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CarePrecise healthcare provider email address pricing is completely transparent. Based on the total number you are ordering, with price breaks for larger orders, you can obtain a quote specific to your needs.

CarePrecise email addresses are verified addresses given by the healthcare professionals themselves to their associations, journals, and vendors, and to publicly-accessible sources, with permission to be shared. Our email addresses land in healthcare providers' inboxes, and all providers have an active National Provider Identifier registry record. CarePrecise Custom Email offers you unlimited use, perpetually, on behalf of the purchaser's company.*

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What is "CP Preferred" Email?

It's the quality of our sources, the freshness of our validation, and most importantly, it's our exclusive email grading system. Through a system of iterative verification and testing, CarePrecise has developed a way of knowing which email address – out of several we may have for many individuals – is your best investment, and will have the highest rate of return. As our email database grows, we can assure that only the best sources and most accurate data is added, and that poor-performing addresses are removed.

Because CarePrecise has deep experience in the healthcare industry, we are able to make sure that our email inventory contains no deactivated providers, and that you can choose from the actual specialties and subspecialties you need to target – precisely. Don't just buy an email list of healthcare providers, or a list of "physicians." Buy an email list of precisely the specialty and subspecialty, geographic location, size of practice, number of medical procedures performed, size of Medicare patient population... that meets your specific need. Review the specialty breakdown, with counts of provider emails per specialty...


Freshness and Deliverability

New verified email addresses are constantly being added, and we re-validated all email addresses every four to six weeks. That's far more frequent validation than our competitors. However, some email accounts may have been closed since the most recent verification date. CarePrecise will refund for invalid email addresses. See our Deliverability Guarantee for details.

Will some of these email addresses bounce?

Undoubtedly, yes. Bounces occur because of server timeouts, DNS issues, Internet node timeouts, the sending domain's trustworthiness, the subject line and content of the email message. Sometimes a valid email address is temporarily not accepting certain kinds of mail for any number of reasons, including a full or over-quota mailbox, spam filtering, DOS attacks, vacation or out-of-office settings, and more. Those situations are beyond our control, but email may also bounce because the address is no longer valid. Try as we do, millions of mailboxes are closed every day, and even with our frequent verification, some may have been closed between verification and your purchase. That's why we offer the Deliverability Guarantee, so that you can receive a refund or double credit for the invalid email addresses. You can do a lot to get your email message delivered, read, and acted on, if you follow some important guidelines.


Our Guarantee Is Our Best Asset

Because our customers send us their bounce reports so we can refund for invalid addresses, we get constant updates on actual delivery performance - not just verification reports, which are never the last word on deliverability. Ask our competitors if they provide this level of assurance at our pricing levels (we already know the answer).

Furthermore, we keep a longitudinal record of email deliverability, and even if an email address has been adjudicated as a deliverable A+ address, if it fails too many times we kill it. Gone. No matter the reason. This is how we eliminate mailboxes that are too finicky about the sender's domain reputation, subject line and header content, and other details – another CP Preferred Email exclusive quality assurance feature.


For a count and quote, please send your specific requirements using our Contact form...


CarePrecise Custom Email Lists: Buy only the email addresses that fit your campaign.

CarePrecise is no ordinary email list broker. We know the healthcare industry – it's what our personnel have done for decades. We can help you select precisely the providers you want to target.

Choose the Selection Method for your order:

Method 1 - My Criteria: Tell us the specialties and/or the geographic area you need, and we'll quickly send back a count and quote, based on the pricing shown on this page. Buy all of the provider emails that match your criteria, or only a portion – to test our quality, or to meet your campaign's budget.

Method 2 - My Practitioners: Send us a list of providers that you want us to append email addresses to, and we'll send back a count and quote, based on the pricing shown on this page. We'll send your file back in both Excel (XLSX), CSV formats. If you have the physicians' NPI numbers in the file there is no extra charge for match processing. If we'll be matching on name and address, an additional processing time and charges will apply for our CarePrecise exclusive QoRelate™ match processing.


  • Bonus: If you are CarePrecise Platinum or CarePrecise Gold user with a current subscription, or single download purchased within the last 60 days, you can use CP ListMaker to export your targeted list of providers, send it to us, and we'll send back your quote - with a 10% discount. Even better, we'll waive the $250 minimum (processing fee will still apply). There is no limit to number of orders that can be discounted. Save thousands by being a CarePrecise Platinum or Gold user!


A note on requesting counts — Please state clearly your requirements when you submit your request. The first count or two per order is always free, but if multiple counts are requested, additional fees may be requested, as every recount consumes technicians' time. If you have a budget, let us know, as this can prevent multiple recounts if your first count is over your budget. Our pricing is completely transparent, as shown below, which makes it easy to see how many records you can receive for any amount of spend. Use the pricing chart to determine the maximum number of email addresses you wish to purchase. You can choose to purchase only one email address per provider record, but the default is to quote the price for all email addresses the providers may have, and for many providers, we have more than one address. Please include this parameter in your quote request.



We do not provide free sample email lists because the same email addresses would get slammed, and healthcare providers are particularly sensitive about their time – we get requests for free sample lists every day, and the providers would be pretty upset with us. If we had to generate random samples with each request, we would run into costs that would be reflected in our pricing. If you would like to place a small order to independently verify, we can provide 25 addresses matching your criteria for $100.


Email Pricing

Prices effective 4/15/2021.*

Minimum order $250.00

Quantity Price Per 1,000 | Credit Pack example, period to order
1,000,000+ Contact sales for pricing
750,000+ $75 ($0.075 per email address)  | 750,000 credits at $0.075 for $56,250, one processing fee, 2 years
600,000 to 749,999 $90  ($0.09 per email address)   | 600,000 credits at $0.09 for $54,000, one processing fee, 2 years
455,000 to 599,999 $100  ($0.10 per email address) | 455,000 credits at $0.10 for $45,500, one processing fee, 2 years
325,000 to 454,999 $110  ($0.11 per email address) | 325,000 credits at $0.11 for $35,750, one processing fee, 2 years
222,000 to 324,999 $130  ($0.13 per email address) | 222,000 credits at $0.13 for $28,860, one processing fee, 1 year
145,000 to 221,999 $160  ($0.16 per email address) | 145,000 credits at $0.16 for $32,200, one processing fee, 1 year
90,000 to 144,999 $180  ($0.18 per email address) | 90,000 credits at $0.18 for $16,200, one processing fee, 1 year
50,000 to 89,999 $200  ($0.20 per email address) | 10,000 credits at $0.20 for $10,000, one processing fee, 1 year
27,500 to 49,999 $240  ($0.24 per email address) | 27,500 credits at $0.24 for $6,600, one processing fee, 1 year
15,000 to 27,499 $270  ($0.27 per email address) | 15,000 credits at $0.27 for $4,050, one processing fee, 1 year
7,500 to 14,999 $320  ($0.32 per email address) | 7,500 credits at $0.32 for $2,400, one processing fee, 1 year
3,500 to 7,499 $360  ($0.36 per email address)
1,000 to 3,499 $420  ($0.42 per email address)
1 to 999 $490  ($0.49 per email address)
$250 minimum order, unless order includes relational database (ADAR) option.


NEW: Credits Packs: Buy Credits at a Low Rate for Use Later

Know you'll be buying email addresses, but not ready to work with all of them at once, and you'd like to get the pricing advantage of a larger purchase? We've got that covered. Contact us for an invoice for your choice of quantity (7,500 credits minimum), and then you can use them up over time up to one year, drawing against your credits instead of paying for each separate order. * 

Here's an example of the savings...

Purchase: 15,000 Credit Pack, one and done!
Purchase: 15,000 Emails in 5 Separate Orders
at $0.27 each: $4,050 + $80.00 processing 1st order: 1,200 at $0.42 + $80 processing $584.00
  2nd order: 800 at $0.49 + $80 processing $472.00
  3rd order: 2,500 at $.42 + $80 processing $1,130.00
  4th order: 3,300 at $0.42 + $80 processing $1,466.00
  5th order: 2,700 at $0.42 + $80 processing $1,214.00
  6th order: 3,300 at $0.42 + $80 processing $1,466.00
  7th order: 1,200 at $0.42 + $80 processing $584.00
TOTAL $4,130.00   TOTAL $6,916.00


Credit Pack customers: When requesting a count and quote to be charged against your credits, please use the email address on file with us for your account, and indicate clearly that you want to use your "Email Credit Pack." Otherwise, our system may send a quote for cash payment, slowing down the processing of your request. 

*Just a little fine print: Some limitations apply to Credit Pack purchases. Minimum purchase is 7,500 credits. Minimum credits used per order is 500. Credits are good for one year following purchase (two years at the 325,000 credits level, and above) and are not transferable to the purchase of other CarePrecise products and services, or for refund. Additional limitations may apply as required by email source partners or other considerations. Credit Pack credits have a cash value of one-ten-thousandth of one U.S. dollar. Additional fees for extra processing may apply; only the standard $80.00 fee is waived per email count request (if you're going to make us sweat, there's a sweat charge :-). No refunds are available for Credit Pack purchases or for bounced emails; however, bounced invalid emails will be credited back to customer's current email credits, at double the count. For instance, if 10 emails are found to be invalid, 20 credits will be added to the customer's current credit balance. One offer per customer. No component of this offer may be taken to mean that CarePrecise LLC waives other policies involving its products and services. And the meaning of life is still 42.


How to Calculate Your Cost

We can either send you just one email address per practitioner/NPI number- the CP Preferred Email address - or you can choose to purchase all of the email addresses we have for each practitioner.

Preferred Email: One email per practitioner. Receive only the CP Preferred Email address for each practitioner on your list. You will pay the rate as shown above for each email address, plus processing fees as applicable.

All Emails: All emails for practitioners. Receive all email addresses we have for each practitioner. In many cases, we have more than one email address for any given person - personal, personal business, practice group, hospital or university residency, and so on. Entrepreneurial physicians, for instance, may have a separate email address for each of their business enterprises. Typically, this option will add add between 15% and 20% additional addresses, but add only 7% to 10% to your cost. It assures that you will have the highest potential of reaching the practitioner in the shortest time frame. You will pay the rate as shown above for the CarePrecise Preferred Email (one per practitioner), plus 50% of the rate shown above for the additional addresses, plus processing fees as applicable.

When you request a count, please specify which option you prefer. You may also request additional options, as shown below...

For orders over $3,000.00 to be paid by credit card, debit card, or PayPal account, a 3% convenience fee will be applied.

Questions? Call (877) 782-2294


An Email List Based on Your Specific Target Criteria!

Download a list of email counts by type of provider (taxonomy/specialty; approximate)...

We can create a custom email list for you based on criteria you request. You can select by of these criteria or nearly any mix of them:

  • Specialty/subspecialty (provider taxonomy code) of individuals
  • State
  • Zip Code
  • County
  • City
  • Geographic radius from a central Zip Code - used to pickup a larger catchment area
  • Other criteria, that may add a processing fee, include:
    • Gender
    • Sole proprietors
    • Practice size (number of clinicians at practice location)
    • Time zone
    • Enrolled to bill Medicare, or not
    • For physicians actively billing Medicare only:
      • Hospital affiliation
      • Health system affiliation
      • Grad year
      • Procedures performed, and volume
      • Accepts Medicare payment as full payment, or not
      • Estimated years in practice

You can be picky!

CarePrecise can also "suppress" certain records, according to your specifications. For example, if you would like to exclude practitioners whose workplace name includes "kaiser" or "university" or "cleveland clinic," simply let us know the keywords you would like us to use to suppress those records. An additional processing fee will be added to your quote based on he complexity of filtering.

For a count and quote, please send your specific requirements using our Contact form...

Physician Email Addresses, plus nurses, dentists, and more.


Who do we have email addresses for?

CarePrecise maintains email addresses for nearly 800 different kinds of healthcare providers, including more than 200 different physician specialties. We have dentists, nurses, medical students, mental health, vision care, physical therapists, speech and hearing, and more. Download a list of counts by provider type (counts change slightly as we re-verify addresses)...



What's in the Excel and CSV files we'll send?

If you order by specialty and/or geographic area, your file will contain more than just the email address. You'll get postal address(es), phone(s), fax number(s), primary specialty and more. Note that CompanyName and Title are for organizations' records only, and will not appear for Individuals' records, unless specifically requested, and may add an additional processing fee. Scroll or swipe in the box below to view all fields.


Excel File Columns:

Swipe left to view all...

NPI EntityType Email Salutation AttnName Title CompanyName Addr1 Addr2 City State Zip Country Zip5 County RuralUrban Wealth Latitude Longitude Gender PracPhone PracFax MailPhone MailFax EnumDate IsSoleProp InPECOS Warning NamePrefix NameLast NameFirst NameMiddle NameSuffix Credential Taxo TaxoDescr
National Provider Identifier number 1=Indiv, 2=Org Email Address Salutation Full Name Title (Type 2 Records) Company (Type 2 records) Practice Address Line 1 Practice Address Line 2 City State Zip+4 Country 5-digit zip code County Rural, urban or other area Wealth level of service area Practice Zip Latitude Practice Zip Longitude M, F or unknown Practice Address Phone Practice Address Fax Mailing Address Phone Mailing Address Fax Date NPI was received Sole Proprietor? Enrolled to bill Medicare? May have infraction Mr., Ms., etc. Last Name First Name Middle Name Jr., III, etc. Credential Specialty/ Facility Taxonomy Code Specialty/ Facility Description

View the detailed description of the data contents here...

NPI, EntityType, Email, Salutation, AttnName, Phone, Specialty, Name and address fields are populated for all records. Not all other data fields are populated for all records. CompanyName field is populated for Type 2 (organization) records; we can append company names for Type 1 (individuals) records as an option (below).
Additional data is available for the Excel and CSV files; additional processing fee may apply.



Choose from options that can be added to your order:


  • DATA OPTION 1: Add Practitioner's Organization

    This option adds individual practitioners' company name, where available, in the CompanyName field, if requested with your order. The company name is pulled from organizations' records whose locations match the individuals' practice locations, using CarePrecise's QoRelate™ record linkage. Adds $80 to your order.

  • DATA OPTION 2: All Records (AR)

    Usually our search turns up many more records that match the submitted criteria than we have email addresses for. For example, our database may find the 95,000 physicians you were looking for, but only 40,000 of those records have email addresses. This option, if requested with your order, gives you the Excel and CSV files, exactly as in the standard way shown above, but it also includes all of the records we find matching your criteria or NPI list, not only the ones with email addresses. If you've submitted an NPI list, this option allows you to see which are still active NPI records, and which are deactivated (no longer active in the NPI Registry). Adds $199 to your order.

    Data fields in the AR option are the same as shown above for the standard Email file...


  • DATA OPTION 3: All Data, All Records (ADAR)

    Just as with Data Option 2 above (AR), when our search turns up more records that match the submitted criteria than we have email addresses for, this option not only gives you the Excel and CSV files as in the standard way shown above, including all of the records we find matching your criteria or NPI list, but also a relational database with the deeper information on the providers – license, all of the provider's specialties, other names, and more, and includes the exclusive CarePrecise CoLoCode™ for grouping providers who work in the same practice location. We can add this information if requested with your order

    Orders of 150,000 or more email addresses will receive the ADAR Option at no charge, if requested with your order. This data contains the CarePrecise Select Targets dataset for all providers matching your criteria - not just those for whom we have email addresses. You do not need option 2, as all of its data is included in this option. Adds $299 to your order.

    View all data fields in the ADAR option...

  • DATA OPTION 4: ADAR Plus: The ADAR data plus Practice Group and Hospital Affiliations

    CarePrecise can append practice group and hospital affiliations for physicians, if requested with your order. This option includes all of the data in the ADAR option above, with both the CPAC and EPGH data that we provide in the SelectPlus custom data package. Orders of 200,000 or more email addresses will receive this option at no charge, if requested with your order. You do not need the options 2 or 3, as all of that data is included in this option. Adds $499 to your order.

    View all data fields in the ADAR Plus option...

  • DATA OPTION 5: Web Address Append

    We can include the web address for a flat append processing fee, if requested with your order. We have web addresses for about 35% of our email database, and how many you'll receive depends on the specific records in your order. Adds $120 to your order.

  • DATA OPTION 6: Address Geocoding

    CarePrecise SelectGeo™ offers an optional geocoding service. Geocodes are the latitude and longitude for the specific practice location, not just for the Zip Code center. To append address geocodes to your email list file, the minimum charge is $99 when ordered with an email purchase (up to 1,500 records), and per-record pricing can be much lower in quantity. Contact CarePrecise Sales at for pricing of larger numbers of records. Geocoding is also available as a stand-alone service.
    Read about CarePrecise Geo longitude and latitude service...

  • DATA OPTION 7: Pre-Sale Verification

    You can choose to order a pre-sale validation on the email addresses in your quote. CarePrecise will run a verification through our email verification vendor for a fee based on the number of emails to be submitted, with a minimum fee of $175. After verification, you'll receive a report showing the deliverability status counts for each deliverability ranking, and you can choose which status level you want to purchase. Also, when you've made your purchase, we will include the full verification report for the email addresses you've purchased. You can order the pre-sale verification when you request a count and quote. Adds $175 for up to 100,000 records; adds $225 for up to 250,000 records; additional volume charges are available up to 10 million physical addresses.


For a count and quote, please send your specific requirements using our Contact form...




Email addresses and accompanying data may not be sold, rented, or otherwise shared with or used on behalf of others without the purchase of a separate license agreement explicitly defining permitted sharing. Email addresses may be used any number of times (perpetual use), although CarePrecise reserves the right to terminate your license after that time based only on egregious spam reports and applicable laws. Purchase of any email product affirms the buyer's understanding and and acceptance of these terms and limitations. Download and review the email EULA at this link...



For a count and quote, please send your specific requirements using our Contact form...

Questions? Call (877) 782-2294




Processing Fees: Typical orders will be charged the standard $80 processing fee. Additional fees will be charged for work that may need to be done on submitted NPI, Zip, Taxonomy Code, or other input files. Additional processing fees will be charged for more complex orders involving criteria such as gender, practice size, etc. and for output file changes (additional or fewer fields, formats other than Excel or CSV, etc.). Minimize fees by submitting data in CSV or Excel formats, and accepting the standard delivery file as described on this page. Fees are charged because our technical staff are required to handle more complex requirements, sometimes running into several hours.

Quotes: Pricing for orders with written quote dates earlier than the effective date will be honored for 30 days following the quote date. This courtesy applies only to written quotes. Purchase of any email product affirms the buyer's understanding and and acceptance of these terms and limitations.

Licensing: Email addresses and accompanying data may not be sold, rented, or otherwise shared with or used on behalf of others without the purchase of a separate license agreement explicitly defining permitted sharing. Email addresses may be used any number of times (perpetual use). Purchase of any email product affirms the buyer's understanding and and acceptance of these terms and limitations.

Email Address Sources: CarePrecise sources healthcare provider email addresses from medical associations and journals, conference attendee lists, and various medically-related sources. Permission to share email addresses has been given by the providers at the sources, or as publicly-published data. The other data, including practice address, phone, fax numbers, etc. is sourced from numerous federal databases where providers are required by law to keep their data current, and is updated monthly. Please review our Email Bounce Adjudication page for information on how to improve your delivery and open rates.

Included Data: All records include the provider's name, practice address, phone, and most other fields shown above, but not all records are populated with all data. See information about our federally-sourced data...

Reserve the Right To Refuse Sale: CarePrecise vets email purchase inquiries, checking the IP address of the inquiry against WHOIS and domain reputation databases - one of the reasons we require email sent to us before we give a quote. We reserve the right to refuse sale of data to persons or organizations that appear, at the sole determination of CarePrecise LLC, to be spammers or scammers.

CarePrecise does not endorse or advise against particular companies or services, nor does it receive payments for mention of any product or service.