practice Zip Longitude


What's in the full Microsoft Access® HCP database?

In addition to the easy-to-use Excel file, we include an Access database with data from our CarePrecise Access Complete database, with comprehensive information on Pennsylvania's approximately 268,348 HIPAA-covered healthcare providers.

The CarePrecise Pennsylvania Microsoft Access database is structured as separate normalized relational database tables, each keyed by the National Provider Identifier (NPI) number, plus a core Access database that links the files together and includes query examples. CSV versions of the data files are included for use with other platforms and database software. Email addresses are not included in state databases. See our verified email custom list pricing here.

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CarePrecise Basic healthcare provider data fields
Provider data field names
CPAC (CarePrecise Access Complete) data is sourced and merged from the NPPES, PECOS and LEIE databases, keyed on the NPI. Every record has a unique NPI, and the NPI is used to link the relational tables together. The CPAC dataset is updated monthly.
CPAC tAddresses
(Provider addresses; MDB and CSV formats)
NPI National Provider Identifier (unique National Provider Identifier assigned to healthcare providers by the US Department of Health and Human Services) Relational Key

The NPI is a unique 10-digit numerical code assigned to every HIPAA-covered healthcare provider, including individuals and organizations, by the U.S. Department of Human Services, Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS).

Mail1stAddr Provider First Line Business Mailing Address  
Mail2ndAddr Provider Second Line Business Mailing Address  
MailCity Provider Business Mailing Address City Name
MailState Provider Business Mailing Address State Code  
MailZip Provider Business Mailing Address Postal Code (most are 9-digit Zip Codes)  
MailCountry Provider Business Mailing Address Country Code (If outside U.S.)  
Prac1stAddr Provider First Line Business Practice Location Address  
Prac2ndAddr Provider Second Line Business Practice Location Address  
PracCity Provider Business Practice Location Address City Name  
PracState Provider Business Practice Location Address State Code  
PracZip Provider Business Practice Location Address Postal Code (most are 9-digit Zip Codes)  
PracCountry Provider Business Practice Location Address Country Code (If outside U.S.)  
CPAC tEntity
(Provider entity and record information; MDB and CSV formats)
NPI National Provider Identifier Relational Key
EntityType Entity Type Code Type 1 indicates an individual provider (i.e., physician, psychologist, etc.); Type 2 indicates an organizational provider (i.e., hospital, lab, pharmacy, etc.). Type1 entities (individuals) may have only one NPI number and so only one record, but Type 2 entities (organizations) may have multiple NPI numbers and thus multiple records.
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ReplacementNPI Replacement NPI Not currently populated
EIN Employer Identification Number (EIN) Not currently populated. CMS is not yet providing tax numbers of this type.
EnumDate Provider Enumeration Date Date the record was first added to the NPI registry
UpdateDate Last Update Date Date this provider NPI record was last updated
DeactReason NPI Deactivation Reason Code Not populated because records in the current dataset are not deactivated. Not currently disclosed by CMS.
DeactDate NPI Deactivation Date Not populated because records in this table are not deactivated. This field IS populated in the separate delta table tEntity_DEACT, described below.
ReactDate NPI Reactivation Date Date record was reactivated following a deactivation.
Gender Provider Gender Code M or F for Type 1 providers
IsSoleProp Is Sole Proprietor Y = provider operates as a sole proprietor. No = not a sole proprietorship. X = question not answered by provider.
IsOrgSubpart Is Organization Subpart For Type 2 providers, may be one of several organizational units, each with its own NPI number. Y = provider is a subpart. No = not a subpart. X = question not answered.


ParentOrgTIN Parent Organization TIN Not currently populated. CMS is not currently providing tax numbers at this time.


InPECOS From monthly CMS PECOS distributions of PECOS-enrolled providers. Source: PECOS Ordering and Referring Report file distribution. Y = Physicians and non-physician practitioners who are of a type/specialty that is legally eligible to order and refer in the Medicare program and who have current enrollment records in Medicare (i.e., they have enrollment records in PECOS)



From the Office of Inspector General's excluded providers database (LEIE), indicatying a sanction prevents the provider from billing Medicare. A warning in this field should not be taken as definitive; the user should check the tExcluded table and consider other sources of provider fraud and exclusion information. Up until the May 2017 release, this field was algorithmically derived for some records.*


Y= elements in the providers record indicated a match with a listing in the federal excluded providers database (see the table tExcluded below)



The exclusion type from the LEIE database, explaining the reason that a provider was barred from billing Medicare. Fields with a Y in the Warning field will display this code.


The code's definition can be found at this link. A CSV file listing these exclusion descriptions is included in the CarePrecise Access Complete CSV download file.



The date of the exclusion from the LEIE database, where reported.



UPIN UPIN is a deprecated identifier, no longer used. CMS has stopped disseminating this data. The field remains here for purposes of backward-compatibility.



Group From NPPES group taxonomy data Y= this provider reported that it operates as either a multi-specialty group or single-specialty group.


County   Name of county primarily associated with the practice Zip Code
CountyFIPS   Practice county FIPS code
StateFIPS   Practice state FIPS code
TimeZone   Practice time zone
DLSTime   Daylight saving time; Y= Yes
MSA Metropolitan Statistical Area of practice location
PMSA Primary Metropolitan Statistical Area of practice location  
Population   Zip Code population
Zip5   First five digits of practice address Zip Code
CPAC tEntity-B
(Provider entity and record information; MDB and CSV formats)
NPI National Provider Identifier Relational Key
CertDate Date of certification of provider's NPI number New field added with December 9, 2019 data release, refers to the date the NPI record was officially certified.
EstPracYears Estimated years provider has been in practice

Algorithmically derived* from EPGH tExtendedPhysician.GradYear and/or CPAC tEntity.EnumDate 2009 forward.

CPAC tHumanNames
(Provider person names or contact person names; MDB and CSV formats)
NPI National Provider Identifier Relational Key
LN Provider Last Name (Legal Name) The enumerated individual provider's name (for Entity Type 1 records)
FN Provider First Name
MN Provider Middle Name
PN Provider Name Prefix Text
SN Provider Name Suffix Text
Cred Provider Credential Text
OthLN Provider Other Last Name Other name Type Codes:
Code Description EntityType
1 Former Name 1
2 Professional Name 1
5 Other 1, 2
OthFN Provider Other First Name
OthMN Provider Other Middle Name
OthPN Provider Other Name Prefix Text
OthSN Provider Other Name Suffix Text
OthCred Provider Other Credential Text
OthLNType Provider Other Last Name Type Code
AuthLN Authorized Official Last Name (Contact person for a Type 2 organization record) Name of the provider's authorizing official, if other than the listed individual provider. For organizations (Entity Type 2 records), this is the contact name.


AuthFN Authorized Official First Name
AuthMN Authorized Official Middle Name
AuthTitle Authorized Official Title or Position
AuthPN Authorized Official Name Prefix Text
AuthSN Authorized Official Name Suffix Text
AuthCred Authorized Official Credential Text


(Other identifiers, such as UPIN, OSCAR, PIN, Medicaid, etc., excluding NPI and taxonomy codes; MDB and CSV formats) One-to-many table.
NPI National Provider Identifier Relational Key
OtherID Other Provider Identifier Identifier relevant to external data
OtherIDType Other Provider Identifier Type Code
Description OtherIDType
Other 01
Medicaid 05
OtherIDState Other Provider Identifier State In the case of a state license code, this is the licensing state
OtherIDIssuer Other Provider Identifier Issuer  
OIDnum Source: Added by CarePrecise to indicate the original NPPES flat file Other Identifiers field number. The number of the NPPES Other Identifier field (1 through 50)


CPAC tOrgNames
(Provider organization names for Type 2 providers; MDB and CSV formats)


NPI National Provider Identifier Relational Key
OrgName_LBN Provider Organization Name (Legal Business Name) LBN (for Entity Type 2 records)
OthOrgName Provider Other Organization Name Other
OthOrgNameType Provider Other Organization Name Type Code
Code Description EntityType
3 DBA 2
4 Former LBN 2
5 Other 1, 2
ParentOrgLBN Parent Organization LBN  
CPAC tPhoneFax
(Provider phone and fax numbers; fax numbers for approx. 65% of records; MDB and CSV formats)


NPI National Provider Identifier Relational Key
MailPhone Provider Business Mailing Address Telephone Number  
MailFax Provider Business Mailing Address Fax Number  
PracPhone Provider Business Practice Location Address Telephone Number  
PracFax Provider Business Practice Location Address Fax Number  
AuthPhone Authorized Official Telephone Number


CPAC tTaxo
(Provider Taxonomy codes indicating specialties and subspecialties for Type 1/individual providers, and facility types for Type 2/organization providers; MDB and CSV formats). One-to-many table.


NPI National Provider Identifier Relational Key
Taxo Healthcare Provider Taxonomy Code (Specialties and Facilty Types) Providers may have multiple taxonomies reported here, and thus multiple records in this one-to-many table. The Taxonomy Code indicates the provider's specialty; i.e., Pediatrician, Optometrist, etc.; or facility type; i.e., Hospital, Clinic, Nursing Facility, etc.
Lic Provider License Number For Type 2 (organization) providers, License is no longer collected as of 9/10/2018.
LicState Provider License Number State Code For Type 2 (organization) providers, License is no longer collected as of 9/10/2018.
TaxoSwitch Healthcare Provider Primary Taxonomy Switch (Primary specialty indicator) "Y" means this is the provider's primary specialty or facility code.
Tnum Source: Added by CarePrecise to indicate the original NPPES flat file Taxonomy Code (specialty) field number. The number of the NPPES taxonomy field (1 through 15). If a primary taxonomy is not indicated, it may be useful to assume that the first-listed code (1) is primary.


TaxoDescr   Taxonomy code description (the specialty/subspecialty in English)


CPAC tTaxoGroups
(Provider Taxonomy codes indicating group practices; MDB and CSV formats). One-to-many table.
NPI National Provider Identifier Relational Key

The source data (NPPES) permits group codes to be reported in up to 15 fields in this section. CarePrecise creates a one-to-many table, listing each of a provider's reported taxonomy group codes in a separate record. The Gnum is the NPPES Group Taxonomy field number in which the code was reported, allowing the code be matched with the specific group specialty in the tTaxo table. For instance, a code in tTaxoGroup field Gnum 3 indicates a group practice of the specialty reported in Tnum 3 in the tTaxo table.


CMS does not report the group codes in the taxonomy section (which appear in our tTaxo table) because they represent an additional layer of information on any one or more of the tTaxo codes.


TaxoGroup Healthcare Provider Taxonomy Group_[1 through 15] 193200000X for a multi-specialty practice
193400000X for a single-specialty practice


CPAC tCoLoCode
(MDB and CSV formats)
NPI National Provider Identifier Relational Key (composite)

Provider CoLoCode™ (co-location code, a CarePrecise algorithmically derived* exclusive). The NPI and CoLoCode comprise the dual relational key for this table. The NPI identifies the provider record, and the CoLoCode identifies the physical location. The CoLoCode is an up to 40-character string that stands in for detailed location data, and is not intended to be sensical to the human viewer.


Relational Key (composite)

This code is an algorithmically derived conformation of the provider's practice location, permitting identification of providers who practice at the same location, for instance, physician groups, dental groups, radiology groups, etc. By using this table in conjunction with the tTaxoGroups table, it is possible to visualize the group entity (generally an organization) and its provider members. CoLoCodes are created for Practice addresses in the United States (US) and US Minor Islands (UM).



Count of providers matching this co-location (algorithmically derived* conformation of the provider's practice location; see tCoLoCodes above). Indicates the number of providers practicing at this location.

Group Y= This NPI/CoLoCode record is a group entity. Same as the Group field in the tEntity table. It means that the NPI has a record in the tTaxoGroup table.
CountType1 Number of individual practitioners found co-located with this group To see the number of Type 2 providers (organizations), subtract CountType1 from Count.

* Marked above by an asterisk, algorithmically derived data in the datasets includes data that is extracted/mined from the source databases, but which has a margin of error and should not be relied upon as conclusive. Record linking algorithms are used to enrich our data when direct correlation (via a unique identifier field) is not available, using available information in name, address, phone, taxonomy, and other fields. In particular, some of the older data on providers excluded from billing Medicare (from the HHS Office of Inspector General's excluded providers database) can only be linked to NPI records by this means. Please note that when matches are found, there may be instances where an individual or firm has the same or similar name and location information as an excluded provider but is actually a different party. Therefore, it is important that you verify a potential match with the debarring agency identified in the record information. See the disclaimer appearing at the bottom of the documentation page.

Not all fields in all records are populated with data. Healthcare providers may update data in their record using the federal NPI registry website, and are required to do so within 30 days of a change in their information.

CarePrecise LLC reserves the right to make changes in the data and data structure as it deems necessary to preserve the quality of the product. Please read the Notice at the bottom of the page for additional information about the data.



FILE FORMATS: Every order is delivered in all of the following formats:

  • Microsoft Excel file (.xlsx) with the most important data fields
  • Microsoft Access 2003 or later, or Microsoft Office 365 Pro (.mdb); normalized relational tables, plus an application database that links them for use. A free alternative to Microsoft Access is Open Office.
  • Comma Separated Values (.csv); normalized relational tables; identical data as in the Microsoft Access format.

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