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July 21, 2020    
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U.S. Healthcare Provider Counts

The table below lists approximate counts for each of the healthcare provider specialties/subspecialties/facilities ("provider taxonomies") with practice addresses within the 50 states, DC and Puerto Rico. CarePrecise Access Complete (CPAC) datasets include all of these 6.2 million providers, including all states, territories, Armed Forces locations and U.S. practices located in other countries. Note that providers may enumerate separate NPI records to cover multiple specialties; a single provider may have more than one record and multiple taxonomies, and will be counted under each relevant taxonomy. Scroll in the panel to view the full list of taxonomy codes. (The listing below does not include healthcare providers with military and foreign addresses, or those located in U.S. territories except Puerto Rico; however, these are included in CarePrecise Access Complete and Master Bundle healthcare provider databases.)

For an official count of a specific provider list available for purchase, contact us here. We can provide lists based on type of provider, specialty, subspecialty, zip code, geographical radius, city, state, gender, and many other criteria.

Scroll in the panel below to view the full list of taxonomy codes.

Select a state from the SELECT STATE dropdown box below, and click the GO button. The count of each healthcare provider specialty and subspecialty, and healthcare organization type, will appear in the large blue panel.

Use the FIND box to look for specific specialties, subspecialties, and facility types, and find the taxonomy code associated with it. Enter a partial code or fragment of the description, and click FIND. Click Find again to find the next match.

Select "ALL" in the Select State dropdown to display composite counts of all 50 states, DC and PR.

NOTE: The taxonomy code is hierarchical; you may select just the first few characters of the taxonomy code to indicate all specialties and subspecialties within that specialty group.

1. Select State
Select state from the list below:
2. View & Search for Specialties and Facility Types (counts as of July 21, 2020 )

If you don't see provider counts just above this line, click here to find state-by-state healthcare provider listings that will work with your browser.

For information on ordering custom lists, please contact us. To see a comparison of our exceptionally affordable off-the-shelf databases, visit this link.

Healthcare Industry Growth

As of the October update, the number of HIPAA-coverfed healthcare providers in the U.S. topped 5.6 million. As shown in the first chart below, growth has been steady through the past three years. (Click on the graphic for a larger image.)

US HCP Counts by Month

The chart below shows quarterly growth rates for the past eleven quarters, and a projection for growth in the last quarter of 2018. Notice the cycle, with the most new provider records In the second quarter, and the least in the first and fourth quarters. This cycle correlates with the medical program graduation cycle.

US HCP Growth by Quarter


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